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Webgebaseerde oplossing voor het beheer van politieke campagnes
NationBuilder is campagnebeheersoftware voor politieke en non-profitorganisaties om te helpen bij het mobiliseren van vrijwilligers, het werven van fondsen en het betrekken van supporters. Meer informatie over NationBuilder
Advocate marketing voor merken
Ambassify helpt merkverdedigers aan te wijzen en hen aan te moedigen om positieve mond-tot-mondreclame te genereren door middel van verwijzingen, beoordelingen, verklaringen, sociale aandelen enz. Meer informatie over Ambassify
Software voor aanbevelingsmarketing
InviteReferrals is software voor aanbevelingsmarketing die is ontworpen om bedrijven te helpen nieuwe klanten te werven door verwijzingscampagnes voor klanten te starten en te lanceren via meerdere platforms, waaronder websites voor mobiele telefoons, tablets en desktop, en mobiele apps voor Android en iOS. Meer informatie over InviteReferrals
Customer-Powered Growth
The Influitive platform helps B2B companies discover, nurture, and mobilize their customers, developers, partners, and employees to shorten sales cycles, amplify marketing, increase retention and drive product innovation. Meer informatie over Influitive
Cloud-based fundraising & supporter engagement solution
Salsa Engage is a cloud-based fundraising solution designed to assist nonprofit organizations of all sizes with donor engagement, cultivation, and communication Meer informatie over Salsa Engage
Campaign canvassing & voter management
Ecanvasser is a mobile canvassing app for campaign teams that provides a dashboard for campaign managers including surveys, database, visualization and tracking Meer informatie over Ecanvasser
A unified CRM for nonprofits
EveryAction is a unified CRM for nonprofits including tools to manage donation websites, email, fundraising, and advocacy in one simple platform Meer informatie over EveryAction
Work as One
SocialChorus is the workforce communications platform that empowers companies to work as one. Meer informatie over SocialChorus
Communications platform for public affairs and advocacy
Phone2Action is a mobile-responsive, grassroots advocacy platform designed for associations, non-profits and corporations wishing to launch and promote public policy campaigns, leveraging multiple channels including social media to connect with supporters, track engagement and report progress Meer informatie over Phone2Action
Advocacy platform for nonprofits & trade associations
Muster is a cloud-based advocacy platform designed to help trade associations, nonprofits and government firms track and manage their networks of supporters, and run grassroots campaigns. Key features include advocate engagement analytics, message drafting, alerts, and audience segmentation. Meer informatie over Muster
Juridisch casemanagementsysteem
SmartAdvocate is beschikbaar als lokale installatie of gehost in de cloud en is een softwaresysteem voor het beheer van rechtszaken met documentopslag, rapporten en e-mailintegratie. Meer informatie over SmartAdvocate
Customer reference system with content and sales enablement
RO Enablement is a web-based customer reference and sales enablement platform facilitating the creation, deployment, management and measurement of associated content with a centralized searchable library, automated workflows, dashboard reports, notifications, microsites and third party integrations Meer informatie over RO Innovation
Community activation, brand advocacy & growth amplification
Queue is a marketing platform for digital agencies & growth marketers to create, track, & manage advocacy campaigns with gamification & social media integration Meer informatie over Queue
Digital engagement and fundraising for nonprofits
Engaging Networks is a cloud-based digital engagement platform for nonprofits that helps organizers make fundraising pages look exactly the way they want. Engaging Networks also facilitates online fundraising, advocacy campaigns, email marketing, event management, P2P, data management, and more. Meer informatie over Engaging Networks
Cloud-based advocacy solution for congress lawmakers
Congress Plus Advocacy is a cloud-based solution which helps small to large political organizations connect with lawmakers, post comments & run multiple campaigns. It allows users to send targeted messages with rotations based on bill co-sponsorship, custom lists, vote position, committee & more. Meer informatie over Congress Plus Advocacy
Cloud-based customer reference management platform
ReferenceEdge is a cloud-based customer reference management system which operates as a native Salesforce application to help track, search & request references Meer informatie over ReferenceEdge
Online advocacy & engagement solution
One Click Politics is a cloud-based advocacy solution which connects supporters with decision makers through email, SMS, voice calls, social media, and more Meer informatie over One Click Politics
A management platform for brand advocates and promotions
Easily create and track brand advocates and online promotions to build awareness for your business Meer informatie over WallSee
Employee advocacy platform for pre-approved social sharing
Dynamic Signal’s employee advocacy platform unifies corporate social media sharing while raising brand awareness by encouraging positive employee engagement Meer informatie over Dynamic Signal
Brand Advocate solutions
The Zuberance Brand Advocate Platform is a cloud-based solution that systematically identifies Brand Advocates (highly-satisfied customers who recommend a company, brand, or product without pay or incentives); energizes and amplifies Advocates by making it easy for them create and share content and offers with their social networks and with... Meer informatie over Zuberance
Cloud-based grassroots policy advocacy management solution
Ujoin is a cloud-based advocacy management solution designed to help nonprofit and trade organizations run and manage grassroot campaigns, as well as white-label action pages, to influence city or county councilors, state or federal legislators, department chairs, and other decision-makers. Meer informatie over Ujoin
Political campaign and advocacy software
Districtor is a cloud-based advocacy solution which helps businesses synchronize mailing lists from Mailchimp & extract elected officials' data to enable advocacy using email campaigns. Users can update officials’ contact information with voting district lists according to current government. Meer informatie over Districtor
Advocacy platform for public affairs professionals
Quorum is a cloud-based advocacy platform which helps public affairs professionals with stakeholder engagement, legislative tracking, and grassroots advocacy. Key features include contact management, dialogue tracking, business card scanning, predefined templates, and collaboration. Meer informatie over Quorum
Referral and loyalty marketing solution for businesses
NextBee is a cloud-based customer engagement & marketing platform designed to help organizations manage referral & loyalty marketing campaigns to acquire customers. Features include reward programs, performance metrics, leaderboards, user activity tracking, gamification & communication management. Meer informatie over NextBee