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Energy data management and analysis solution
Energy Elephant is an energy management solution that helps multi-location enterprises automate energy data management, analysis, wastage optimization, and more. It enables managers to store spreadsheets as well as various bills such as electricity, oil, gas & transport in a centralized database. Meer informatie over Energy Elephant
Oplossing voor energiemanagement voor bedrijven van elke omvang.
Energis.Cloud helpt dienstverleners bij het automatiseren van processen voor het beheer van energieprestaties in gebouwen, industriële locaties en apparatuur. Het stelt gebruikers in staat om de hele energielevenscyclus te dekken via facturen van nutsbedrijven en consumptie tot productie en gegevensopslag uit meerdere bronnen. Meer informatie over Energis.Cloud
ProntoForms is the leader in enterprise-grade mobile forms.
ProntoForms is the leader in enterprise-grade mobile forms. Built with field teams at front of mind, ProntoForms makes real-time, accurate data collection fast and easy. Empower your field employees to complete complex inspections, audits, and other tasks on their mobile devices with confidence. Meer informatie over ProntoForms
Utility Bill Accounting & Energy Managemment Software
EnergyCAP is utility bill accounting and energy management software for utility bill processing, auditing, and analysis; M&V, submeters & chargebacks, energy benchmarking, interval data, custom dashboards, reporting. Meer informatie over EnergyCAP
Analytics & management tool for identifying energy wastage
Wattics is an integrated energy management platform for energy consultants and business owners to identify energy wastage and associated costs. Features include performance metrics, automated reports and billing, action tracking a customizable energy analytics dashboard, and power quality analysis. Meer informatie over Wattics
Enterprise-grade energy monitoring & management
Entronix Energy Management Platform provides real-time, enterprise-level monitoring of power meters for water, electrical and gas in commercial buildings Meer informatie over Entronix EMP
Automatic monitoring & targeting (aM&T) software
DEXMA is a cloud-based, enterprise-class automatic monitoring & targeting (aM&T) software for buildings in the commercial & industrial sector. Meer informatie over DEXMA Energy Intelligence
Enterprise work & project management solution
One2Team is an enterprise work management solution that promotes the digitalization of businesses by providing a platform for the execution of end-to-end collaborative processes. We have been recognized as a Gartner visionary for the past 8 years. Meer informatie over One2Team
Invoice & accounts payable automation platform
Goby is a cloud-based invoice and accounts payable automation platform that helps organizations streamline accounts payable workflows, generate ROI, and make strategic decisions backed by powerful analytics. Drive and reshape business strategies, and elevate financial performance Meer informatie over Goby
Cost-control for construction, oil + gas, & energy projects
JANUS is a cloud-based, modular cost control solution which enables users to forecast cost, hours, and equipment for projects, manage changes, budgets, and more Meer informatie over JANUS
Energy management solution
MACH Energy is an energy management solution which facilitates tenant billing, budgets & variance reporting, demand management, threshold alerting, and more Meer informatie over MACH Energy
Cloud-based tool for managing energy & sustainability data
JadeTrack is a cloud-based solution designed to help businesses, governments, commercial enterprises, and smart cities manage data related to energy and sustainability. With Energy Star facility benchmarking, users can automate utility bill management and monitoring of critical data in real-time. Meer informatie over JadeTrack
Utility spend management solution
Energy Manager by Dude Solutions is a cloud-based utility spend management solution which provides users with insight into their utility spending & enables the identification of billing errors or possible savings. The platform is suited for education, government, manufacturing, healthcare, and more. Meer informatie over Energy Manager
Flexible mobile business data collection within the cloud
Kordata is a customizable data collection solution that utilizes mobile apps and secured, cloud-based transmission to collect, analyze and report business data Meer informatie over Kordata
Web-based energy usage and expense tracking and management
Snapmeter is an energy tracking tool for businesses wanting to lower electricity and natural gas costs, quantify utility bill variance and run custom reporting Meer informatie over Snapmeter
Fully integrated, cloud-based energy management platform
Watchwire is a fully integrated cloud-based energy management solution for organizations monitoring and managing utility consumption, expenses, and emissions Meer informatie over Watchwire
Digital Oilfield Platform for Energy Service and Rentals
RigER is a comprehensive oilfield rental and operations system, designed for SMBs to manage oilfield rentals & dispatching as well as price policy Meer informatie over RigER
Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Insights
CSRware is an environmental sustainability management platform integrating ESG assessments, automating GHG emission calculations, managing resource data for businesses to gain insight into environmental, social and governance risks and performance insights. Meer informatie over CSRware
Customized field service & asset management
Nektar is a field service management tool for data collection, GIS mapping, life cycle management, integrated work order processes, document control, and more Meer informatie over Nektar
Energy management solution for businesses of all sizes
Waterfield Energy is a suite of tools for energy management that provide upstream and midstream markets with various applications to streamline processes related to accounting, inventory management, expense tracking, asset management, and more. Meer informatie over Waterfield Energy
Sustainability solution for healthcare organizations
Key Green Solutions is a cloud-based energy management platform, designed to help healthcare organizations measure the effects of implemented sustainability programs. Hospitals can review water/electricity usage, waste volume, and sustainable food purchases to generate development reports. Meer informatie over Key Green Solutions Software
Maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO) solution
CloudVisit is a cloud-based maintenance, repair, and operation (MRO) solution designed to help businesses across various industry verticals, manage airline maintenance, remote inspections, online video appointments, patient monitoring, and post-operative follow-ups. Meer informatie over CloudVisit