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Doe-het-zelf online databasetoepassingen
Caspio is een platform voor het creëren van aangepaste online databasetoepassingen zonder de noodzaak van programmeerkennis voor zakelijke ontwikkelaars en ondernemers. Meer informatie over Caspio
Cloud fund accounting software for social good organizations
Financial Edge NXT delivers comprehensive fund accounting tools that allow organizations to streamline financial processes and demonstrate accountability Meer informatie over Blackbaud Financial Edge NXT
We help everyday innovators to create custom, no-code apps.
Knack helps organizations empower everyday innovators to solve real-world problems. By leveraging Knack’s intuitive platform and expert builder network, teams can quickly build no-code or low-code applications that harness data, automate processes and move workflows online. Meer informatie over Knack
e-Government management solution
GovPilot is an e-government management solution designed to help government organizations streamline and manage their operations with workflow automation, reporting and analytics, constituent engagement tools, and more. Tablet and smartphone apps allow users to access and manage data on-the-go. Meer informatie over GovPilot
Codeless app platform, mobile apps and forms
Snappii mobile app builder helps you to build and customize powerful mobile business apps with no programming or coding needed in DAYS. Meer informatie over Snappii
Cloud-based nonprofit/fund accounting software
AccuFund Accounting Suite is a fund accounting software for nonprofit organizations offering users a choice of features from a range of core and optional modules Meer informatie over AccuFund Accounting Suite
Boekhoudsoftware voor non-profitorganisaties
Denali FUND van Cougar Mountain Software is cloudgebaseerde en lokaal geïnstalleerde boekhoudsoftware die specifiek is ontworpen om non-profitorganisaties te helpen bij het stroomlijnen en beheren van alle boekhoudprocessen waaronder crediteuren en debiteuren, grootboek, bankafstemming, salarisadministratie en meer. Meer informatie over Denali FUND
Human services management system
ClientTrax helps to monitor, manage and report data to caseworkers inside a wide range of human services and justice programs Meer informatie over ClientTrax
Fleet management software for transportation industry
Dossier Fleet Management software helps surface transportation managers to control and manage vehicle fleets and other assets Meer informatie over Dossier Systems
Employee management & office collaboration suite
Manage relationship with employees, tasks, equipment, assets, contracts, projects, opportunities, share meeting minutes and many others. Meer informatie over OneSoft Connect
Strategy implementation and performance management
Strategy implementation, performance management, benchmarking, public dashboard and reporting software helping teams to stay the course Meer informatie over Envisio
Fleet management software
Verizon Connect Networkfleet is a GPS tracking solution for government agencies that can help you cut costs and improve efficiency. Meer informatie over Verizon Connect Networkfleet
Membership Management Software
ChamberMaster is a membership management software that is designed for chambers of commerce. Its integrated components and features include reporting, billing, communications, events, marketing and social networks. Meer informatie over ChamberMaster
Chamber software and chamber website solutions
WebLink takes a comprehensive yet straightforward approach with our chamber database solutions. We include everything you need, seamlessly integrate it, and partner with you in your success. WebLink delivers solutions that save time, save money, and serve your members more effectively. Our seamless, integrated approach to Chamber management... Meer informatie over Weblink Connect
Case management software for non-profits & government bodies
FAMCare is a web-based case management software for non-profit organizations, government bodies and human services agencies Meer informatie over FAMCare
A Complete Digital Inspection, Safety and Maintenance System
CityReporter is a cloud-based inspection management solution, which helps municipal corporations and local governments manage risk and evaluate asset performance. Key features include inspection tracking, safety program planning, budgeting, record-keeping, time-sheet entry and project management. Meer informatie over CityReporter
Workforce management software for police & fire departments
VCS is a workforce management platform, which helps municipalities, law enforcement agencies, and police or fire departments create and schedule work requests for employees. Features include reminders, time clock, real-time updates, employee availability tracking, and reporting. Meer informatie over VCS
