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Child care app for documentation and parent engagement
App for easy parent communication, digital daily reports and paperless educational documentation in daycare, child care and preschool classrooms Meer informatie over HiMama
Software voor het beheer van kinderopvang, dagopvang en voorschoolse opvang
Brightwheel is zowel een mobiele app (Android + iOS) als een cloudgebaseerde softwareoplossing die is ontworpen voor kinderopvangcentra, dagopvang en voorschoolse programma's. Brightwheel software voor het beheer van kinderopvang biedt digitaal in- en uitchecken, digitale dagelijkse rapporten, papierloze facturering, robuuste communicatie met... Meer informatie over brightwheel
Child care management & parent engagement platform
LifeCubby is a child care management & parent engagement platform with which child care centers can manage documentation, communication & assessment services Meer informatie over LifeCubby
Webgebaseerd systeem voor beheer van kinderopvang
Procare is webgebaseerde software voor kinderopvangbeheer voor het runnen van voorschools onderwijs, zoals peuterscholen en kinderdagverblijven. Meer informatie over Procare
Cloudgebaseerde managementsoftware voor kinderopvangcentra
Smartcare is cloudgebaseerde managementsoftware voor kinderopvangcentra om ouders, eigenaars van opvangcentra, bestuurders en medewerkers in realtime met elkaar te verbinden. Meer informatie over Smartcare
Daycare & afterschool center management
Kinderlime is a complete app-based solution for daycare and afterschool centers to manage sign in-out, billing, parent communication, and daily infant reports Meer informatie over Kinderlime
Mobile family engagement that's fast, easy and paper free
EZCare online child care software makes managing your program easy. Fully integrated with EZCare is the EZSmiles parent engagement app. Its messaging and video sharing features keep parents connected to your child care center, preschool, and after school programs. Meer informatie over EZCare
A cloud-based client management solution
Pike13 provides a software solution for membership management, scheduling, client check-in from kiosk or client app, billing, and reporting. Pike13 integrates with vendors to provide e-signature collection, email marketing, skills tracking, business text messaging & loyalty points. Meer informatie over Pike13
Software voor beheer van kinderopvang
Sandbox is webgebaseerde software voor kinderopvangbeheer waarmee eigenaren van peuterscholen en kinderopvangcentra hun bedrijfsactiviteiten kunnen beheren. Meer informatie over Sandbox Software
Best all-in-one child care management software
Kangarootime is an all-in-one child care platform which automates check-in, tuition billing & payments, and child-specific instructions for daily care. Meer informatie over Kangarootime
Online registration & facility management software
Amilia is an online registration and membership management software that makes your everyday life and business simpler. Try it out for free! Meer informatie over Amilia
Digital classroom management & parent engagement
KidReports is a digital classroom management and parent engagement platform that sends real-time photos, videos, notifications, and daily reports to parents throughout the day. It comes with a set of tools that allows child care providers to increase enrollment, save time, and work seamlessly. Meer informatie over KidReports
All-in-one management software for child care providers.
