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Grammarly Business helpt ondernemingen om grammaticaal correcte inhoud te genereren in e-mail, webpagina's, berichten op sociale media, academische artikelen en meer. AI-technologie en natuurlijke taalverwerking helpen gebruikers de leesbaarheid, woordkeuze en schrijfstijl van inhoud te verbeteren via realtime suggesties. Meer informatie over Grammarly Business
ProWritingAid is een webgebaseerde oplossing voor grammaticacontrole, manuscriptbewerking en persoonlijk schrijven die is ontworpen om fictie- en non-fictieschrijvers, bloggers, studenten en contentschrijvers te helpen hun stijl te verbeteren, fouten te elimineren, zinsvariaties te visualiseren en meer in geschreven content. Meer informatie over ProWritingAid
PerfectIt help editors, proofreaders, and other professional writers analyze documents for grammatical, syntax, and spelling errors, and implement style rules to ensure consistency across the content. Authors can create and edit contracts, guides, proposals, articles, books, journals, and more. Meer informatie over PerfectIt
Scrivener is a content creation and editing software that helps writers create manuscripts, set goals, track project completion status, and edit text. The corkboard functionality lets content developers create index cards to plan the content creation process according to individual requirements. Meer informatie over Scrivener
Copyleaks is a proofreading and plagiarism checking software that is designed for education institutes, law firms, marketing agencies, content developers, and bloggers. It helps organizations conduct online searches to compare and analyze created content with similar search results. Meer informatie over Copyleaks
Check grammar, punctuation and style instantly and in real-time on your favorite sites. Get context-appropriate recommendations and speed up your writing with intelligent snippets. Best for: Marketers and SEO experts, non-native English writers. Meer informatie over Linguix
Ginger is a cloud-based proofreading software designed for businesses and educational institutes, which automatically detects errors, improves sentence structures, and corrects misused words in text, using punctuation, spelling and grammar checker tools. Meer informatie over Ginger
Copyscape is een realtime online plagiaatdetectietool waarmee gebruikers automatisch het web kunnen scannen op inhoud die van hun website is afgehaald en de originaliteit van inhoud kunnen controleren die aan hun systemen is toegevoegd. Copyscape biedt een gratis controletool, premium service en API, en het beschermingssysteem van Copysentry. Meer informatie over Copyscape
LanguageTool is software voor grammatica- en spellingscontrole waarmee studenten, auteurs, freelancers, uitgeverijen en bedrijven van elke omvang potentiële fouten in de content kunnen identificeren. Het helpt bij het beoordelen van tekst in verschillende talen, zoals Engels, Catalaans, Italiaans, Portugees, Chinees, Nederlands en meer. Meer informatie over LanguageTool
Wordtune is een proefleesplatform dat bedrijven, onderwijsinstellingen en andere professionals helpt om AI-technologie te gebruiken om zinnen te herschrijven en te bewerken om de schriftelijke communicatievaardigheden te verbeteren. Het helpt studenten ook de tekstlengte te verkorten of verlengen op basis van de vereiste indelingen. Meer informatie over Wordtune
GlobalVision is een geautomatiseerd platform voor kwaliteitscontrole dat tekst, afbeeldingen, streepjescode, braille en spelling inspecteert en verifieert om drukfouten op de verpakking te elimineren. Meer informatie over GlobalVision
WhiteSmoke is proefleessoftware waarmee bedrijven grammaticale fouten in realtime kunnen opsporen en corrigeren. Met het door AI ondersteunde platform kunnen gebruikers documenten evalueren en onvolledige zinnen, verkeerde werkwoordvervoegingen, dubbele ontkenningen en andere grammaticale fouten markeren. Meer informatie over WhiteSmoke
The AI-based writing assistant is more than just a grammar checker, it makes sentences clear and compelling. Outwrite currently supports English, French, and Spanish. Meer informatie over Outwrite
Typely is an online proofreading and essay editing software that helps writers, newspaper editors, teachers, bloggers, and students identify mistakes unrelated to grammar in a prose. It enables students to create uniform content by considering the use of jargons, malapropisms, and oxymorons. Meer informatie over Typely
Plagiarism Detector is a tool that can be used by students, teachers, writers, and bloggers. With advanced scanning technology, this tool can analyze text based on word choice, lexical frequency, plus other factors. The tool can help teachers ensure that students are using original content. Meer informatie over Plagiarism Detector
VT Writer is a Language Analysis Platform for teams across the enterprise. It improves the quality of mission critical business writing by analyzing and scoring content for readability. This solution is for all teams in large organizations to eliminate off-brand and non-compliant language. Meer informatie over VT Writer
PaperRater is an online proofreading software designed to help businesses leverage artificial intelligence (AI) technology to identify grammatical mistakes, detect plagiarism, and automatically score essays. Teachers can upload files in multiple formats including DOC, ODT, TXT, RTF, and DOCX. Meer informatie over PaperRater
Plagiarism Checker X is a plagiarism detection tool for students, teachers, writers, digital marketers, and other organizations that require content analysis. The platform is compatible with Windows 7, 8, 10, and Vista and supports analysis in a range of file formats and languages. Meer informatie over Plagiarism Checker X
