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Het enige complete platform voor SOA, SaaS-integratie en API's
Anypoint Platform™ is een uniform, flexibel integratieplatform dat de meest uitdagende verbindingsproblemen oplost. Het stelt bedrijven in staat om bedrijfstransformatie te realiseren via op API gebaseerde connectiviteit, op een gemakkelijke manier. Meer informatie over Anypoint Platform
Flexibiliteit begint met 's werelds meest flexibele servicebus voor ondernemingen.
Een servicebus voor ondernemingen is een belangrijke basislaag voor bedrijven die de principes van SOA willen gebruiken om de waarde van bestaande systemen en toepassingen te ontgrendelen en nieuwe toe te voegen voor flexibiliteit en agility. Wanneer het Mule runtime-systeem wordt ingezet als een ESB, voert het een gegevens- en... Meer informatie over Mule ESB
Collaboration & content management platform
SharePoint is a collaboration & content management platform which can be used to build portals, collaboration sites, & also content management sites Meer informatie over SharePoint
Develop enterprise & customer-facing apps
Salesforce App Cloud is a platform for developing enterprise & customer-facing apps to store data, connect to any system, automate processes, and create reports. App Cloud is a single, unified ecosystem of tools and services including Force, Heroku Enterprise, and Lightning. Meer informatie over Salesforce App Cloud
Codeless app platform, mobile apps and forms
Snappii mobile app builder helps you to build and customize powerful mobile business apps with no programming or coding needed in DAYS. Meer informatie over Snappii
The easiest way to build online database apps
Knack is the easiest way to build online database apps to power your business or organization: - SIMPLE: no I.T. required. - CUSTOM: build a custom app for your specific needs. - POWERFUL: forms, searches, calendars, user log-ins and more. - MOBILE: all Knack apps work great on any mobile device. We consider our world-class support a Knack... Meer informatie over Knack
Better Integrations through Intelligent Automations
Enterprise-grade cloud integration platform that helps you automate your business. Easily create powerful workflows across apps without a need for IT. Meer informatie over Workato
Widest application monitoring support for enterprises & SMBs
Applications Manager is a complete performance monitoring solution, for SMBs as well as large enterprises. Meer informatie over Applications Manager
Wealth management and optimization platform
Macroaxis uses power of Mathematics to analyze investments and offer various tweaks to increase the returns, help to diversify portfolios and reduce risk. Our suggestion module synthetically manufactures efficient portfolios out of your existing portfolios based on market risk reduction through examining of asset correlation and utilizing... Meer informatie over Macroaxis
Webuzo Application Manager
Webuzo is a LAMP Stack and a Single User Control Panel which helps you deploy Apps on your server, virtual machine or in the cloud. Webuzo enables you to focus more on using applications rather than maintaining them. Webuzo is also available in the form of Virtual Appliances. Meer informatie over Webuzo
Mobile web experience management
Choice middleware works with the browser to give your Web server, access to the same data as a native mobile app. This enables organizations to programmatically manage the mobile Web experience in real time by optimizing performance, privacy and personalization. Meer informatie over Choice
The best place to deploy your Spring applications
MuleSoft's Tcat Server is enterprise Tomcat made simple — a fully supported Apache Tomcat server that allows developers to easily build and test today’s connected Web applications, and that simplifies Tomcat management and application provisioning tasks for administrators. Tcat Server is built on 100% Tomcat, with no changes to the core Tomcat... Meer informatie over Tcat Server
Mobile website optimization platform
Go mobile with Moovweb, the complete mobile solution! The Moovweb platform rebuilds your existing website on-the-fly to deliver a mobile optimized website or application for iPhone, Android or BlackBerry. Our technology frees you from the complexities of mobile, and let you focus on your core business. Your site will not just be converted to... Meer informatie over Moovweb
Online virtual tours sales & creation
Build and sell virtual tours online. Impress with immersive interactive panoramas, add graphical floor plans, interactive radar, clickable hotspots to move from between rooms. Embed your virtual tours easily into any website and take advantage of robust, fast and reliable hosting on 360cities.net. Feature your panoramas in Google Earth for free... Meer informatie over Immersive Tour Builder
Location-based mobile marketing solution
GET A MOBILE APPLICATION THAT BRINGS CUSTOMERS TO YOUR BUSINESS BranchMaps offers local businesses a branded mobile check-in and coupons application that brings customers to their storefront. Your mobile application will: * Show your customers where they are on a map * Locate the closest branch of your business * Provide a simple Click-to-call... Meer informatie over BranchMaps.com
Mobile Enterprise Application Platform, HTML5 Enterprise App
End-to-end enterprise app solution. Unify data from all on-premise and cloud sources with plug-and-play Connectors, and build low-code mobile-first HTML5 apps. Meer informatie over Mobility Portal Server
Mobile commerce app development platform
MobStac is mobile commerce platform for developers and agencies to create exceptional apps for e-commerce businesses and consumer brands across iOS, Android and Windows. Our native SDKs let developers enable in-app payments in over 100 currencies and catalog sync between your desktop e-commerce site and mobile app. Our platform works with your... Meer informatie over MobStac