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Advertentie-analyseplatform voor online marketeers
Automatiseer je marketingrapportage en profiteer altijd van een up-to-date dashboard met al je advertentie- en conversiegegevens. Integraties op alle advertentieplatforms. Meer informatie over Funnel
Dell Boomi is een 100% native cloudintegratieplatform. Stelt organisaties in staat om bedrijfsprocessen te automatiseren en het aangesloten bedrijf op te bouwen in een interface met slepen en neerzetten zonder codering. Meer informatie over Dell Boomi
Uitgebreid platform voor automatisering en beheer van de API-levenscyclus
DreamFactory is een oplossing voor aanpassing, beveiliging, publicatie en beheer voor de volledige levenscyclus van een API, waarmee bedrijven van elke omvang herbruikbare en veilige API's met functies zoals scripting op de server, live API-documenten, beheerdersconsole en meer kunnen beheren, creëren en implementeren. Meer informatie over DreamFactory
Aggregatietool voor marketinggegevens
Improvado is een aggregatietool voor marketinggegevens waarmee gebruikers verbinding kunnen maken met een reeks marketingplatforms en tools voor business intelligence (BI), zonder hulp van ontwikkelaars. Meer informatie over Improvado
Geïntegreerd integratieplatform voor SaaS
Cyclr is een ingebouwd integratieplatform (geïntegreerde IPaaS) voor SaaS-toepassingen die ontwikkelaars een API-connectiviteitsoplossing geeft voor de gebruikers van hun toepassing. Meer informatie over Cyclr
Public cloud computing platform
The Microsoft Azure Platform enables businesses to run critical applications with a higher performance-price ratio by running them on the services platforms data centers on a pay-as-you-go basis Meer informatie over Microsoft Azure
Het enige complete platform voor SOA, SaaS-integratie en API's
Anypoint Platform™ is een uniform, flexibel integratieplatform dat de meest uitdagende verbindingsproblemen oplost. Het stelt bedrijven in staat om bedrijfstransformatie te realiseren via op API gebaseerde connectiviteit, op een gemakkelijke manier. Meer informatie over Anypoint Platform
Coding APIs for adding telephony, SMS & 911 calling to apps
Bandwidth offers a suite of API products for businesses and developers wanting to add voice calling, secured 2FA text messaging (SMS), MMS or 9-1-1 emergency call connectivity to software and applications, while also accessing SIP trunking, routing, address verification and number porting services Meer informatie over Bandwidth
Bookkeeping on auto-pilot with real-time AI mobile apps
Veryfi is AI mobile software which automates data entry of receipts, expenses, data feeds & project with advanced tax coding categorization using machine learning. Veryfi is your ideal partner to connect your team in the field with the office for smarter real-time decision making. Meer informatie over Veryfi - AI bookkeeper
Data capture software for invoices, bills and receipts
Datamolino extracts data from receipts, bills and invoices for export into accounting software without the need for manual data entry Meer informatie over Datamolino
cloud PMS & on-premise PMS, browser & windows hotel software
Maestro PMS is a cloud-based or on-premise property and hotel management solution designed to meet the operational needs of multiproperty hotels, resorts and conference centers with 20 feature modules across web booking, check-in, yield management, work orders, sales, membership, analytics and more Meer informatie over Maestro PMS
Deliver faster with a virtualized API integration platform
Cloud Elements offers the only virtualized API integration platform offering normalized methods for unique endpoints and data models. Normalized methods enable one-to-many integration and canonical data models for core functions, and reduce the pain, cost, and complexity of API integration. Meer informatie over Cloud Elements
API Management Solutions & Infrastructure
3scale (http://www.3scale.net) provides an Out-of-the-Box API Management solution enabling Tech Startups, SMBs, and Fortune500 to securely distribute, operate, manage and monetize their APIs to 3rd parties (e.g. Internal or external developers, business partners, etc). API providers benefit with 3scale of a unique suite of services available... Meer informatie over 3scale
We Connect You Grow
APPSeCONNECT is an intelligent iPaaS which easily interconnects your business applications. Meer informatie over APPSeCONNECT
API management and integration software
OpenLegacy is a hybrid integration platform which specializes in extending on-premise and legacy systems to the web, cloud, or mobile with microservice-based APIs. Government, financial services, insurance, and a range of other industries are supported in modernizing their legacy applications. Meer informatie over OpenLegacy
On-demand API infrastructure
Using Mashery's on-demand API infrastructure you can manage your API for simplified partner access, monitor API activity to ensure stability and performance, and collaborate with and support your development community. Meer informatie over TIBCO Mashery
Cloud storage API
Kloudless is a cloud storage API for developers. The RESTful API lets you build multiple cloud storage services into your app with one code. Meer informatie over Kloudless
Integration, data and file transfer management
Axway 5 Suite is a cloud-based integration and data flow management software that provides a variety of options to help govern the flow of data within your enterprise and beyond. With the Axway 5 Suite platform, you can manage data transfers between different business entities and manage your existing and new API technologies while minimizing... Meer informatie over Axway 5 Suite
Connect apps, data and devices with a cloud-based platform
Cloudhub is the platform-as-a-service (PaaS) component of Anypoint Platform. It provides a providing fully-managed, highly secure, multi-tenanted, highly available global platform for integration and APIs. With continuous software updates and no hardware to maintain, CloudHub delivers the benefits of true cloud-based integration. Meer informatie over CloudHub
API for creating PDF and XLS files
DocRaptor is a document conversion API that converts code, such as HTML and PHP, into easily shared PDF & Excel documents Meer informatie over DocRaptor
Expense and claims management solution for finance teams
Innovo Xpense is a cloud-based expense management solution which assists finance departments, sales teams and office managers with receipt capture and claim filing. Key features of the platform include tax management, image processing, a transaction database, compliance control & data import/export. Meer informatie over Innovo Xpense