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Wereldwijde automatisering van de crediteurenadministratie
Tipalti automatiseert je volledige betalingsadministratie voor leveranciers voor crediteurenorganisaties. Ondersteun internationale betalingen, factuurverwerking, naleving van belastingen en voorschriften voor crediteurenadministratie, betalingsafstemming en rapportage in één holistische cloudoplossing. Bedrijven die Tipalti gebruiken elimineren... Meer informatie over Tipalti AP Automation
Platform for connecting businesses with banks
Corporate-to-Bank Integration Platform is a financial management software designed to help businesses integrate with banks to streamline finance operations. Treasury teams can access multiple back-office systems, payment schemes & other services provided by banking partners from a single platform. Meer informatie over Corporate-to-Bank Integration Platform
Banksysteem voor financiële instellingen en vermogensbeheerders
Corniche is een cloudgebaseerd banksysteem dat banken en financiële dienstverleners helpt bij het verwerken, documenteren en naleven van betalingen. De belangrijkste kenmerken zijn onder andere commodity brokerage, records management, escrow-betalingen, renteverwerking en transactiebeheer. Meer informatie over Corniche
Online bankieren voor financiële instellingen
NexorONE is een platform voor online bankieren dat een verscheidenheid aan modules biedt die verschillende financiële instellingen ondersteunen. De cloudgebaseerde software helpt bij transactiebeheer, stelt gebruikers in staat internationale overschrijvingen te verzenden, werkt als een betalingsplatform en stelt klanten in staat online te... Meer informatie over NexorONE
Protect your company from Invoice & Wire Fraud...for FREE.
Email Shield for Outlook 365 allows you to take control of payments fraud and business email compromise. Stops phishing attacks, prevents invoice and wire transfer fraud. Uses machine learning, artificial intelligence, known fraudster database, hundreds of intelligent rules. Meer informatie over Fraud.net
Enterprise-grade loan servicing software
The Nortridge Loan System is a flexible servicing platform that enables highly configurable loans, multiple product lines & expansion to additional markets Meer informatie over The Nortridge Loan System
Oplossing voor automatisering van crediteuren en betalingen
MineralTree Invoice-to-Pay is een end-to-end automatiseringsoplossing voor crediteuren die het hele proces van factuur tot betaling automatiseert met behulp van bestaande crediteurenworkflows. Belangrijke functies omvatten het automatisch vastleggen van facturen, geavanceerde routering van facturen, autorisaties onderweg, elektronische betalingen... Meer informatie over MineralTree Invoice-to-Pay
Cloudgebaseerde software voor het onderhoud van leningen
AutoPal Software is cloudgebaseerde software voor het onderhoud van leningen die functionaliteiten biedt zoals geautomatiseerde communicatie, het bijhouden van betalingen, betalingsherinneringen en meer. Meer informatie over AutoPal
Flexible loan servicing software for small lenders
The Loan Office is a loan servicing system designed for small lenders, including mortgage lenders, consumer finance lenders, hard-money lenders & note servicers Meer informatie over The Loan Office
Liberate Your AP
AvidXchange is the industry leader in automating invoice and payment processes for mid-market companies. Founded in the year 2000, AvidXchange processed 9.5 million payments last year across its network of more than 500,000 suppliers, transforming the way customers pay their bills. Meer informatie over AvidXchange
Compliance management and fraud prevention software
Alessa is a controls monitoring and fraud prevention solution that provides early risk detection and the ability to investigate, track and resolve unusual or suspicious activities - all to maintain compliance and reduce revenue losses. Meer informatie over Alessa
Cloud-based core banking software for the finance industry
Temenos Transact is a cloud-based and on-premise core banking software, which enables corporate, retail, or private banks and credit unions to create and deploy financial products, securely process transactions, and manage accounts and deposits on a centralized platform Meer informatie over Temenos Transact
Online kredietverstrekkingssysteem voor P2P-, flits-, micro- en particuliere leningen
Dankzij de nieuwste technologie voor kredietrisicobeheer en automatisering van kredietverstrekking van Turnkey Lender kunnen zelfs kleine online kredietverstrekkers met succes concurreren met banken. Meer informatie over Turnkey Lender
Online banking software for small & medium sized banks
EBANQ® is a web-based, mobile-ready online banking system for small banks, savings & loans, credit unions, trust companies, and client fund managing companies Meer informatie over EBANQ
Bookkeeping solution for equine industries
Cloud-based bookkeeping software for equine industries that streamlines billing and payments between horse vendors and owners Meer informatie over Horsebills
Bankplatform voor kredietportefeuillebeheerders.
