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Software voor het prestatiebeheer van hoogpresterende teams.
Prestatiebeheerplatform dat is ontworpen voor hoogpresterende teams. 360-graden prestatiebeoordelingen, één-op-één feedback, doelbeheer en sociale lof. Meer informatie over Engagedly
Cloudgebaseerde HR-software die is ontworpen om werknemersgegevens te centraliseren.
Cornerstone HR centraliseert alle wereldwijde personeelsgegevens op één self-serviceplatform met medewerkersbetrokkenheid en krachtige tools voor beheer, planning en rapportage. Meer informatie over Cornerstone HR
Platform voor het beheer van verkoopcommissie en -compensatie
Commissionly is een cloudgebaseerde oplossing voor verkoopcommissie en -beloning voor het MKB, met tools in één enkele interface voor het beheer van beloningen, regio's, quota en doelstellingen voor de verkoop. Gebruikers en hun begunstigden hebben via het online dashboard overal toegang tot hun informatie. Meer informatie over Commissionly
HR, Payroll, and Talent Management
Ultimate Software’s UltiPro® helps organizations improve the employee experience. Support your people and grow your business with cloud HR, payroll, and talent management solutions that simplify processes and increase productivity. Meer informatie over UltiPro
Sales commission management
CaptivateIQ is a sales commission management & planning solution that enables businesses to quickly set up commission plans & calculate payouts for their sales teams. The cloud-based platform allows users to manage assumptions, setup commission plans, calculate payouts, create simulations, & more. Meer informatie over CaptivateIQ
Inspire Performance
Xactly Corporation is the market leader in on-demand sales compensation management. The company’s flagship product, Xactly Incent, enables sales and finance executives to design, implement, manage, audit and optimize sales compensation management programs easily and affordably. Xactly’s solutions automate the process of aggregating data from... Meer informatie over Xactly Incent
Inspire Performance
Xactly Corporation is the market leader in on-demand sales compensation management. The company's product, Xactly Incent Express, helps growing companies with up to 75 sales reps unleash the motivational power of incentive compensation. Our cloud-based solution built on the Force.com platform helps you gain control of your incentive compensation... Meer informatie over Xactly Express
Sales Commission Management Software
QCommission is a powerful, flexible sales commission software. It calculates your sales people's compensation, accurately, quickly and professionally. QCommission is integrated with salesforce & QuickBooks but can also operate stand alone. It is suitable for all industries starting from 1 payee to hundreds. QCommission handles all the... Meer informatie over QCommission
Commission management solution with real-time dashboards
Spiff is a cloud-based commission management solution that helps small to large sized businesses automate their commission calculation process. It enables businesses to manage different kinds of commissions such as flat rates, multi-tiered, percentage based, sliding scale and split. Meer informatie over Spiff
Australia's No.1 Integrated HR People Management Platform
Employment Hero is an HR, payroll & benefits platform with which enterprises can manage administrative tasks like recruitment, onboarding, timesheets & payroll, and streamline administrative processes. Employment Hero is available as a native mobile application on iOS and Android. Meer informatie over Employment Hero
Compensation management and merit planning software
Compease is a comprehensive, automated salary administration program that includes expert compensation consulting, current salary market data, easy to use software, and annual updates. Meer informatie over Compease
Human capital management for modern HR
Oracle HCM Cloud is a suite of human capital management applications that help find and retain talent including HR, benefits, payroll, & performance management Meer informatie over Oracle HCM Cloud
Enterprise-grade. Easy to use. Up and running in weeks.
Performio allows companies to easily and quickly calculate sales commissions, keep sales happier and motivated, and gain insights from data to support evidence-based decision making. Meer informatie over Performio
Cloud-based HR & benefits administration platform
bob is a cloud-based human resources and benefits management system for SMEs, offering solutions ranging from benefits, onboarding & engagement, and more. Meer informatie over bob
Integrated HR & talent management solution
PeopleFluent is a complete talent management software designed to help companies with recruitment, training, planning, employee engagement and productivity Meer informatie over PeopleFluent
Sales Commission Management for SMBs
Sales Cookie is a cloud-based sales commission management solution with NO SETUP FEE designed to help SMBs automate their sales incentive programs with a range of tools including incentive plan design & management, personal dashboards, payout reports, configuration change tracking & review, & more Meer informatie over Sales Cookie
Flexible, Affordable, Compensation Planning Automation
Ultra-configurable Compensation Planning Software to support your merit, bonus, equity, and total rewards statements requirements. CompXL is flexible by design so you can adjust your compensation structure and strategy at the speed of business. Meer informatie over CompensationXL
Compensation planning and management software
COMPview is a best-of-breed compensation planning system that automates complex salary, merit, and bonus plans. Meer informatie over Compensation Planning
A modern compensation platform with built-in markert data.
