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N.Rich is een cloudgebaseerd platform dat speciaal is ontworpen om de juiste advertentietools te bieden aan groeigerichte bedrijven, ABM-overstappers (Account-Based Marketing) en prestatiegerichte commerciële teams. Meer informatie over N.Rich
AdButler is een oplossing voor advertentiebeheer die bedrijven helpt bij het ontwerpen, starten en beheren van advertentiecampagnes. Met het platform kunnen gebruikers de interface personaliseren met aangepaste branding en een aangepast domein gebruiken voor het hosten van advertenties en voor het verlenen van toegang tot de administratie. Meer informatie over AdButler
Scibids helps businesses leverage AI technology and machine learning capabilities to automate campaign analysis and optimization processes. The DSP enables supervisors to automatically analyze data generated from the programmatic buying stack, including conversion data files from the ad server. Meer informatie over Scibids
Criteo is een specialist in online gedragsgerelateerde merchandisingreclame en levert in realtime zeer gerichte voorspellende aanbevelingen voor e-commercesites in de detailhandel. Meer informatie over Criteo Dynamic Retargeting
Demandbase ABM Platform is a B2B marketing automation, advertising, website personalization and analytics solution with a specific focus on account-based marketing. Meer informatie over Demandbase One
Genius Monkey provides data-driven programmatic ad-buying solutions that help brands navigate the world of digital advertising. Their platform allows marketers to run highly targeted ad campaigns that reach the right audiences in the right place at precisely the right time. Meer informatie over Genius Monkey
The Trade Desk is a data management platform that helps advertisers handle operations related to audience mapping, cross-device targeting, video advertising, and more on a centralized platform. It allows team members to conduct lookalike modeling, data element reporting, and audience segmentation. Meer informatie over theTradeDesk
Choozle is a cloud-based digital advertising software that provides publishers and marketing agencies with tools to build targeted campaigns and analyze the performance of advertisements on a centralized platform. Supervisors can use the dashboard to gain an overview of total spend, ad clicks, CPM, and CTR via actionable analytics. Meer informatie over Choozle
Epom Ad Server provides online businesses with everything they need run efficient advertising campaigns and reach their audiences across multiple channels Meer informatie over Epom
MediaMath is a digital advertising platform designed to help marketing teams handle advertising data, audience segmentation, and programmatic marketing. It allows businesses to create, launch, and manage marketing campaigns and identify prospects across various online platforms and device types. Meer informatie over MediaMath
SmartyAds DSP is a cloud-based demand-side platform designed to help advertising agencies automate media purchases and run targeted ad campaigns. Marketers can execute AI-based programmatic ads across various channels, formats, industrial segments, and locations. Meer informatie over SmartyAds DSP
NT Programmatic Platform is a cloud-based platform that assists marketing agencies with media placements and planning, data collection, audience segmentation, data quality analysis, and ad optimization in real-time. Meer informatie over NT Programmatic Platform
StackAdapt is a programmatic advertising platform designed to help businesses in travel, government, and other sectors plan, execute and analyze marketing campaigns to enhance the customer experience. Managers can use the Ad Previewer to view display, video, and other advertisements before launch. Meer informatie over StackAdapt
Amazon DSP is a demand-side platform which helps organizations automate the purchase and distribution of display, audio, or video advertisements across various online channels. It enables advertisers to organize digital media inventories and manage multiple advertisement and data exchange accounts. Meer informatie over Amazon DSP
Amobee is a cloud-based advertising and data management platform (DMP) designed to help businesses unify data across TV, social and digital channels to orchestrate campaigns and improve brand experience among customers. Meer informatie over Amobee
Basis by Centro is a marketing automation software designed to help businesses run digital media campaigns via a unified portal. It offers a demand side platform (DSP), which enables advertisers to handle programmatic, social, and direct advertisements using business intelligence technology. Meer informatie over Basis
RhythmOne is a marketing analytics and demand-side platform (DSP) designed to help businesses manage advertising on multiple screens. The application enables brands and marketing teams to engage consumers through connected TV (CTV), in-app ads, videos, and display advertising formats. Meer informatie over RhythmOne
Simpli.fi is a digital advertising platform that helps marketing agencies conduct and streamline programmatic advertising through sales campaigns. Supervisors can create custom audiences by selecting specific devices, browser types, geographical regions, recency, contextual content, and browsing behavior according to requirements. Meer informatie over Simpli.fi
Platform.io is a white-labeled programmable stack and real-time bidding (RTB) platform designed to help businesses manage, track, target, and optimize advertising campaigns. It offers various built-in tools and anti-fraud filters for organizations to scan traffic quality or malware. Meer informatie over Platform.io
Verizon Media DSP is a demand side platform designed to help businesses manage display, video, or mobile advertisements and track campaign performance across various social media channels. It enables advertisers to target relevant audiences and gain insights into their behavior by analyzing their activities across search, mail, and eCommerce... Meer informatie over Verizon Media DSP
Google Marketing Platform is an advertising agency management software that helps businesses manage campaigns, monitor marketing performance, optimize websites & handle creatives on a centralized platform. Users can build dashboards and transform raw data into metrics, data visualizations & reports. Meer informatie over Google Marketing Platform
Connexity is a shopping ad platform designed to help businesses view and optimize shopping advertisement campaigns and monitor performance via a unified portal. The solution enables organizations to define goals and budgets to automatically identify and place ads in competitive traffic and receive reports to adjust priorities. Meer informatie over Connexity Shopping Ad Platform
Intelify Ads unifies the whole advertising workflow by allowing marketers to plan, purchase, evaluate, and simplify campaigns across programmatic, direct, search, and social through a single user interface. Meer informatie over Demand-Side Platform
Aroscop provides brands like you the brand advertising technology platform to identify, understand, and target your consumers in the most cost-effective way. Meer informatie over Aroscop

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