Integrated licensing for US and Canada based businesses
POSSE enterprise licensing system (ELS) is an integrated platform for professional, occupational, and business licensing needs, which provides case tracking, document storage, course scheduling, attendance and results tracking, continuing education unit (CEU) tracking, and more. Meer informatie over POSSE ELS
Better Online Services with Online Forms
SeamlessDocs is the ONLY WAY to completely get rid of paperwork using our online documents, forms, and eSignatures. Upload any PDF to convert it into an online form that can be completed and eSigned from any device. Once completed, all docs are stored on a secure cloud so you have access to them anytime, anywhere. SeamlessDocs is the document... Meer informatie over SeamlessGov
Begeleide formulieren, Doc-Gen, workflow, integraties | Volgende generatie CCM
Intelledox is een cloudgebaseerde oplossing die is ontworpen om bedrijven te helpen bij het automatiseren van processen voor klantenservice, onboarding en acquisitie. Met de aangepaste formulierbouwer kunnen gebruikers informatie verzamelen voor leningaanvragen, claims en andere documenten, waardoor de cross-channel-interactie binnen pijpleidingen... Meer informatie over Intelledox
Cloud based HCM software for mid-size organizations
PineappleHR is a cloud based HCM software built specifically for medium sized businesses to manage all their onboarding, HR, and benefits administration needs Meer informatie over PineappleHR
Grant management software for nonprofit and public sector
AmpliFund is the leading grant management software platform, enabling organizations that distribute and receive grant funding to manage every stage of the grant lifecycle, from researching, planning, and awarding, to tracking budget and performance reporting. Meer informatie over AmpliFund
Municipal finance software & services
VADAR Systems provides financial management software and IT solutions for local governments and private sector organizations, such as revenue, clerk, tax lien, billing & collection applications, alongside services for software development, data migration, infrastructure assessment & design, and more Meer informatie over VADAR Systems
BOSS811 - A Cloud based One Call Ticket Management Solution
BOSS811 is Cloud based One Call Ticket Management Solution for manage excavation requests. BOSS811 is easy to use and enables Municipalities, Utilities and Locators increase efficiency and reduce cost. Features include Ticket Mgmt, Routing, Facility Mapping, Mobile Apps, Dashboards and Reporting. Meer informatie over BOSS811
Webgebaseerde software voor gemeentelijk beheer
MuniLogic is een webgebaseerde oplossing voor gemeentelijk beheer die gemeenten en lokale overheden in staat stelt om zakelijke workflows en activa te beheren. Meer informatie over MuniLogic
Public asset management system for utility agencies
CityWorks is a cloud-based solution designed to help local governments manage capital assets, communication, and licensing. The GIS-centric platform lets users record infrastructure data in a geodatabase, monitor historical work, identify associated costs, and schedule preventative maintenance. Meer informatie over CityWorks
Asset management software for government bodies
MaintStar Enterprise Asset Management is a cloud-based software that helps public works bodies manage assets via budgeting, project planning, service request routing, and more. It allows municipality employees to schedule preventive maintenance for facilities, equipment, and vehicles. Meer informatie over MaintStar Enterprise Asset Management
Project accounting for government contractors
PROCAS is a project accounting, web timekeeping & expense reporting solution for DCAA compliance & government contractors which supports accounts payable, accounts receivable, billing, reconciliation, budgeting, GL, job costing, personnel records, & more Meer informatie over PROCAS
Online payment software that integrates revenue sources
System Innovators offers online payment software that integrates multiple revenue sources for governments and utilities through our online cashiering solutions and software. Our products include iNovah, RevenueCollector and CASHIER for Windows. Here at System Innovators, we offer you the very best in online payment software that will meet all of... Meer informatie over iNovah
Government Opportunity Management
Bidspeed is a web-based opportunity management application designed for businesses that sell to the federal government. Bidspeed manages the entire government sales process: research, business development, opportunity and capture management, proposal development and fulfillment, bid / no bid and win / loss tracking. Meer informatie over Bidspeed
Asset Management and Work Order Software
