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Mandarin is een webgebaseerd beheersysteem voor bibliotheken, gericht op kleinere privé- en openbare voorzieningen met ondersteuning voor catalogisering, circulatie en voorraadbeheer. Meer informatie over Mandarin
Surpass is a library automation software designed to help public, corporate, church, museum, and school libraries handle cataloging and circulation of books. The integrated patron management module enables administrators to import patron lists, create photo ID cards, and automatically send email reminders and payment overdue messages to users. Meer informatie over Surpass
ResourceMate is a library automation software designed to help businesses across various industry verticals, such as public libraries, schools, museums, government institutions, non-profit organizations, and more. Supervisors can catalog available resources, import or export MARC files, and maintain a record of textbooks. Meer informatie over ResourceMate
Alexandria is een gecentraliseerde bibliotheeksoftwareoplossing voor het beheren en catalogiseren van bibliotheken die klanten de mogelijkheid geeft om vanaf elke locatie bronnen te doorzoeken. Meer informatie over Alexandria
Evolve Library is een cloudgebaseerd bibliotheekbeheersysteem dat is ontworpen voor gebruik door schoolbibliotheken, openbare, academische en gespecialiseerde bibliotheken van verschillende omvang. De software biedt een reeks modules met betrekking tot acquisities, catalogi, circulatie en tijdschriften en is toegankelijk via elk apparaat met... Meer informatie over Evolve Library
LibLime Koha is a web-based and open-source library automation software designed to help libraries of all types and sizes manage patrons, book clubs, reading groups, and other community outreach programs. Administrators can configure access permissions for staff members. Meer informatie over Koha ILS
Insignia Library System is a library automation software that helps businesses circulate, track, and manage library items. Key features include cataloging, inventory management, collection analysis, federated search, and reporting. Meer informatie over Insignia Library System
Liberty is a web-based knowledge management & library automation solution which enables the management of all physical, virtual & electronic library resources Meer informatie over Liberty
Accessit Library is a web-based library management system for schools which enables the recording & searching of all teaching resources, including video & audio content. The platform offers Z39.50 cataloguing, intelligent search, engaging dashboards, integrations with existing IT systems, and more. Meer informatie over Access-It Library
Handy Library Manager is a library automation software designed to help small to midsize school, church, community, business or public libraries manage book catalogs, generate reports, check-in/out items, maintain a database of records, and more. Professionals can preview and print ID cards and barcode or spine labels according to requirements. Meer informatie over Handy Library Manager
ps-biblio is one of the leading software solutions for managing libraries in German-speaking countries. It runs on all Windows 10 platforms and is supports Microsoft SQL Server. Meer informatie over ps-biblio
Lucidea Integrated Library Systems (including SydneyEnterprise and GeniePlus) is an integrated library solution (ILS) with automated knowledge management features for cataloging, circulation and online search. Meer informatie over Lucidea Integrated Library Systems
LibraryWorld is a cloud-based library automation solution which allows users to catalog their collection and manage circulation, patrons, inventory, and more. An online patron access catalog (OPAC) allows patrons to search the collection, and native iPhone & iPad apps provide access from anywhere. Meer informatie over LibraryWorld
Apollo is een ILS (Integrated Library System) dat is ontworpen om openbare bibliotheken te helpen bij het stroomlijnen van activiteiten met betrekking tot het verzamelen, verspreiden, catalogiseren en meer van e-items. Het vergemakkelijkt integratie met producten en services, waardoor klanten vanuit het cloudplatform toegang hebben tot e-items of... Meer informatie over Apollo
Storetraffic is a web-based footfall counting software designed to help retail stores, libraries, casinos, large events, places of worship, community centers, and other physical locations monitor, calculate, and manage the crowd and occupant density of the premises. Meer informatie over T.M.A.S.
Easylib is a library services platform that reduces costs, increases user satisfaction, and gets single-window search. This platform includes physical library management, digital library management, and visitor management in one place. Meer informatie over Easylib Library Automation Software
Sierra is a library automation system that helps private and public libraries manage electronic resource materials, circulation, cataloging, and more via a unified platform. The application enables employees to customize workflows, manage library acquisitions, track print serials, and configure recurring tasks. Meer informatie over Sierra
VERSO is a cloud-based and on-premise library management solution designed to help public libraries of all sizes search, manage and share resources. Key features include search history tracking, patron management, request generation, copy cataloging, offline access, and reporting. Meer informatie over VERSO
SoutronGLOBAL is a client-driven company and supplier of cloud-based library, archive, knowledge, and information management solutions for special libraries and corporate information centers. Meer informatie over Soutron Global
Aura Online: betaalbare bibliotheeksoftware voor het beheren, toegankelijk maken en uitlenen van alle soorten media; van boeken, tijdschriften en documenten tot en met speelgoedartikelen, kunstvoorwerpen, apparatuur of technologische hulpmiddelen. Meer informatie over Aura Online
BVS supports all librarian processes, including cataloging, lending, purchasing, accounting, reader management, and statistical reporting. The software is network compatible with Microsoft Windows operating systems. BVS can also automatically catalog information using external data. Meer informatie over BVS
LiBRARY.online is a database for library media and literature. The basic module enables automatic categorization and duplicate checks as well as different searches, including the full text of PDF documents. Meer informatie over LiBRARY.online
Based on PHP, OpenBiblio is a platform-independent software for private and public libraries. It can be used to manage media content and loans and also handles user and employee data. This program is used by many smaller libraries and archives around the world. Meer informatie over OpenBiblio
WinBook is a library automation software that records media, manages loans, and allows managers to define their own media types. Cataloging is aided by Internet ISBN media searches and the software supports scanners and webcams for reading media covers. Meer informatie over WinBook
Perpustakaan is library software with which private individuals, schools, libraries, authorities, and associations can systematically manage their books. The software app prioritizes functionality, clarity, and user-friendliness. Meer informatie over Perpustakaan
libreja is a web-based software package for managing libraries of all sizes. The application makes it possible to view the entire media inventory online and includes other functions, such as user and catalog administration and a lending system. Meer informatie over libreja
Terentia is a modern, cloud-native, Software as a Service (SaaS) platform designed to meet today's expanding digital needs. Meer informatie over Terentia
Bibliovation is een cloudgebaseerde softwareoplossing die is ontworpen om een geïntegreerde zoekmachine voor bibliothecarissen te bieden. Door meerdere database-zoekopdrachten samen te brengen, probeert de software onderzoek en registratie te stroomlijnen. Het platform biedt volledige MARC21-compatibiliteit en mobiele toegang. Meer informatie over Bibliovation
WhoFi provides a cloud-based WiFi analytics reporting tool that enables libraries and other community spaces to gather and display data about WiFi usage. Meer informatie over WiFi Analytics

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