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Oplossing voor strategische bedrijfsplanning
Planium Pro is cloudgebaseerde software voor bedrijfsplanning die is ontworpen om kleine tot middelgrote ondernemingen te helpen bij het maken van strategische bedrijfsplannen. Het gecentraliseerde platform stelt gebruikers in staat unieke marktkansen te identificeren, benchmarks van concurrenten in kaart te brengen en marketingstrategieën te... Meer informatie over Planium Pro
's Werelds populairste software voor productstrategie en marketingplanning.
Aha! is 's werelds populairste software voor productstrategie en marketingplanning. Wereldwijd vertrouwen meer dan 250.000 gebruikers op Aha! om een briljante strategie te bepalen, klantideeën vast te leggen, visuele routekaarten te creëren en baanbrekende marketingcampagnes te beheren. Meer informatie over Aha!
Alles-in-één platform voor productbeheer en tool voor productstrategieën
productboard is een productbeheeroplossing die productmanagers helpt bij het vastleggen van problemen, het organiseren van ideeën voor functies, het plannen van releases en het delen van interactieve productiestrategieën. Meer informatie over productboard
Software voor ideeënbeheer voor het ontwikkelen van bedrijfsmodellen
IdeaBuddy is software voor ideeënbeheer waarmee bedrijven, ondernemers, universiteiten en startups hun bedrijfsmodellen kunnen plannen, visualiseren en ontwikkelen. In de verhaalmodus kunnen leidinggevenden concepten maken voor potentiële diensten, producten en marketingstrategieën. Meer informatie over IdeaBuddy
Bedrijfsplanning en volgsoftware
LivePlan is een oplossing voor het maken van bedrijfsplannen, ontworpen voor kleine bedrijven en ondernemers, met een stapsgewijze planning en meer dan 500 voorbeeldbedrijfsplannen. Meer informatie over LivePlan
Strategic planning, performance management, & reporting
ClearPoint Strategy is a strategic planning, management, and reporting solution for managers of SMBs, large enterprises, and local governments. ClearPoint’s core features include strategic planning, project management, and automated reporting. Users can build custom charts, scorecards, and reports. Meer informatie over ClearPoint Strategy
Strategic Planning and Balanced Scorecard Software
Track the progress of your strategic plan with Balanced Scorecard Software, Strategy Maps, dashboards, and instantly generated exports in PDF, PPT, and Excel. Meer informatie over ESM+Strategy
Manage and execute your initiatives. Let's actually do this.
AchieveIt is the plan management solution that helps get everything in view, get everyone engaged, and get every possible advantage. Meer informatie over AchieveIt
Online Business Plan Software
Bizplan is a modern business planning platform for entrepreneurs, startups & small businesses with a guided business plan creator & drag & drop templates Meer informatie over Bizplan
Cloudgebaseerde oplossing voor strategische bedrijfsplanning
Rhythm Systems is een cloudgebaseerde oplossing voor het uitvoeren van strategieën die gebruikers helpt bij het beoordelen en implementeren van bedrijfsstrategieën op basis van wekelijkse, driemaandelijkse en jaarlijkse vooruitgang. Het dashboard voor bedrijfsprestaties biedt inzicht in probleemgebieden, waardoor bedrijven middelen kunnen... Meer informatie over Rhythm Systems
Your Business Plan Software Online
iPlanner.NET is a fast, secure and easy to use business planning software provided as an online service. This cloud-based application is designed for business owners, entrepreneurs, investors and advisors. Develop and share your business plans and financial projections online! Get started with a free service plan. Business plan examples and... Meer informatie over iPlanner.NET
Dashboard platform for tracking key performance indicators.
Scoreboard is an integrated solution that helps enterprises track key performance indicators (KPIs) using customizable dashboards. Managers can add business objectives to scorecards, receive automated alerts on performance updates, and generate administrative reports. Meer informatie over Scoreboard
Business performance management
InPhase is a business management suite that offers strategy, project management, budgeting, risk management, ideas management, predictive analytics, and more Meer informatie over InPhase
Create Financial Projections Without Excel
ProjectionHub is a web application that helps entrepreneurs create financial projections without the need for a PhD in spreadsheet modeling. Create up to 3 years of monthly financial projections online and then download an Excel file with your Balance Sheet, Income Statement, and Cash Flow Projections. Our tool is a simpler alternative to the... Meer informatie over ProjectionHub
Continuous Planning Platform!
A cloud-based business plan software that simplifies a business planning process with tailored business plan templates through better planning. Write an investor ready business plan with accurate financial projections. Bring innovation to your organization with the help of business model canvases. Meer informatie over Upmetrics
Sales & marketing strategy automation platform
ayeQ is a strategy automation platform designed to help organizations monitor the impact and performance of sales and marketing activities. Key features include team collaboration, progress tracking, resource optimization, customer segmentation, and sales forecasting. Meer informatie over ayeQ
Business planning software
Business Plan Pro is the fastest, easiest way to create a business plan. It is used by over 50% of Fortune 500 companies. Trusted by over 1 million companies, and a teaching tool in over 1,000 universities. Meer informatie over Business Plan Pro
Business plan solution for raising capital
BizPlanBuilder is a cloud-based solution designed to help startups, small companies, nonprofits, and advisors launch and fund businesses with features such as templates, pre-written letters, and worksheets. It assists retirees with investing retirement funds in order to launch businesses. Meer informatie over BizPlanBuilder
Voice-enabled data exploration & analysis
I've got a plan! You and your team have just created a brilliant plan, it could be a new strategic plan, a startup business plan, or a new marketing plan. You and everyone around you is excited and ready to go, the ideas are big and the team is aligned to achieve the plan but ........... What you really want to know now is how am I going to get... Meer informatie over RapidInfluence
Operations Management
IS YOUR BUSINESS PLAN WORKING AS HARD AS YOU ARE ? We didn't think so! We've reinvented the business plan into the Funding Roadmap. The Funding Roadmap is the first cloud based mutilple choice business plan and due diligence reporting system. We have reinvented the business plan and designed... Meer informatie over Funding Roadmap
Powerfully simple planning
A powerfully simple way to agree and track who does what, by when. Create milestones, assign owners and track your progress - all via your web browser. It's business planning and project management, without the hassle. Actions (tasks and todo lists), Milestones, Workstreams and Goals. Integrate with your desktop calendar, and sign in via email,... Meer informatie over Milestone Planner
Prediction regression equation
Prediction regression performs multiple linear regression analysis on large sets of variables to identify casual and influential relationships. Statistical tests are explained in simple text for fast interpretation and utilization for predictive analysis and forecasting. The identified and statistically robust prediction equation can be... Meer informatie over Regression Forecasting
Cloud-based Integrated Business Planning platform
Steelwedge offers a cloud-based Integrated Business Planning platform that merges sales, marketing, finance, and the supply chain. With an easy-to-use interface, easy-to-access SaaS applications and easy-to-configure platform, Steelwedge is a new breed of planning solution. Meer informatie over Steelwedge