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Complete Farm Management for the Agricultural Industry
SmartFarm is a cloud-based farm management solution using artificial intelligence / machine learning, remote sensing & satellite monitoring for farming companies, agricultural input businesses, crop insurance providers, financial lending institutions, and government and advisories. Meer informatie over SmartFarm
Mobielvriendelijke, digitale formulieren voor buitendienst
Kizeo Forms is een flexibel hulpmiddel gemaakt voor buitendienstprofessionals van verschillende sectoren. Het stelt gebruikers in staat om snel en eenvoudig aangepaste digitale/mobiele formulieren te maken en in te vullen vanaf elk mobiel apparaat/tablet. Verhoog de efficiëntie en bespaar tijd en geld met Kizeo Forms! Meer informatie over Kizeo Forms
Farm management software to increase crop productivity
Granular is a mobile and web app based farm management software that helps farmers to increase crop productivity using real-time analytics Meer informatie over Granular
Collaborative farm management solution
Agworld is a cloud-based collaborative farm management solution designed to help farmers, contractors, agronomists, and ag-retailers work together with scheduling, budgeting, cashflow monitoring, job management, agronomic planning, real-time communication tools, and more. Meer informatie over Agworld
Farm management system for row & permanent crops
Conservis is an agricultural farm management software solution with tools for managing row crop and permanent crop harvests at each stage of the production year Meer informatie over Conservis
Manage your farm′s finances with software for agriculture.
How effective have you been in analyzing the profitability of your operation? Cost of production is always top of mind and having a tool to measure it is the competitive advantage that every ag producer needs. The production analysis within CenterPoint creates a break even analysis with ease. Owners and managers of farms have access to in-depth ... Meer informatie over CenterPoint Accounting Software for Agriculture
ERP system for the produce & perishables industry
Produce Pro Software is an integrated ERP system for the produce & perishables industry which supports procurement, business development, inventory management, traceability & business intelligence functionality with picking, purchasing, pricing, sales order processing tools, & more Meer informatie over Produce Pro Software
Online software for local food-producing farms
Cropolis is a food sales management tool for local food-producing farms which helps small to medium farms by streamlining food marketing and sales. Send order forms and process incoming orders across multiple customer types, and provide clients with an online portal for placing and tracking orders. Meer informatie over Cropolis
Cloud-based farm & ranch management software
AgCinect is a cloud-based farm and ranch management solution with tools for managing and tracking fields, crops, livestock, equipment, inventory, purchasing, sales, and more. The software supports the management of farms with multiple owners or partners, with all data allocated to the correct owner. Meer informatie over AgCinect
Farm management software
Agtoolsindustry is a multi-platform solution for communication between food retailers & farmers designed to streamline the growing process to ensure operational success, providing corporate buyers & farmers with real-time algorithm data services which cover more than 500 fruits & vegetables Meer informatie over agtoolsindustry
Farm management tool for contract farmers and crop surveyors
CropTrails is a cloud-based farm management tool which assists contract farmers, crop surveyors and food processing organisations with crop planning and output estimation. Key features include farm geo-fencing, visit tracking, harvest and procurement, analysis and reporting, and more. Meer informatie over CropTrails