iThenticate by Turnitin is a plagiarism checker tool for academic institutions, researchers, and publishers. It can find similarities in content when compared to top-cited journals and other online sources. iThenticate supports file upload in multiple formats, including DOC, DOCX, PDF, plus others. Meer informatie over iThenticate
EasyBib is a cloud-based proofreading tool designed to help educational institutions create bibliographies, detect plagiarism issues, identify grammatical errors, and improve overall writing style using various suggestions. The centralized dashboard allows students to import academic papers. Meer informatie over EasyBib
Unicheck is a web-based plagiarism prevention tool that is suitable for academic institutions, publishers, marketers, and other businesses. It is available as a standalone solution or can integrate with many existing LMS systems. Unicheck can identify text manipulations and suspicious formatting. Meer informatie over UniCheck
Writer (formerly Qordoba) is an AI writing assistant for businesses. What makes it powerful is the style guide platform behind it, which enables you to customize writing guidelines to your unique brand and helps everyone at your company write with the same style, terminology, and brand voice. Meer informatie over Writer
Loio is AI-powered software for efficient contract review and drafting in Word for contract professionals. Meer informatie over Loio
Hemingway Editor is a proofreading solution designed to help users enhance the writing style by highlighting adverbs, passive voice, as well as dull and complicated words. The application enables students to analyze the grade level of text using an automated readability index (ARI). Meer informatie over Hemingway Editor
EmEditor is a proofreading software designed for businesses with specific teams of server and database administrators, HTML designers, programmers, content editors, and publishers. The application helps users manage large files using features such as syntax highlighting and custom configurations. Meer informatie over EmEditor
PlagScan is a web application designed to check for plagiarism on digital documents. The software is available for download as a desktop, mobile, and browser-based SaaS web app. It caters to academic facilities, students, and content writers. Meer informatie over PlagScan
Scribbr Plagiarism Checker markeert meerdere soorten plagiaat binnen documenten. Het ondersteunt documenten in meer dan 20 talen die kunnen worden geüpload in DOC-, DOCX- en PDF-indelingen. Het biedt gedetailleerde plagiaatrapporten die kunnen worden aangepast met behulp van verschillende instellingen, zoals overeenkomstpercentages. Meer informatie over Scribbr Plagiarism Checker
Artwork management is a cloud-based packaging and artwork lifecycle management system. It connects people and processes across internal departments, customers, suppliers, agencies, and vendors to get products delivered faster to the market while meeting regulatory compliance. Meer informatie over Artwork
WProofreader – a portfolio of multilingual sentence check solutions for dev companies, businesses, and individuals. Meer informatie over WProofreader
PlagiaShield is a plagiarism checker that helps SEO professionals and website managers identify potential content thefts to protect google rankings. The application allows webmasters to find fraudulent domain owners and request them to remove specific pages via email using predefined templates. Meer informatie over PlagiaShield
Plagiarismchecker.co is an online tool that uses advanced technology to identify plagiarism within content. It is designed to help students, teachers, and writers check for unoriginal content in documents and web pages. Queries compare content against journals, books, plus other online sources. Meer informatie over Plagiarismchecker.co
Noplag is a web-based writing assistance app with plagiarism detection, grammar check, and citation assistance. Users can upload files in many formats including DOC, PDF, HTML, and others. Content is checked against billions of sources. The app can be used by students, educators, and other teams. Meer informatie over Noplag
Textio is an augmented writing platform designed to help businesses improve the quality of recruiting content across job sites, emails and employer blogs using editing, scoring and analytics tools. Recruiters can create document writing workflows to review, approve and publish content. Meer informatie over Textio
CorrectEnglish is an intelligent proofreading solution that can correct contextual and spelling English errors for emails, presentations, essays, and more, providing accurate feedback on spelling and grammar with clear explanations. Using a word recommendation engine and over 63,000 advanced grammar rules, CorrectEnglish can improve writing by... Meer informatie over CorrectEnglish
Highland 2 is a writing software designed to help screenwriters, novelists, and other writers automatically generate dialogues, recognize scene headers, suggest character and location names, and view a preview of what's been written. It lets university students automatically number notes, link multiple reference notes to the same value, add custom... Meer informatie over Highland 2
An anti-plagiarism programme that is flexible and customised for each educational entity. we provide reliable algorithms in various languages for all document formats with rich databases around the world for comparison Meer informatie over Compilatio

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