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Sketchboard is a virtual whiteboard software that enables businesses of all sizes to visualize, share ideas, and collaborate with remote teams in real-time. Software development teams can utilize the platform to send or receive feedback on ideas, post comments, share private whiteboards and build use-case diagrams, and flowcharts using a drag-and-drop interface.

Sketchboard allows enterprises to customize the user interface by changing backgrounds or drawing styles and chat with colleagues during live sessions. Managers can add team members to collaborative idea editing meetings, quickly create presentations by organizing already existing whiteboards, and comment ideas in real-time. It helps users share whiteboards with team members and export data into PNG, JPEG, PDF, and SVG formats according to individual requirements.

Sketchboard facilitates integration with Slack, Google Drive, and GitHub, enabling businesses to streamline communication on content. It lets users create diagrams, flowcharts, and mind maps using various shapes or images to visualize ideas and interact with team members.

Prijzen vanaf:

US$ 6,41/maand

  • Gratis versie
  • Gratis proef
  • Abonnement

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  • Freelancers
  • Kleine bedrijven (2-50)
  • Middelgrote bedrijven (51-500)
  • Grote ondernemingen (500 en meer)


  • Cloudgebaseerd
  • On-premise



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Prijzen vanaf:

US$ 6,41/maand

  • Gratis versie
  • Gratis proef
  • Abonnement

Top 5 alternatieven voor Sketchboard


Sketchboard Software - 1
Sketchboard Software - 2
Sketchboard Software - 3
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Sketchboard Software - 1
Sketchboard Software - 2
Sketchboard Software - 3


Totaal aantal functies van Sketchboard: 28

  • API
  • Aanpasbare branding
  • Brainstormen
  • Communicatiebeheer
  • Contentbeheer
  • Diagrammen
  • Digitale canvas
  • Discussies / forums
  • Gegevens importeren en exporteren
  • Ideeënbeheer
  • Integraties van derden
  • Mindmaps
  • Opmerkingen/notities
  • Presentatietools
  • Prognoses
  • Projectbeheer
  • Projectplanning
  • Rapportage en analyse
  • Realtime bewerken
  • Realtime controle
  • Samenwerkingstools
  • Schets- en annotatietools
  • Sjablonen
  • Slepen en neerzetten
  • Taakbeheer
  • Versiebheer
  • Visueel workflowbeheer
  • Whiteboard



#1 alternatief voor Sketchboard
Lucidspark is a web-based whiteboard tool, designed to help teams collaborate on projects and share ideas. The...


#2 alternatief voor Sketchboard
Stormboard helpt ideeën vast te leggen en te organiseren, taken te prioriteren, projecten te plannen en vergaderingen...


#3 alternatief voor Sketchboard
Werk effectiever samen en neem weloverwogen beslissingen met Bluescape, een veilige visuele samenwerkingsoplossing....


#4 alternatief voor Sketchboard
CollaBoard is een samenwerkingsbeheeroplossing die is ontworpen om bedrijven te helpen bij het beheren van projecten,...



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Take notes easily and collaborate with your team

Beoordeeld op 8-8-2020

It helps me mapping my blog plan.

It helps me mapping my blog plan.


Sketchboard.io is an easy drag and drop editor for brainstorming, taking notes, and creating simple mind maps. It's very simple to use, and it's fun.
The right sidebar provides icons I can move on my board to create my graphic flow. With the Hand Tool I can move the board around to focus on a part where I need to add other sketches to develop my ideas.
I can use my boards to create tutorials or share them on my blog and social media.
It's a simple tool for making a simple work.


The only cons with this kind of digital product is price. $7/month for a single user, and $14/month for Team, I think are an expensive investment, taking into account that there are similar products free or at a lower price.

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Sketchboard kent de volgende prijsmodellen:

  • Vanaf: US$ 6,41/maand
  • Prijsmodel: Gratis versie, Abonnement
  • Gratis proef: Beschikbaar

Sketchboard is offered across three pricing plans, outlined below. Solo: $8 per month per user, billed monthly or $7 per month per user, billed annually Team: $16 per month for 3 users, billed monthly or $14 per month for 3 users, billed annually Enterprise: $49 per month for 5 users, billed monthly or $45 per month for 5 users, billed annually

Sketchboard heeft de volgende typische klanten:

Zelfstandig ondernemer, 2-10, 11-50, 51-200, 201-500, 501-1.000, 1.001-5.000

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Sketchboard ondersteunt de volgende apparaten:

Sketchboard kan worden geïntegreerd met de volgende toepassingen:

GitHub, Google Drive, Slack

Sketchboard biedt de volgende ondersteuningsopties:

E-mail/helpdesk, Veelgestelde vragen/forum, Kennisbank, Chatten

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