Famly is a platform for childcare centres, daycares, nurseries, childminders and parents to ease administration, improve communication and save time to spend on the things that matter. Meer informatie over Famly
Cloud-based CRM solution for businesses of all sizes
ChildCareCRM is a cloud-based CRM tool designed to help organizations in the child care industry track & manage sales leads. The centralized platform enables users to store all information related to tasks, contact history, marketing campaigns, communications, wait lists, key metrics & more. Meer informatie over ChildCareCRM
Complete Recreation Management Software
CommunityPass is a cloud-based recreation management solution for recreation departments, park districts, sports leagues, pools, schools, before and after care programs, and parent teacher organizations. The platform allows users to manage registrations, payments, memberships, facilities, and more. Meer informatie over CommunityPass
Simple and affordable Child Care Center Management Software
PREto3 is a childcare management software for administrators, staff, and parents which supports student & staff check-in/out, communication, events, student enrollment, fee collection, payroll, reports, and more. Users can access PREto3 on any internet-enabled device, including tablets and mobiles. Meer informatie over PREto3
Real-time child care & camp management
EZChildTrack is a childcare or after school management solution offering online registration, a parent portal, payment processing, check-in/check-out, & more Meer informatie over EZChildTrack
Child care center management software
OnCare is a cloud-based child care center management software which offers a parent portal, payment processing, time & attendance tracking, reporting, and more Meer informatie over OnCare
Enrolmy is a registration solution for childcare programs
Educational organizations can use Enrolmy to gather enrollment data from parents. This is a cloud-based tool that simplifies program planning, booking, invoicing, as well as customer communication. Features include data management, online payments, and customizable online registration forms. Meer informatie over Enrolmy
Web based child care management software
Jackrabbit Care is a web based solution for child care centers that helps in enrollment of children, schedule events, track attendance and manage billing Meer informatie over Jackrabbit Care
The complete Childcare Solution for Childcare Centres
Cheqdin is an easy-to-use childcare app and software with features likes billing and invoicing, digital attendance, daily diaries, photos/videos, ad-hoc bookings, staff clock-in and more Meer informatie over Cheqdin
Business management software for childcare centers
Web-based childcare management software providing registration, billing, and parent communications functions for Mac, PC, and mobile Meer informatie over ChildWatch
Mobile first parent-school engagement platform
Daycarez is a business management and communications platform for nurseries, day care facilitates and kindergartens, which facilitates parent engagement through tools such as daily child updates, tracking and sharing of development milestones, events calendar, meal planning, messaging, and more Meer informatie over Daycarez
Platform voor kinderopvangbeheer voor ouders en medewerkers
Parent is een cloudgebaseerd platform voor kinderopvangbeheer dat beheerders, personeel en ouders helpt bij gegevensbeheer, cursusplanning en het volgen van activiteiten. De belangrijkste functies zijn rapportage, werknemersbeheer, berichten, gezondheidsdossiers en documentatie. Meer informatie over Parent
School dismissal management system
QManager is a school dismissal management system for childcare & after school programs which enables parents, staff, & teachers to organize & manage the safe collection of children from school with tools such as electronic sign-in and sign-out, email, push or SMS notifications, reports, & more Meer informatie over QManager
Cloud-based classroom & enrollment management
Enrollsy is a cloud-based classroom & enrollment management solution which helps art centers, preschools, & before & after-school camps manage enrollment for paid programs, classes, events, and plans with accounting tools, ePayment support, a customer portal, and more. Meer informatie over Enrollsy
Truly comprehensive software for childcare providers
Prime Child Care is a cloud-based child care management platform that enables child care centers to control back office processes, parent communications & financials easily. Meer informatie over Prime Child Care
Let us get you back to what you love about Childcare
Kindertales is a cloud-based childcare management software that optimizes your center's operations so you can spend more time with children in care. Meer informatie over Kindertales
Early childhood program management software
EduKids is a web and mobile based information system for childcare centers to connect with parents, improve compliance, and more Meer informatie over EduKids Connect
Childcare administration software for the New Zealand market
Discover childcare is a New Zealand made, web based childcare administration software with features for managing enrolments, waitlists, staff rosters & more Meer informatie over Discover
Secure parent communication & photo sharing for preschools
Remini is an online application for preschools, educators and parents to communicate with each other and share photographs of childrens' achievements and events Meer informatie over Remini
SaaS program management for childcare organizations
DayCare Works is a cloud-based child care and educational organization program management solution with two editions for administration and communication Meer informatie over DayCare Works
Customizable childcare management software
Learning Clubhouse is a customizable childcare management software designed to simplify & automate childcare provider tasks, with online registration and more Meer informatie over Learning Clubhouse
Childcare documentation & programming platform
EarlyWorks is an Australian based childcare documentation & programming system which simplifies and streamlines all aspects of the organization with features for child files & portfolios, daily or weekly journals, photo & document sharing, tasks & events, QIP generation, family engagement & more Meer informatie over EarlyWorks
Operations management for childcare
CRAFTS is a cloud-based childcare platform that helps Montessori schools, childcare centers, and daycare agencies streamline administrative operations. Parents can utilize the self-service portal to edit the details of family members, view fee schedules, and download tax receipts or statements. Meer informatie over CRAFTS