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Webgebaseerde en volledig aanpasbare software voor bibliotheekautomatisering
Mandarin is een webgebaseerd beheersysteem voor bibliotheken, gericht op kleinere privé- en openbare voorzieningen met ondersteuning voor catalogisering, circulatie en voorraadbeheer. Meer informatie over Mandarin
Automation software for library management & promotion
Alexandria is a centralized library software solution for managing and cataloging libraries, giving patrons the ability to search resources from any location Meer informatie over Alexandria
Web based library automation system for all sized libraries
Evolve Library is a cloud-based library management system designed for use by school, public, academic, and specialist libraries of varying sizes. The software offers a range of modules covering acquisitions, catalog, circulation, and periodicals, and can be accessed through any web-enabled device. Meer informatie over Evolve Library
School library management system
Accessit Library is a web-based library management system for schools which enables the recording & searching of all teaching resources, including video & audio content. The platform offers Z39.50 cataloguing, intelligent search, engaging dashboards, integrations with existing IT systems, and more. Meer informatie over Accessit Library
Knowledge, content & library management solution
Liberty is a web-based knowledge management & library automation solution which enables the management of all physical, virtual & electronic library resources Meer informatie over Liberty
Integrated library automation system for public libraries
Apollo is an integrated library system (ILS) designed to help public libraries streamline operations related to e-items collection, circulation, cataloging, and more. It facilitates integration with products and services, allowing patrons to access or download e-items from within the cloud platform. Meer informatie over Apollo
Library automation solution
LibraryWorld is a cloud-based library automation solution which allows users to catalog their collection and manage circulation, patrons, inventory, and more. An online patron access catalog (OPAC) allows patrons to search the collection, and native iPhone & iPad apps provide access from anywhere. Meer informatie over LibraryWorld
Library management system
VERSO is a cloud-based and on-premise library management solution designed to help public libraries of all sizes search, manage and share resources. Key features include search history tracking, patron management, request generation, copy cataloging, offline access, and reporting. Meer informatie over VERSO
Integrated library solution & knowledge management platform
Lucidea's SydneyEnterprise is an integrated library solution (ILS) with automated knowledge management features for cataloging, circulation and online search Meer informatie over SydneyEnterprise
Catalog & lending management solution
Aura Online is a library management system that supports almost any content, including online digital content. The platform can be used for all types of collections, both small and large, & offers features such as near labeling, attractive imagery, versatile file sharing, & more Meer informatie over Aura Online