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Dell Boomi is een 100% native cloudintegratieplatform. Stelt organisaties in staat om bedrijfsprocessen te automatiseren en het aangesloten bedrijf op te bouwen in een interface met slepen en neerzetten zonder codering. Meer informatie over Dell Boomi
Oplossing voor EDI- en XML-verwerking voor middelgrote tot grote bedrijven
Vantage Point EDI is een cloudgebaseerd EDI- (Electronic Data Interchange, elektronische gegevensuitwisseling) en XML-(Extensible Markup Language) verwerkingsplatform dat middelgrote tot grote bedrijven helpt bij gegevenstransformatie en -export. De belangrijkste functies omvatten documentarchivering, vertaling van gegevensindelingen,... Meer informatie over Vantage Point EDI
Automatisering van EDI (Electronic Data Interchange, elektronische gegevensuitwisseling) en toeleveringsketen
Business System Integrators (BSI) is een aanbieder van full-service EDI-diensten (Electronic Data Interchange, elektronische gegevensuitwisseling) die lokale en beheerde cloudoplossingen biedt die afzonderlijk werken of geïntegreerd kunnen worden met een bestaande ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning, software ter ondersteuning van bedrijfsmiddelen)... Meer informatie over Business Systems Integrators
Het enige complete platform voor SOA, SaaS-integratie en API's
Anypoint Platform™ is een uniform, flexibel integratieplatform dat de meest uitdagende verbindingsproblemen oplost. Het stelt bedrijven in staat om bedrijfstransformatie te realiseren via op API gebaseerde connectiviteit, op een gemakkelijke manier. Meer informatie over Anypoint Platform
Connected Inventory Management. Simplified.
Cin7 makes complex retail and wholesale simple, with all-in-one Inventory Management, POS, Direct EDI Integration and 3PL integration. Meer informatie over Cin7
An entire platform of scalable EDI solutions
SPS Commerce is an electronic data interchange (EDI) platform of scalable solutions offering services for organizations who buy, sell, make or move products, allowing them to manage transactions and fulfill orders for multiple channels Meer informatie over SPS Commerce Fulfillment
EDI tool for supply chain management & order fulfillment
DiCentral is a cloud-based electronic data interchange (EDI) system that helps firms exchange business documents and manage their supply chain. Its key features include data filtering, order fulfillment, carrier integration, inventory tracking, route planning, role-based access and compliance. Meer informatie over DiCentral
Electronic Data Interchange & eCommerce software
TrueCommerce is an Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) & eCommerce system which features translation tools & ERP, commerce network & trading partner integration Meer informatie over TrueCommerce
Enterprise resource planning software for manufacturers
EnterpriseIQ is a manufacturing ERP software for small plant to large multi-plant manufacturers Meer informatie over EnterpriseIQ
Managed File Transfer to secure and automate data exchanges.
GoAnywhere MFT is an affordable enterprise-level solution to secure, manage & automate all of your organization's file transfers through a single interface. Meer informatie over GoAnywhere MFT
EDI software designed for small businesses
MyB2B is a web based EDI solution for small companies that need to do business with their large-company customers through EDI. MyB2B is comprehensive, easy to use and affordable. No EDI software has to be purchased, installed or maintained. All you need is an internet connection. All EDI transaction types and bar code shipping labels are... Meer informatie over MyB2B
Electronic data interchange for suppliers & retailers
Lingo is a cloud-based electronic data interchange (EDI) system which assists suppliers and retailers with order processing and database support. Its key features include document archiving, EDI testing, third party integrations, mapping support, and label printing. Meer informatie over Lingo
B2B EDI automation software
Complete B2B electronic data interchange solution to enhance operational efficiencies of day-to-day EDI operations and business process management Meer informatie over iR*EDI
De toekomst van B2B-integratie
Babelway is een integratieplatform als een service (iPaaS) dat B2B-gegevens en documentuitwisselingen automatiseert voor handelspartners en leveranciers van toepassingen. Meer informatie over Babelway
All-in-one, cloud-based EDI solution
DataTrans WebEDI is a cloud-based portal designed to streamline procurement processes, scale with company growth, and integrate with other business systems. The solution provides users with the tools needed to manage transactions, process and prepare orders, and efficiently fulfil shipments. Meer informatie over DataTrans WebEDI
Enterprise integration and interface management solution
eiPlatform is an integration platform which assists enterprises with linking internal and external business applications. Built on a Java framework, the solution leverages application server technology, web services, and industry XML standards to enable the management of multiple interfaces. Meer informatie over eiPlatform
Full-service EDI supply chain solution
TPSynergy is a full service EDI software solution for supply chains & large retailers providing a centralized hub for all trading partners Meer informatie over TPSynergy
EDI VAN Tier-1 W/ API for Hubs, ISVs to Trading Partners
1) Hubbub - Low-cost End-User company EDI Mailboxing service utilizing ECGrid 2) ECGrid - B2B EDI Routing to Trading Partners using ANY communications protocols or interconnects. 3) ECGridOS - An API-based platform for ISVs to control Users, Communications and Trading Partners. Over 300 functions. Meer informatie over ECGridOS
Cloud EDI provider for sending and receiving EDI documents
XEDI is a cloud-based EDI provider for sending and receiving EDI documents amongst trading partners Meer informatie over Web EDI
Automated business process management
X4 Suite is an automated business process management solution designed to help users model, technically implement, execute, and monitor all business processes Meer informatie over X4 Suite
Web-based EDI solution for SMBs
B2BWorks is an integrated web-based solution for businesses to automate high-volume EDI translations and eliminate manual data entry Meer informatie over B2BWorks
Hosted EDI system for B2B data transfer
The Hosted EDI System enables business to business integration with global suppliers, customers, shippers, and manufacturers quickly and without interruption by setting up a new Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) program from the ground up. The system is rapidly configured to your specific business requirements and integrates with back end and... Meer informatie over QLogitek Hosted EDI
Simplifying financial integration for small-to-mid business
eBridge Connections offers a universal accounting integration platform for small and mid-sized businesses that supports multiple ERP accounting systems Meer informatie over eBridge Connections Accounting Integration
Integration, data and file transfer management
Axway 5 Suite is a cloud-based integration and data flow management software that provides a variety of options to help govern the flow of data within your enterprise and beyond. With the Axway 5 Suite platform, you can manage data transfers between different business entities and manage your existing and new API technologies while minimizing... Meer informatie over Axway 5 Suite
Fully managed Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
Crossfire Cloud EDI is a fully managed electronic data interchange service to send your business transaction documents between your chosen business systems. Meer informatie over Crossfire Cloud EDI
Complete EDI Software Solutions and Expert In-House Support
EDI/HQ provides superior EDI translation, advanced data management, and data mapping to help organizations manage important business relationships Meer informatie over EDI/HQ
Secure Integration and Data Movement Platform
Cleo Integration Cloud is a platform purpose-built to design, build, operate and optimize critical supply-chain integration processes. With greater choice, companies can blend self-service and Cleo Services for integration agility and control. Meer informatie over Cleo Integration Cloud
All inclusive enterprise resource planning system
Synchronous is a comprehensive ERP system that integrates supply chain & warehouse management, accounting, manufacturing, project management & more Meer informatie over Synchronous ERP