PayScale offers a smart, easy to use compensation management software with transparent datasets, intuitive structure modeling, and best-in-class service and support to ensure you are quickly set-up to attract and retain top talent. Meer informatie over PayScale
Web-based Compensation Management Software
Harvest HCM provides an online compensation management software including optional rewards statements, performance management & succession planning modules. Meer informatie over Harvest HCM
Human resource management for businesses
BizRun is a cloud-based human resources (HR) solution for small to medium sized businesses which offers tools for managing leave and time off, payroll, time tracking, compensation, documents, and more. It allows businesses to keep a complete directory of employees for easy management. Meer informatie over BizRun
Planning & performance management platform
Cloud-based, in-memory planning and execution for sales, operations, and finance. Meer informatie over Anaplan
Cloud HR, payroll & rostering/time and attendance software
Australia's and New Zealand’s most comprehensive suite of HR, payroll and rostering / time & attendance solutions can be used together or stand-alone, and are configurable according to your organisation’s processes and workflows. Meer informatie over ELMO
Total Rewards Software-Compensation & Performance anagement
FocalReview promises a total rewards software solution, supporting employee compensation and performance management with scalable features and an online portal Meer informatie over FocalReview
Sales incentive compensation management software
In a year, CallidusCloud Commissions processes $1.8 trillion of revenue, paying out $78 billion in sales commissions to 5 million reps. Meer informatie over CallidusCloud Commissions
Equity compensation management & reporting
Certent Equity Compensation Management is a stock plan solution that streamlines and simplifies how businesses track, manage & report on equity compensation Meer informatie over Certent Equity Management
Configurable, cloud based compensation management software
CompAccelerator is a configurable, cloud-based compensation management software which supports compensation planning for salary, bonus and equity, helping managers make allocation decisions for salaries, bonuses, and long term incentives with real-time reporting, localized budget pools, and more Meer informatie over CompAccelerator
Compensation management solution
Compport is a cloud-based compensation management solution, which helps businesses manage processes related to human resources (HR) through reward programs, staff surveys, productivity analytics, & more. Firms can use real-time simulation to review salaries before delivering incentives to employees. Meer informatie over Compport
Powerful and Affordable Commission Management Solutions
Powerful & intuitive commission management software. Handles the most complex rules with the fastest implementation. Meer informatie over Core Commissions
Equity plan management platform
Shareworks is a cloud-based equity plan management solution by Morgan Stanley, which startups, private and public companies to simplify equity administration, engage their employees, manage compliance, attract and award top talent, prepare for audits, generate 409A valuations, and more Meer informatie over Shareworks
Cloud-based HR compensation management with insight analysis
SimplyMerit is a web-based, real time compensation management solution for global businesses that promises to assist HR departments make informed compensation decisions, with workflows for merit pay adjustment requests and approvals, a team collaboration engine, budget modeling and insight analytics Meer informatie over SimplyMerit
Cloud-based human capital management (HCM) solution
PeopleGuru HCM is a cloud-based human capital management (HCM) solution designed to help midsize businesses streamline the entire employee lifecycle. The centralized platform provides users with configurable workflows, self-service portals, and alerts to manage core human resource (HR) processes. Meer informatie over PeopleGuru HCM
Manage salary reviews, bonuses & incentive admin
compACT is a compensation management solution for salary, bonus, and incentive administration, executing compensation plans based on custom rules & restrictions Meer informatie over compACT
Cloud based compensation management software
TalentComp is a cloud based compensation management solution that offers budget control, compensation calculation and assessment within a single solution Meer informatie over TalentComp
Remuneration and salary review software
Pivot Remuneration is a web-based remuneration solution which enables users to manage employee compensation, incentives, bonuses, and budgets, with transparent workflows Meer informatie over Pivot Remuneration
Sales Compensation Software
Iconixx automates sales compensation plans to create dependable commission experiences. Meer informatie over Iconixx
Online employee rewards communication portal
REWARDview is an online portal to provide employees with an understanding of the total value of their compensation package, including salary, benefits & more Meer informatie over Total Rewards
All-in-one HR, payroll & benefits administration
M&H OneSource is a compliant, all-in-one HRIS with modules for recruiting, applicant tracking, onboarding, payroll, time off tracking, employee benefits & more Meer informatie over M&H OneSource
Equity management solution for public & private firms
Carta is an equity management solution that helps investors, public, & private firms manage cap tables, equity plans, investments, and valuations. The platform comes with features such as transfer agent services, portfolio insights, 409A valuations, safekeeping, & equity plan administration. Meer informatie over Carta
Cloud-based employee compensation management solution
CompTrak is a cloud-based compensation management solution that businesses manage employee rewards, equity plans, and more. The centralized platform lets users assign compensation plans to executive owners and maintain issue logs related to audit frameworks, facilitating the review process. Meer informatie over CompTrak
Stock compensation management for public & private companies
Global Shares is a cloud-based employee ownership platform, which assists public and private companies with managing stock compensation plans for employees. Key features include performance tracking, rewards management, goal setting, stock trading, and electronic messaging. Meer informatie over Global Shares