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One Earth is een oplossing voor het welzijn van dieren en documentarchivering voor bedrijven en organisaties binnen de zoölogische en natuurbeheersector. De cloudgebaseerde toepassing biedt tools voor communicatie, administratie, gezondheidsbeheer, waterbeheer, het loggen van duiken, het creëren van tellingen en meer. Meer informatie over OERCA
AGRIVI is software voor landbouwbeheer die alle belanghebbenden van de waardeketen voor agri-food ondersteunt met alles wat nodig is om waarde te halen uit landbouwgegevens, risico's te beheren en de winstgevendheid te maximaliseren. Meer informatie over AGRIVI
Granular is mobiele en web-based software voor landbouwbeheer die boeren helpt de productiviteit van gewassen te verhogen met behulp van realtime analyse. Meer informatie over Granular
Kizeo Forms is een flexibel hulpmiddel gemaakt voor buitendienstprofessionals van verschillende sectoren. Het stelt gebruikers in staat om snel en eenvoudig aangepaste digitale/mobiele formulieren te maken en in te vullen vanaf elk mobiel apparaat/tablet. Verhoog de efficiëntie en bespaar tijd en geld met Kizeo Forms! Meer informatie over Kizeo Forms
Traction is a mobile-enabled farm management platform that helps manage accounting and agronomic challenges. The software helps farmers and agronomists maintain operational records and monitor field activities, like logging sample locations. It allows farmers to focus more on reaching their goals. Meer informatie over Traction
Agworld is een cloudgebaseerde samenwerkingsoplossing voor boerderijbeheer, ontworpen om boeren, aannemers, agronomen en ag-retailers te helpen samenwerken met planning, budgettering, cashflowmonitoring, taakbeheer, agronomische planning, realtime communicatietools en meer. Meer informatie over Agworld
Farmbrite is cloudgebaseerde software voor boerderijbeheer die tools biedt voor het beheren van boerderijactiviteiten, het plannen en optimaliseren van productie, het plannen van taken en activiteiten, het bijhouden van financiën, het beheren van klanten en meer. Het biedt een mobiele app voor mobiele gegevenstoegang en -invoer. Meer informatie over Farmbrite
Conservis is een software-oplossing voor het beheer van landbouwbedrijven met tools voor het beheer van de oogst van rij- en meerjarige gewassen in elke fase van het productiejaar. Meer informatie over Conservis
Agroptima is the most agile and intuitive agricultural management software for control and registration of Farm businesses. Meer informatie over Agroptima
Herdwatch is a farm management app & software platform in Ireland and the UK with over 15,000 farms, from sheep, beef, suckler to dairy farms. Features include reports for weight, breeding, treatment and audits, watchboards and movement tracking. Meer informatie over Herdwatch
CenterPoint Software for Agriculture provides in-depth financial analysis and unlimited ability within the software to structure and segment entire operations, profit centers, accounts, and inventories to track data, combine entities, and receive the most relevant reporting available today. Meer informatie over CenterPoint Accounting for Agriculture
FarmLogs is a farm management solution designed to help businesses plan, monitor, and market crops on a unified dashboard. Administrators can set up custom activity types such as mowing or soil sampling, allocate costs for each type to automatically calculate production estimates, and track activity logs. Meer informatie over FarmLogs
AgriXP is an online crop planning software that helps record crop activities and plan next year's crop season. A simple and user-friendly interface allows everyone to get started with just a few clicks. New useful features suggested by farmers are added continuously. Meer informatie over AgriXP
Horse Report System is a web-app that allows you to track and trend training progress, record important health and therapy information, document body condition or injuries with photos, upload veterinary documents, send reports to remote owners, and communicate securely with the whole team. Meer informatie over Horse Report System
Process2Wine is a cloud-based vineyard and winery production management software which allows users to plan, track, & manage daily work, & view detailed reports Meer informatie over Process2Wine
Produce Pro Software is an integrated ERP system for the produce & perishables industry which supports procurement, business development, inventory management, traceability & business intelligence functionality with picking, purchasing, pricing, sales order processing tools, & more Meer informatie over Produce Pro Software
HeavyConnect provides mobile tools that allow agricultural operations to document their compliance with regulations related to food safety and quality, worker timecards, employee training, self-audits, and more. Meer informatie over HeavyConnect
PickApp is a data-driven scan-to-report labor-management and decision-support solution for labor-intensive farm managers. Meer informatie over PickApp
The best online ordering platform built for direct farm sales. Farmers use Cropolis to increase sales & efficiency when selling directly to their customers. Meer informatie over Cropolis
Farm Matters is a farm management software tool tailored to the UK market that handles data related to cattle, sheep, crops, medicines, and nitrate vulnerable zones (NVZ). With built-in accounting tools, CRM, and weather records, this web-based Windows software tool comes with business hour support. Meer informatie over Farm Matters
Farm Biz is an agricultural management software designed to meet the accounting needs of farmers and ranch owners. Its key features include records management, order processing, supplier management, and built-in accounting. It aims to provide management solutions ideal for cash crops and livestock. Meer informatie over Farm Biz
Raw Data AG is a cloud-based software designed to help viticulture & horticulture businesses utilize predictive analysis to plan harvesting and product deliveries. The centralized platform enables users to capture data in real-time and manage production or supplier operations accordingly. Meer informatie over Raw Data AG
Comcore is a commodity trade and integrated risk management software that helps businesses conduct market analysis, monitor credit risk, record payment terms, and more from within a unified platform. The storage module allows staff members to manage inventory across multiple storage facilities, such as floating, onshore, and blending. Meer informatie over Comcore
Trym is cannabis farm management software custom-built for commercial cultivators. Trym helps improve efficiency and consistency through precise environmental monitoring, customized task management, and plant analytics. Smarter business decisions are within reach when you have all the data at your fingertips. Meer informatie over Trym
