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Proefleessoftware voor het opsporen van grammaticale fouten
WhiteSmoke is proefleessoftware waarmee bedrijven grammaticale fouten in realtime kunnen opsporen en corrigeren. Met het door AI ondersteunde platform kunnen gebruikers documenten evalueren en onvolledige zinnen, verkeerde werkwoordvervoegingen, dubbele ontkenningen en andere grammaticale fouten markeren. Meer informatie over WhiteSmoke
Proofreader, plagiarism checker & tone detection solution
Grammarly Business helps enterprises generate grammatically correct content across email, web pages, social media posts, academic papers & more. AI technology and natural language processing help users improve content readability, word choice, and writing style via real-time suggestions. Meer informatie over Grammarly Business
Grammaticacontrole, manuscriptbewerking en schrijftrainer
ProWritingAid is een webgebaseerde oplossing voor grammaticacontrole, manuscriptbewerking en persoonlijk schrijven die is ontworpen om fictie- en non-fictieschrijvers, bloggers, studenten en contentschrijvers te helpen hun stijl te verbeteren, fouten te elimineren, zinsvariaties te visualiseren en meer in geschreven content. Meer informatie over ProWritingAid
AI-based content grading and plagiarism detection tool
Copyleaks is a proofreading and plagiarism checking software that is designed for education institutes, law firms, marketing agencies, content developers, and bloggers. It helps organizations conduct online searches to compare and analyze created content with similar search results. Meer informatie over Copyleaks
Proofreading, spelling and grammar checking tool
Ginger is a cloud-based proofreading software designed for businesses and educational institutes, which automatically detects errors, improves sentence structures, and corrects misused words in text, using punctuation, spelling and grammar checker tools. Meer informatie over Ginger
Online plagiarism detection tool
Copyscape is a real-time online plagiarism detection tool that allows users to automatically scan the web for content taken from their website & check the originality of content added to their systems. Copyscape offers a free checking tool, Premium service & API, and Copysentry protection system. Meer informatie over Copyscape
Proofreading software for editors, managers, and writers
PerfectIt help editors, proofreaders, and other professional writers analyze documents for grammatical, syntax, and spelling errors, and implement style rules to ensure consistency across the content. Authors can create and edit contracts, guides, proposals, articles, books, journals, and more. Meer informatie over PerfectIt
Automated proofreading for packaging quality control
GlobalVision is an automated quality control platform that inspects and verifies text, graphic, barcode, Braille, and spelling, to eliminate errors on packaging Meer informatie over GlobalVision
Open-source proofreading software for publishing houses
LanguageTool is a grammar and spell check software that lets students, authors, freelancers, publishing houses, and businesses of all sizes identify potential errors in the content. It helps review text in various languages such as English, Catalan, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, Dutch, and more. Meer informatie over LanguageTool
Online proofreading application for writers and editors
Typely is an online proofreading and essay editing software that helps writers, newspaper editors, teachers, bloggers, and students identify mistakes unrelated to grammar in a prose. It enables students to create uniform content by considering the use of jargons, malapropisms, and oxymorons. Meer informatie over Typely
Proofreading tool to detect plagiarism & grammatical errors
PaperRater is an online proofreading software designed to help businesses leverage artificial intelligence (AI) technology to identify grammatical mistakes, detect plagiarism, and automatically score essays. Teachers can upload files in multiple formats including DOC, ODT, TXT, RTF, and DOCX. Meer informatie over PaperRater
Get your team writing as one.
Qordoba is an AI writing assistant for businesses. What makes it powerful is the style guide platform behind it, which enables you to customize writing guidelines to your unique brand and helps everyone at your company write with the same style, terminology, and brand voice. Meer informatie over Qordoba
AI-enabled writing tool for writers, editors, and businesses
Linguix helps writers, editors, and businesses across a variety of industry verticals like HR, customer service, marketing, and sales, review documents for spelling and grammatical errors. Users can rectify sentences, context, and syntax in real-time via automated suggestions. Meer informatie over Linguix
Multi-lingual grammar and spell checking software
WProofreader is a multilingual grammar and spell checker that helps businesses in legal, healthcare, and other sectors correct typographical errors using proofreading tools. It allows teams to create custom dictionaries including personalized vocabulary, acronyms, and terminologies. Meer informatie over WProofreader
Online plagiarism checker for SEO professionals
PlagiaShield is a plagiarism checker that helps SEO professionals and website managers identify potential content thefts to protect google rankings. The application allows webmasters to find fraudulent domain owners and request them to remove specific pages via email using predefined templates. Meer informatie over PlagiaShield
Proofreading tool for generating bibliographies
EasyBib is a cloud-based proofreading tool designed to help educational institutions create bibliographies, detect plagiarism issues, identify grammatical errors, and improve overall writing style using various suggestions. The centralized dashboard allows students to import academic papers. Meer informatie over EasyBib