BankPoint is een cloudgebaseerde oplossing die is ontworpen om banken, beheerders van kredietportefeuillebeheerders en niet-bancaire kredietverstrekkers zoals hedgefondsen, private equity-groepen en hard-money kredietverstrekkers te helpen bij het automatiseren van processen voor convenanttracering, kredietgoedkeuring, due diligence, real estate... Meer informatie over BankPoint
Core processing software for community banks
FPS GOLD Core Processing is a core banking solution designed for community banks with tools for CRM, deposit management, loan planning, accounting & more Meer informatie over FPS GOLD Core Processing
Loan origination & servicing platform
LoanCirrus is a loan management platform that helps lenders manage loan operations from anywhere, offering a range of configurable features for any business Meer informatie over LoanCirrus
Loan origination system
DecisionLender4 is a highly configurable loan origination solution for banks, credit unions and finance companies. Meer informatie over DecisionLender4
International bank transfer platform for SMBs
Covercy is an international bank transfer platform designed to provide individuals & SMBs with a secure & easy way to transfer money abroad Meer informatie over Covercy
CRM for financial advisors in Canada
Sticky Advisor is a Canadian financial advisor CRM that helps automate daily activities, keep up-to-date records of clients, and manage contacts from anywhere Meer informatie over Sticky Advisor
Oplossing voor betalingsbeheer
Canopus EpaySuite is een webgebaseerde oplossing voor het beheren van betalingen en biedt functies voor het wisselen van valuta, geldoverdracht, mobiele en internetbetalingen. Meer informatie over Canopus EpaySuite
Platform that enables apps to connect with bank accounts
Plaid is a technology platform which allows users to create connections between applications and bank accounts to authenticate accounts, check balances in real time, verify identities, validate income, pull transaction data, and verify borrower assets Meer informatie over Plaid
Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Compliance Solution
MemberCheck is a service designed specifically for non-bank financial industries to allow reporting entities to comply with Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Terrorism Financing legislation in an efficient and cost effective manner. It utilises the most detailed and accurate global list, available today, of Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs),... Meer informatie over MemberCheck
Lending software for loan origination & risk management
Validis is a lending software for loan origination & risk management which enables SMBs to extract, standardize & analyze financial data simply & effectively Meer informatie over Validis
Mobile banking solution for financial institutions
Bankingly is a cloud-based solution designed to help financial institutions automate online banking processes via iOS and Android mobile applications. It lets users manage credit card and loan payments across multiple locations. Meer informatie over Bankingly
Web-based loan management software
Lacoda is an online loan servicing software solution for lenders and servicers to manage loan portfolios of any size Meer informatie over Lacoda
Bank reconciliation software for SMBs
AutoRec is a bank reconciliation software for accountants and bookkeepers. AutoRec scans paper & PDF statements to accurately extract data. Meer informatie over OCRex AutoRec
Softwareoplossing voor financieel beheer voor het MKB
CAPIX is een cloudgebaseerde softwareoplossing voor financieel en beleggingsbeheer die het MKB in staat stelt om de bedrijfsfinanciën en investeringsactiviteiten effectief en efficiënt te beheren. Meer informatie over CAPIX
Remittance & instant money transfer payment automation
Canopus Money Transfer is an integrated web based solution designed to help financial institutes automate remittance & instant money transfer payment systems Meer informatie over Canopus Money Transfer
Software voor online bankieren met ondersteuning voor meerdere valuta en cryptovaluta
Revogear is een modulaire, schaalbare softwaresuite voor online bankieren die is gebouwd om particuliere internationale banken, instellingen voor elektronisch geld en instellingen voor betalingsverleners te helpen bij het beheer van elektronische geldbetalingen en internationale overschrijvingen. Het omvat ondersteuning voor meerdere valuta en... Meer informatie over IvyPay
Mobile banking software services for banks
CAVU is a white label mobile banking solution which allows banking businesses to create and manage custom mobile apps for online banking. Features of CAVU apps include account management, bill transfers, loan management, goal setting and tracking, a branch locator, and payment scheduling. Meer informatie over CAVU
Analyze. Trade. Evolve.
