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Beoordelingen en marketing van klantcontent
Yotpo helpt commerciële merken om tijdens het hele koperstraject klantbeoordelingen en foto's te benutten om vertrouwen, sociaal bewijs en verkoop te verhogen. Meer informatie over Yotpo
Verkoop meer met betere affiliate software.
Post Affiliate Pro helpt je van A tot Z bij het opzetten van je affiliate programma. Post Affiliate Pro is betrouwbare, intuïtieve en oneindig uitbreidbare affiliate software. Begin met het werven en beheren van je affiliates en laat je verkoop groeien met affiliate marketing. Post Affiliate Pro kan worden geïntegreerd met meer dan 200... Meer informatie over Post Affiliate Pro
Software voor aanbevelingsmarketing
InviteReferrals is software voor aanbevelingsmarketing die is ontworpen om bedrijven te helpen nieuwe klanten te werven door verwijzingscampagnes voor klanten te starten en te lanceren via meerdere platforms, waaronder websites voor mobiele telefoons, tablets en desktop, en mobiele apps voor Android en iOS. Meer informatie over InviteReferrals
Customer-Powered Growth
The Influitive platform helps B2B companies discover, nurture, and mobilize their customers, developers, partners, and employees to shorten sales cycles, amplify marketing, increase retention and drive product innovation. Meer informatie over Influitive
Shopping cart & affiliate management for online vendors.
PayKickstart is an online shopping cart & affiliate management platform which supports built-in payment integrations, multiple currencies, coupon codes, & more Meer informatie over PayKickstart
Customer Loyalty & Marketing Platform
TapMango is a fully branded loyalty solution offering the most advanced rewards program to retailers and restaurants. Engage customers with our powerful marketing tools, get new customers with our referral system and review boost, increase revenue with flash sales and mobile ordering and more. Meer informatie over TapMango
Turn relationships into results
Contactually is a powerful, easy-to-use system for building better relationships, and getting the most from your network. Combining the best features of contact managers, email clients, and CRMs, Contactually gives you everything you need to quickly organize, follow-up, and engage with everyone who matters to you and your business. Contactually... Meer informatie over Contactually
get more sales through word of mouth referrals
Imagine your own customers helping you drive new sales! Customer referrals are the key to viral marketing and a thriving business. With ReferralCandy, bring this incredible power of peer influence to your own online store. Each time your customers make a purchase,we'll follow up by sending them an email that they can forward to refer friends to... Meer informatie over ReferralCandy
Social engagement software to assist with marketing outreach
VYPER is a viral marketing software for small to mid-size businesses that through the use of gamification and rewards programs helps generate customers. Meer informatie over VYPER
Referral software for SMBs & large businesses
Omnistar helps growing businesses to leverage the marketing power of existing customers & ultimately increase their customer base by creating a referral program Meer informatie over OSI Affiliate Software
Automate sales & marketing follow up activities
Blitz is a sales management platform that automates sales tasks, processes, and follow-up activities when working with clients, leads, and referrals, and helps keep management and sales teams up to date and on the same page while communicating with contacts Meer informatie over Blitz
Referral software for refer a friend and partner programs
Get more customers with best-in-class referral marketing software that works alongside your business. Automate the ask, nurture multiple shares, align incentives, convert to sales, then repeat for a viral self-feeding referral program. Run refer a friend and partner programs for any business. Meer informatie over Referral Rock
Software voor het bijhouden van verwijzingen en partnerbeheer
Refersion helpt bij het ontwerpen van een verwijzingsprogramma voor je bedrijf. Je kunt de verwijzingen van verkopers, partners, en klanten volgen, je partners beheren en betalen en nog veel meer. Meer informatie over Refersion
Customer marketing platform
Annex Cloud is a cloud-based customer marketing platform which provides integrated customer loyalty, referral marketing, and user generated content solutions for brands and retailers. A range of loyalty program types are supported, including online, omni-channel, paid membership, social, and more. Meer informatie over Annex Cloud
Referral marketing platform for eCommerce companies
Talkable enables eCommerce companies to build, launch, track, test, and analyze referral marketing programs in order to acquire new customers and increase sales Meer informatie over Talkable
Business marketing software for small businesses
Revetize is a business marketing software designed to help small, local businesses manage online reviews, referrals, promotions, NPS, customer follow-ups and loyalty campaigns all in one place and distribute these interactions via text, email, voicemail and pen-written letters. Meer informatie over Revetize
Enterprise SaaS platform for talent acquisition & management
Avature is an enterprise SaaS platform for talent acquisition and talent management, and a provider of candidate relationship management for recruiting. Avature offers solutions for managing campus recruiting, recruitment events, employee referrals, internal mobility, succession planning, and more. Meer informatie over Avature
Referral Marketing Software, Done Right.
