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Accurate and actionable sales & marketing intelligence data
Based on a database of over 150,000 companies, DiscoverOrg provides sales, marketing and HR teams data, insights and tools to contact the right prospects at the right moment with the right message. Meer informatie over DiscoverOrg
Leading Marketing Orchestration Platform for the Enterprise
Percolate is purpose-built to help marketers deliver coordinated, efficient, and intelligent campaigns and content at scale. Meer informatie over Percolate
Data collection software for market research
A data collection software that provides organizations with telephone, face-2-face, and internet research from one centralized cloud-platform Meer informatie over Dub InterViewer
Marketing automation and analytics
LeadLander is a marketing automation software and marketing analytics tool that optimizes ROI on both inbound and outbound marketing efforts. With LeadLander you can use data gathered from website performance and user behavior to drive targeted campaigns and capture new leads. LeadLander's cloud-based marketing application offers four core... Meer informatie over LeadLander
Customer lifecycle intelligence
SalesPredict combines predictive analytics with your CRM & marketing automation data and outside data to provide you with Customer Lifecycle Intelligence Meer informatie over SalesPredict
Cloud-based customer reference management platform
ReferenceEdge is a cloud-based customer reference management system which operates as a native Salesforce application to help track, search & request references Meer informatie over ReferenceEdge
Sarbacane® - Emailing, SMS, automation & conseils marketing
Sarbacane est une solution d'emailing & de SMS marketing pour les plus ambitieux, qui veulent réussir et être en conformité avec la RGPD. Meer informatie over Sarbacane
Identity resolution and marketing data onboarding software
LiveRamp is a cloud-based onboarding application designed to collect, organize and connect customer data to marketing and media platforms. Meer informatie over LiveRamp IdentityLink
Aggregated marketing dashboard
MetricPulse is a Web-based software application for Web site owners and Internet marketers that aggregates and organizes a series of critical Internet metrics into one simple and powerful dashboard. Like an automobile’s dashboard provides information to a driver, MetricPulse tracks and transmits key information to marketers. The product was... Meer informatie over MetricPulse
Customer buying experience
Storyworks On Demand is a presentation and sales enablement software designed to auto sync all related files to the cloud and mass content updates via one centralized document. Storyworks allows you to create major or minor content updates on spreadsheets, word docs or presentations via the Storyworks On Demand dashboard and all data is fully... Meer informatie over Storyworks On Demand
Helping brands create content
Newscred is an online content marketing and marketing analytics platform that enables you to distribute marketing data and view real-time reports based on the effectiveness of the content and marketing channels. Newscred enables you to plan, source, discover, publish, share and measure all of your content via the one dashboard. Newscred comes in... Meer informatie over NewsCred
Marketing performance management for Salesforce marketing
Full Circle Response Management provides marketing teams with visibility into their Salesforce Marketing Cloud data to increase campaign performance & revenue Meer informatie over Full Circle Response Management
Real-time competitive intelligence software for SMBs
CompeteShark is a competitive intelligence platform which enables digital marketers to track content changes, A/B tests & performance levels of competing brands Meer informatie over CompeteShark