AgroVIR is an all-in-one FMS that uses digitization to make farming businesses more profitable and sustainable. Meer informatie over AgroVIR
AgCinect is a cloud-based farm and ranch management solution with tools for managing and tracking fields, crops, livestock, equipment, inventory, purchasing, sales, and more. The software supports the management of farms with multiple owners or partners, with all data allocated to the correct owner. Meer informatie over AgCinect
Agrimanager's farm management software enables rural entrepreneurs to exercise continuous and integrated control over various activities and processes, from the monitoring of herds to the maintenance of machinery to avoid operational losses. Meer informatie over Agrimanager
Go360bioTrack is a web-based farm management software designed to help farmers identify, trace, track, record, and manage livestock. Managers can record details of animals such as date of birth, weight, progeny performance, and results of genetic evaluation. Meer informatie over Go360 bioTrack
Agtoolsindustry is a multi-platform solution for communication between food retailers & farmers designed to streamline the growing process to ensure operational success, providing corporate buyers & farmers with real-time algorithm data services which cover more than 500 fruits & vegetables Meer informatie over AGTools Suite
We are a cloud-based farm management solution using artificial intelligence / machine learning, remote sensing & satellite monitoring, the platform enables farm digitisation, traceability, management of standard practices along with predictability of your farm. Meer informatie over SmartFarm
CropTrails is a cloud-based farm management tool which assists contract farmers, crop surveyors and food processing organisations with crop planning and output estimation. Key features include farm geo-fencing, visit tracking, harvest and procurement, analysis and reporting, and more. Meer informatie over CropTrails
JetBov is digital management software for cattle breeders. Through a centralized platform, available offline for Android and iOS systems, professionals can automate data and control financial as well as strategic performances. Meer informatie over JetBov
Reprodez is software for herd control and reproduction management, using a centralized system with online and offline access. With this tool, there is the integration of the farm's data to help in decision making and the running of everyday activities. Meer informatie over Reprodez
trecker.com farm management software allows agricultural users to digitally record their work. It simplifies vehicle fleet management, scheduling, and invoicing contractors. Meer informatie over trecker.com
Commodity XL is a commodity trading and risk management (CTRM) software designed to help businesses in energy and commodity trading sectors perform sensitivity analyses, streamline itinerary scheduling, and preserve fair value levels whilst maintaining IFRS 7 and ASC 820 (FAS 157) compliance. Meer informatie over Commodity XL
End-to-end ERP and CTRM solutions to simplify complex business processes through a single point of truth. Meer informatie over iRely i21
ERP Sankhya is a web-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) software designed to help businesses in service, wholesale, retail, agriculture, and other industries manage processes such as finances, sales, accounting, bookkeeping, payroll, recruitment, and more. Meer informatie over ERP Sankhya
Olho do Dono is a cattle weighing tool that works by collecting images through a portable camera with 3D technology. The weighing can be performed in a field, a passage corridor, confinement, or any other location on the farm, without causing stress to the animals. Meer informatie over Olho do Dono
Cromai is a system of solutions that provides agricultural diagnosis through the use of technology and data processing so that producers can use more efficient management practices on a digital platform. Meer informatie over Cromai
Procreare Plus is a management system that focuses on livestock that enables herd control using modules dedicated to managing animal health, weight gain, and milk production. It also features management mechanisms that provide a 360-degree overview of all farm operations. Meer informatie over Procreare Plus
Demetra Integrador is web-based software for farm property management that offers a mobile application with offline access. The tool can capture data from third-party weather stations and enable the digitalization of records and activity planning. Meer informatie over Demetra Integrador
365FarmNet is a cloud-based platform that helps businesses optimize agricultural processes, such as farm management, crop production, and herd management. The aim is to automate documentation, minimize administrative effort, and increase income while also saving resources. Meer informatie over 365FarmNet
eAgro is a web-based agricultural management system, which supports planning, monitoring, and executing all production stages from planting to marketing. Meer informatie over eAgro
Het SaaS-platform Piguard helpt om het gedrag van varkens 24/7 te monitoren. Met behulp van AI analyseert de software het gedrag van de varkens in real time. Het systeem herkent in een vroeg stadium dat een dier ziek is, waardoor onder andere het gebruik van antibiotica kan worden verminderd. Meer informatie over Piguard
Growers helps ag retailers make it easier to business with farmers. Meer informatie over Growers RALLY
KisanHub’s Agri-Food Supply Chain software helps Producer Groups to transform their supply chain, improve margins and renew contracts with greater visibility and data-driven insights. No more spreadsheets and guesswork - just fast access to the latest supply chain data for smarter decision-making. Meer informatie over KisanHub
RedBud Software is a greenhouse and farm management platform that helps organizations in environment agriculture schedule tasks, manage space planning, optimize pest scouting, and more on a centralized platform. It lets CEA growers create and maintain a centralized repository of farm information, such as crops, equipment, and pests across multiple... Meer informatie over RedBud Software
AGRIS is the complete agribusiness management and grain accounting software system that provides solutions to complex operational and financial business challenges. As a proven agribusiness ERP software suite, AGRIS integrates on-premise, cloud and mobile solutions for your multi-faceted businesses. Meer informatie over AGRIS
Agrimaster is a cloud-based accounting software designed to help agriculture businesses streamline various administrative processes, such as budgeting, payroll management, and more. Supervisors can share files with specific users, view revision history and add notes in documents. Meer informatie over Agrimaster

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