MotiveWave's Charting, Technical Analysis and Trading Platform is designed to make market analysis, strategy development and trading easier. Advanced easy-to-use charts support a wide variety of analysis techniques including: Elliott Wave Theory, Fibonacci, Gann, Gartley, Linear Regressions, Advanced Commentary, General Analysis (Channels, Trend... Meer informatie over MotiveWave
Scoring model development tool
Plug&Score is a scoring model development tool for building and managing scorecards as fast and easy as possible. Plug&Score can be used at all stages of the decision-making cycle from loan origination to debt collection, helping customers to grow their business through better lending decisions. Designed for business users and not for... Meer informatie over Plug and Score
Financial crime risk management
We are focused on the financial industry, transforming how banks, credit unions and thrifts serve their tech savvy customers. Choose Fiserv as your partner to gain vital, innovative technology expertise in information management products, services, and practices. Our Financial Crime Risk Management solutions reside on a common platform featuring... Meer informatie over Fiserv
Procesgestuurde CRM voor banken en financiële instellingen
Krachtige CRM voor banken en financiële instellingen om de winstgevendheid te vergroten, klantenbehoud te stimuleren en elke stap van klantinteracties op efficiënte wijze te beheren. Meer informatie over Financial Services Creatio
Lending innovation starts here
Cloud Lending Solutions is a cloud-based, end-to-end lending platform delivering innovation to the global lending community. Cloud Lending Solutions’ single system of record is the market leading cloud solution that enables clients to take back control of their business by quickly implementing, extending, and digitizing the entire lending... Meer informatie over Cloud Lending Solutions
Mobile, integrated loan origination platform
Zoot's advanced loan origination solution helps streamline processes with tools and integrations that help reduce data entry and accelerate processing times Meer informatie over Zoot Origination
The world's #1 CRM, reimagined for financial services.
Financial Services Cloud allows financial services teams to access actionable client insights & deliver personalized advice across any channel or device Meer informatie over Financial Services Cloud
Security and compliance solution for financial institutions
Tandem is a security and compliance solution designed to help small to large financial institutions manage audits, business continuity planning, compliance, risk assessment, social media and vendors. The platform enables users to create role-based access and custom workflows using built-in programs. Meer informatie over Tandem
Digital banking platform for banks and credit unions
Q2 is a cloud-based mobile banking platform, which assists banks and credit unions with customer experience management and compliance. Key features include payment processing, process automation, data mapping, transaction monitoring, data security, fraud mitigation, and analytics. Meer informatie over Q2 Platform
Video banking solution for financial insitutions
Kuber Video Banking is a cloud-based solution designed to help financial institutions manage mobile banking processes by connecting customers with bank executives. It lets clients interact with bankers using mobile devices across multiple locations to streamline customer onboarding & engagement. Meer informatie over Kuber
Account opening & funding transactions management solution
XpressAccounts is an account opening & funding transactions management solution, which helps financial institutions manage identity verification, OFAC (Office of Foreign Assets Control) checks, account creation, and more. It lets customers apply for deposit accounts and e-sign documents online. Meer informatie over XpressAccounts
Transactiebeheeroplossing voor bedrijven.
Isabel 6 is een cloudgebaseerde oplossing voor betalingsbeheer, ontworpen om organisaties te helpen transacties te beheren voor meerdere bedrijfsaccounts. Tot de belangrijkste functies behoren het delen van gegevens, beheer van gebruikersgroepen, het volgen van de cashflow, op rollen gebaseerde machtigingen, controlesporen, e-mailmeldingen en... Meer informatie over Isabel 6
Klanteninformatie voor banken
Imagyn.ai is een end-to-end door AI (kunstmatige intelligentie) en machine learning ondersteund raamwerk voor banken dat klanteninformatie biedt om strategische besluitvorming te ondersteunen. De gegevensinzichten helpen bedrijven in de banksector om een verbeterde klantervaring te bieden. Meer informatie over Imagyn.ai
Cloud-native core banking engine
Ohpen is a cloud-native core banking platform that offers modules for managing investment and savings accounts, processing payments, preventing fraud, managing users, managing clients, and more. The platform can be configured to meet business needs and connected to the user’s frontend via API. Meer informatie over Ohpen