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Als de vertrouwde leider op het gebied van analyse, helpt Tableau mensen en organisaties meer datagestuurd te werk te gaan. Meer informatie over Tableau
Talend Data Fabric biedt één suite apps waarmee ondernemingen gegevens kunnen verzamelen, beheren, transformeren en delen, waardoor gebruikers de tijd tot vertrouwde gegevens kunnen verkorten. Meer dan 4250 organisaties over de hele wereld hebben voor Talend gekozen om hen te helpen al hun onbewerkte gegevens om te zetten in betrouwbare gegevens. Meer informatie over Talend Data Fabric
Dataedo is a data catalog and database documentation tool. It supports metadata management and data governance through data dictionaries, business glossaries, database diagrams, data profiling, data lineage, and more. Meer informatie over Dataedo
K2View biedt Global 2000-bedrijven een operationele datastructuur die erop is gericht om klantervaringen persoonlijk en winstgevend te maken. Meer informatie over K2View
DvSum is a cloud-based data intelligence platform designed to help data and analytics teams discover, monitor, and govern data. Using AI-enabled algorithms, DvSum can automatically classify and curate data to create an actionable data catalog for enterprises. Meer informatie over DvSum
Atlan is a cloud-based data workspace solution designed to help businesses manage their entire data ecosystem, with tools for data discovery, quality profile generation & automatic lineage construction. The query builder allows non-technical users to query across data lakes, databases & warehouses. Meer informatie over Atlan
Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) software designed to assist businesses of all sizes with threat detection and protection, virtual machine hosting, file storage, data transfer, database management, and more. Meer informatie over Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)
Collibra is a cloud-based integrated data management platform that helps users get more value from their data. It includes data catalogs, flexible governance, and continuous quality control capabilities that allow staff members to take action on data to put health in the hands of analysts and researchers. It helps employees identify data quality... Meer informatie over Collibra
Azure Data Catalog is a cloud-based data governance software that helps users organize and manage their data assets. It provides tools to help team members create policies, manage access to data, and give insights into what's happening with the database. The software helps enterprises by providing a centralized location for managing all of the... Meer informatie over Azure Data Catalog
Ataccama ONE is a cloud-based and on-premise data management solution that helps businesses in healthcare, transportation, telecommunications, banking, insurance, financial services, and other sectors handle data catalogs, quality, and classification processes from a centralized platform. It lets staff members consolidate all data sources into one... Meer informatie over Ataccama ONE
OvalEdge is a cloud-based data cataloging and governance solution that helps businesses in healthcare, finance, hospitality, manufacturing, IT, management consulting, and other sectors streamline data lineage, literacy, and compliance operations. It utilizes AI and algorithms to handle data quality and accessibility processes. It enables employees... Meer informatie over OvalEdge
Eén plek om gegevens te vinden, te begrijpen, te vertrouwen en eraan samen te werken, waardoor de barrières worden weggenomen die afkomstig zijn van enorme hoeveelheden gegevens, complexe omgevingen en organisatorische silo's. Meer informatie over Alation
IBM Watson Knowledge Catalog is a cloud-based data management solution, which provides features such as automatic business term assignment, data quality visualization, column filtering, search recommendations, global search, data protection rules, and workflow history. Meer informatie over IBM Watson Knowledge Catalog
Qlik Catalog is a cloud-based and on-premise data management solution that helps businesses collect as well as find relevant data, handle datasets, and visualize information from a unified platform. The software lets users gain access to the source as well as the journeys of multiple datasets. It enables staff members to manage information such as... Meer informatie over Qlik Catalog
data.world is a cloud-based metadata management software that helps businesses in streamlining data discovery, governance, and analysis processes. The platform can be used to organize data into charts, graphs, and reports. It also allows users to search for specific terms within documents which is helpful when they want to find particular... Meer informatie over data.world

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