Ambassador empowers marketing teams to increase new customer acquisition, referrals and revenue by leveraging the power of word-of-mouth. Meer informatie over Ambassador
Affiliate/Referral Marketing & Lead Generation Software
#1 Affiliate Marketing and Lead Generation software. Create an affiliate program and drive more leads and sales to your website. We make it EASY. FREE TRIAL. Meer informatie over LinkTrust
Performance Marketing Software
CAKE provides performance marketing software with solutions for affiliate marketing, lead generation and multichannel marketing. Meer informatie over Cake
Reward programs for online businesses
Smile.io is a cloud-based customer rewards solution for creating and managing points-based, referral, and VIP customer loyalty programs for online retailers. Meer informatie over Smile.io
1:1 personalized promotions made simple
1:1 personalised promotions made simple. Launch contextual coupon, referral, discount, loyalty and giveaway campaigns faster. Meer informatie over Voucherify
Referral marketing software that empowers incentivized sales
RewardStream Refer A Friend is a comprehensive solution for incentivizing sales, customer engagement, social media referrals and more. Meer informatie over RewardStream
Community activation, brand advocacy & growth amplification
Queue is a marketing platform for digital agencies & growth marketers to create, track, & manage advocacy campaigns with gamification & social media integration Meer informatie over Queue
The global leader in advocacy and referral marketing
The Buyapowa platform powers innovative advocacy and refer-a-friend programs for some of the world's leading brands, including GAP, Sprint, Expedia, boohoo, and many more. We allow brands and retailers to identify their biggest advocates, and motivate and reward them for bringing in new customers. Meer informatie over Buyapowa
Customer referral marketing software for SMEs
Referral SaaSquatch is a cloud-based referral marketing software designed to help enterprises track & reward referrals from their customers. Meer informatie over Referral SaaSquatch
International Referral marketing platform
Mention Me's leading referral marketing solution helps businesses to acquire and retain customers with refer-a-friend programs. Available in 18 languages and multiple currencies to attract customers worldwide. Referral schemes for brands in fashion, beauty, travel, entertainment and finance sectors. Meer informatie over Mention Me
Affiliate program management software
iDevAffiliate is an affiliate program, tracking, and commission management software designed to integrate with users’ existing websites Meer informatie over iDevAffiliate
Promotional campaign creation engine
Talon.One is a cloud-based promotion engine designed to help businesses create, customize, manage, and analyze marketing campaigns. The centralized platform enables users to create targeted and personalized coupon codes and link single-use coupons to specific client IDs. Meer informatie over Talon.One
Rewards & loyalty program app
Perkville is a customer rewards and loyalty software that helps to create and manage loyalty programs, customer referral programs, social campaigns and promotions. The app lets you create custom rewards programs, offering rewards for social media promotion and referrals. You can track all your customers' loyalty programs with daily reports, while... Meer informatie over Perkville
Referral software for companies with sales teams
Referral marketing software for customer and partner referral programs that tracks referral success in Salesforce & automates rewards. Meer informatie over Amplifinity
Let your customers bring you more business
InviteBox is a flexible referral marketing platform that unlocks a new cost-effective customer acquisition channel for your online business. With InviteBox you can launch your own referral program in minutes and make your existing customers bring you more business. Meer informatie over InviteBox
Referral campaign creation & tracking for SaaS
ReferralMagic is a website-embeddable referral marketing campaign creation and tracking solution for SaaS businesses, allowing various types of referral rewards Meer informatie over ReferralMagic
Creatie van campagnes met aanbevelingsbeloningen voor bedrijven.
Met SalesCamp kunnen gebruikers aanbevelingsmarketingcampagnes voor hun bedrijf opzetten door hun beste fans te belonen voor het zenden van hoogwaardige leads. Meer informatie over SalesCamp
The referral platform for SaaS companies
Get more leads, close more sales, through word-of-mouth marketing. Identify and reward your brand ambassadors, word-of-mouth marketing. Meer informatie over iRefer
Cloud-based customer reference management platform
ReferenceEdge is a cloud-based customer reference management system which operates as a native Salesforce application to help track, search & request references Meer informatie over ReferenceEdge
Referral, affiliate, influencer & advocacy marketing
Social Seeder is an ambassador marketing software for running ambassador, referral, affiliate, influencer marketing & advocacy programs from a single platform Meer informatie over Social Seeder
Rewarding Referrals
GooodJob was founded on the premise that employee referral programs are an incredibly powerful internal sourcing method for companies of all sizes. Cost- and time-efficient, they allow you to use your existing resource – your employees – to reach out to other like-minded candidates. In practice, however, only 10%-20% of all employees participate... Meer informatie over GooodJob
Powerful in-store and online loyalty and referral program
Create your own Loyalty and Referral Program with built-in customer emails and Apple Passbook and smartly integrated with leading point-of-sale and eCommerce software. Try Collect Loyalty for free. Meer informatie over Collect Loyalty
Referral marketing solution for eCommerce businesses
Friendbuy is a cloud-based referral marketing solution designed to help eCommerce businesses of all sizes generate leads, increase referrals, and manage marketing campaigns. Key features include email capture, reward programs, fraud detection, A/B testing, analytics, and reporting. Meer informatie over Friendbuy
Customer loyalty, rewards & marketing for eCommerce
Lootly is a rewards and referrals platform for eCommerce, which is designed to encourage brand interaction through incentivized customer actions. Features include customizable points and rewards systems, a HTML editor, VIP program, referral insights, automated customer reminders, and open API. Meer informatie over Lootly
AI-chatbot for streamlining recruitment processes
Olivia is an artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot that helps businesses automate the entire recruitment lifecycle, from applicant sourcing to onboarding. The solution facilitates interaction with candidates through various communication channels such as chat, SMS, email, or social media platforms. Meer informatie over Olivia
Reputation management and referral marketing software
RenegadeWorks is a cloud-based reputation management and referral marketing solution which enables users to gather customer feedback, manage reviews, and more Meer informatie over RenegadeWorks
Campaign management solution for businesses
Makeme.click is a cloud-based solution designed to help businesses track the performance of marketing campaigns and manage visitor traffic in real-time. Key features include lead generation, customizable branding, status mapping, ad serving, user group management, link building, and reporting. Meer informatie over Makeme.click
Campaign planning and lead acquisition solution
SPREAD is a cloud-based social media marketing solution designed to help businesses create loyalty programs and acquire customers across multiple channels. Key features include reward programs, discount code distribution, campaign scheduling, analytics, ROI tracking, and audience segmentation. Meer informatie over SPREAD