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Veilige online faxservice
eFax is 's werelds beste online faxservice. Het enige dat je nodig hebt is een e-mailaccount om direct faxen te verzenden en ontvangen. Geen faxmachines, papier of toner meer! Meer informatie over eFax Corporate
Software voor faxbeheer voor bedrijfscommunicatie
FaxCore is on-premises en cloudgebaseerde software die is ontworpen om bedrijven te helpen bij het beheren en bewaken van faxtransmissies in de hele organisatie. Beheerders kunnen toegangsrechten voor gebruikers configureren, waardoor het gemakkelijker wordt om gearchiveerde faxen uit de database op te halen in jpeg-, gif-, pdf- of TIFF-formaat. Meer informatie over FaxCore
Cloud-based solution for streamlining fax operations
mFax is a cloud-based fax server solution that helps enterprises streamline email-to-fax as well as print-to-fax operations. It enables users to convert documents in various formats including DOC, PPT, PDF, and JPEG, and receive confirmation on delivered faxes via email. Meer informatie over mFax
Cloud-based virtual fax server for personal and business use
FaxLogic is a cloud-based virtual fax server (FoIP) solution requiring no additional equipment to provide individuals and businesses with the ability to securely send, receive, view, manage and store fax documents through the browser, with true multi-user collaboration, web client access and more Meer informatie over FaxLogic
Cloud-based solution to send & receive documents through fax
XM Fax is a cloud-based document management solution that helps organizations to collaborate on projects by sending and receiving documents through fax Meer informatie over XM Fax
Integrated solution for streamlining fax operations
WestFax is an integrated fax server solution that helps businesses in healthcare, broadcasting, and other industries streamline customer interactions by sending/receiving encrypted faxes. Professionals can send confidential documents to clients through a unique fax ID and encrypt critical messages. Meer informatie over WestFax
Hosted digital fax solution
MyFax allows you to send and receive faxes using email, the web or a smart phone. A hosted digital fax solution replaces expensive fax machines, fax servers, and supporting infrastructure. A MyFax number is a real fax number. MyFax offers toll free and local fax numbers at no additional cost. Meer informatie over MyFax
Patient engagement software with appointment scheduling
ReferralMD is a patient engagement software that helps healthcare organizations manage referrals, e-consults, scheduling and other operations on a centralized platform. Administrators can build speciality-based workflows to receive, send, review, monitor, and track inbound and outbound referrals. Meer informatie over ReferralMD
Cloud-based VoIP business telephone systems
NFON provide cloud-based VoIP business telephone systems with computer telephony integration, click-2-dial, fixed mobile convergence, skill based routing & more Meer informatie over NFON
Secure Internet Fax
Sfax delivers on-demand secure faxing with digital signature and eliminates the need for manual faxing – all with a complete audit trail. Meer informatie over Sfax
VoIP business telephone system for SMB's
sipgate team provides a complete business VoIP telephone system for Germany and the UK with telephony, fax, SMS, voicemail and invoicing features Meer informatie over sipgate team
German-language business telephony software from the cloud
Placetel is a business telephony software from the cloud. Placetel combines classic telephone system functions such as brokering, forwarding, fax, etc. with video conferences in HD, file and screen sharing, call control, instant messaging, call center functions and unified communication. Meer informatie over Placetel
Cloud-based HIPAA & PCI-DSS compliant fax platform
InterFAX is a cloud-based HIPAA and PCI DSS compliant fax platform, which enables organizations to securely transfer documents across multiple locations. Key features include bulk send, remote access, fax encryption, workflow automation, file conversion & compression, and multiple format support. Meer informatie over InterFAX