WebDPW™ offers a complete service package for organizations looking to easily automate their operations. Manage your work orders, technicians, inventory and invoices with our easy to use, web-based program. Easily generate Work Orders And Invoices, manage your Assets, Equipment, Projects and Inventory. WebDPW™ also links to the powerful BMSI Fund... Meer informatie over webDPW
All-in-one chamber software solution
Chamber Organizer is an all-in-one chamber software solution, providing web-based software that allows chambers to manage management, handle their website content, and provide their members with a powerful online promotional toolkit. Chamber Organizer can allow you to streamline your operations as well as bring your entire community online by... Meer informatie over Chamber Organizer
Web-based public safety software
Dynamic Public Safety is a web-based public safety software that primarily caters to the needs of law enforcement agencies such as police stations and jails Meer informatie over Dynamic Public Safety
Public Works Solution and Work Order Manager
Comcate is proud to introduce Service Request:mobile and affordable software that helps manage work orders more easily and efficiently, saving your organization time and staff costs. Comcate’s Work Order Manager (WOM) software is an easy-to-use tool to increase the effectiveness of public works staff in the field. Meer informatie over Comcate Service Request
Chamber of Commerce Management System
Xeus is an online CRM product that helps you manage your members, events and your websites all in one place. Most Chambers of Commerce have a website with a directory, a CRM database, and an invoicing accounts package all held separately resulting in 3 times the admin. This wastes time you could be spending engaging with your members and helping... Meer informatie over Xeus
The most complete case management platform ever designed
Receive, prioritise, track, allocate and manage your cases in one location. Applicable for social care, health, insurance, legal and government. Meer informatie over iTouchVision Case Management
Geïntegreerd platform met modulaire pensioenbeheerfuncties
PX3000 is de centrale software-oplossing van Penad dat een modulair platform biedt voor het beheer van internationale pensioenregelingen, op maat gemaakt om te voldoen aan lokale voorschriften. Meer informatie over PX3000
Cloud-based tracking and management of government processes
Dude Solutions' SmartGov simplifies permitting and licensing through a public portal that brings together permit applications, public notices, maps, online payments and more in a single information hub. Meer informatie over SmartGov
Civic data integration & mapping platform
GovClarity is a cloud-based civic data integration and government data mapping solution designed to provide data access, analysis & maintenance of location data Meer informatie over GovClarity
Online community engagement and public participation tools
EngagementHQ, from Bang the Table, is a cloud-based community engagement software suite that is designed to drive public engagement with eight online tools for stimulating general public participation, including EngagementHQ Surveys, Questions, Guestbook, Polls, Places, Ideas, Forums and Stories Meer informatie over EngagementHQ
Municipal management software suite
TownSuite Municipal Software is a cloud-based municipal information management solution designed to meet the needs of municipal governments and provide a single source for all municipal information. The platform offers tools for managing land, assets, service requests, eBills and payments, and more. Meer informatie over TownSuite Municipal
Agenda- en vergaderbeheeroplossing voor lokale overheden.
iCompass is een cloudgebaseerde oplossing voor agenda- en vergaderbeheer die is ontworpen om lokale overheden te helpen doelen te beheren en te bereiken, en operationele efficiëntie, transparantie en verbeterde betrokkenheid bij het publiek te implementeren. De oplossing is bedoeld om handmatige taken te elimineren en kosten te optimaliseren voor... Meer informatie over iCompass
Oplossing voor het beheren en rapporteren van financieringsprestaties
Clear Impact Scorecard is een oplossing voor prestatiebeheer en rapportage die non-profitorganisaties, overheidsinstellingen en ondernemingen helpt gegevens te verzamelen, beheren en beoordelen, en voortgang te boeken bij verschillende financieringsprogramma's. Managers kunnen grafieken aanpassen met behulp van kleurencodes, voorspellingen en... Meer informatie over Clear Impact Scorecard
Simplified records request management
JustFOIA is an intuitive SaaS records request management solution that allows organizations to streamline the request process from intake to delivery. The client-centered technology is designed to help professionals to manage all request activity within a centralized solution. Meer informatie over JustFOIA