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Cash Register Express is a point of sale software designed to help businesses manage their day-to-day operations, including inventory management, customer loyalty programs and employee time tracking. The platform enables administrators to manage purchases, sales orders, quoting, invoicing, credit notes, and vendors. Meer informatie over Cash Register Express
TRIMS POS is ontworpen voor kleine tot middelgrote onafhankelijke detailhandelaren in het VK. Het zit boordevol functies, maar blijft gebruiksvriendelijk. TRIMS POS bevat functies die passen bij verschillende bedrijfsmodellen en werkt net zo goed in een kleine boetiek als in een miniketen met meerdere vestigingen. Meer informatie over TRIMS
Global Payments Integrated helps businesses succeed by delivering secure and personalized payment solutions. As the integrated payments division of Global Payments, we are driving innovation in software applications – adapting, scaling and simplifying how payments are processed. Meer informatie over Global Payments
We at Erply pride ourselves on being able to offer a complete retail operations solution that can be adapted to meet unique business requirements. Our solutions manage billions of transactions annually with more than 300,000 stores worldwide, supporting over 15 different languages. Meer informatie over ERPLY
COMCASH Retail ERP provides a completely integrated software solution for retailers. The platform provides intuitive tools that assists businesses with managing inventory, handling cash flows, and reporting performance metrics on a centralized platform. Meer informatie over COMCASH Retail ERP
Rapid Gun Systems is a POS solution designed to help gun shops and gun ranges automate processes related to inventory management, accounting, loyalty programs, and more. It lets gunsmiths automatically update dispositions and acquisitions in an electronic boundbook after every transaction. Meer informatie over Rapid Gun Systems
PremierWireless is a cloud-based software platform with POS (point-of-sale) features for wireless retailers – including sales, customer and inventory tracking Meer informatie over PremierWireless
Franpos is een cloudgebaseerd franchise POS-systeem (point of sale) dat bedrijven van elke omvang helpt bij de verwerking van betalingen en het volgen van de verkoop. Belangrijke functies omvatten beloningenbeheer, itemtracering, klanttargeting, loyaliteitsprogramma's, royaltyberekening, urenregistratie en afspraakboeking. Meer informatie over franpos
Xüdle is a cloud-based point of sale, e-commerce and marketing software for wine clubs that provides a single view of customer sales Meer informatie over Xüdle
Spruce is een cloudgebaseerde bedrijfsbeheer- en POS-oplossing (Point Of Service) voor hout- en bouwmaterialenbedrijven. Het biedt end-to-end procesbeheer voor verkoop, boekhouding, inkoop, verhuur, productie, levering en meer vanaf desktop- en mobiele apparaten. Meer informatie over Spruce
Arryved is an all-in-one mobile POS and hospitality management system that provides sophisticated tools to local, independent food, drink and entertainment venues. Meer informatie over Arryved
LivePOS is hybride POS-software die is ontworpen om elke soort winkel te ondersteunen, inclusief ketens en franchises. Gebruikers kunnen voorraad, klanten, werknemers en meer beheren op meerdere verkooppunten en de volledige controle krijgen over alle winkels, ongeacht hun fysieke locatie. Meer informatie over LivePOS
Infor POS is an omni-channel point of sale platform for restaurants, hotels, and managed food services for healthcare and education. Features include inventory management, activity reporting, multi-device compatibility, secure transactions, PCI-compliant encryption, cash drawer management, and more. Meer informatie over Infor Point of Sale (POS)
Future POS is a cloud-based, on-premises point-of-sale package geared toward restaurants, bars, and other businesses in the hospitality and entertainment industry. Its mainstay is mobile POS compatibility coupled with 3G and 4G SIM support, enabling terminal transactions across the globe. Meer informatie over Future POS
RICS Software is a software solution for APPAREL, FOOTWEAR, and ACCESSORY retailers providing POS operations, inventory management, multiple reporting options, and live support. Integrated e-Comm, accounting, open-to-buy, and product catalog data. Mobile POS available on iOS and Android devices. Meer informatie over RICS Software
Ordyx is a hybrid POS system with SMS messaging, inventory management, and loyalty programs, compatible with PC, Mac, iPhone, Windows, and Mobile. Meer informatie over Ordyx
Mi9 CRM is an integrated customer experience & relationship management solution with real-time omni-channel customer data, designed specifically for retailers Meer informatie over Mi9 Retail Suite
Bolt is een voor mobiel geoptimaliseerde oplossing voor afrekenen, betalingen en fraudedetectie voor e-commercesites die belooft het verlaten van winkelwagentjes te verminderen en verkoopconversies te stimuleren, transacties te analyseren met een AI-aangedreven fraudesysteem voor het detecteren van risico's en het goedkeuren van bestellingen, en... Meer informatie over Bolt
Simphony POS, van Oracle MICROS, is een cloudgebaseerde POS die is ontworpen om front-of-house, back-office en keukenactiviteiten te synchroniseren. Het platform helpt restaurants bij het beheren van processen met betrekking tot afhaal- en bezorgbestellingen, menu's en prijzen, klantloyaliteitsprogramma's, online betalingen en meer. Meer informatie over Simphony POS
Point of Sale with complete business management for independent retailers. Track inventory, automate ordering, and report sales. Meer informatie over Paladin Point of Sale and Inventory Management
Slurp! is cloudgebaseerde POS-software voor de iPad die is ontworpen om restaurants en cafés te helpen bij het beheren van bestellingen, het accepteren van betalingen, het bijhouden van de verkoop en het controleren van bedrijfsprestaties, met functies zoals tafel-, voorraad- en personeelsbeheer plus realtime rapportage, POS-integraties en meer. Meer informatie over Slurp!
HDPOS smart is a web-based billing and inventory software for small to mid-size businesses that comes with features such as barcode scanning, discount management, gift card processing, and invoice management. The system is integrated with many payment gateways to facilitate all payment methods. Meer informatie over HDPOS smart
Cloud Based 100% Australian. Control 1 million Sku's, Alternate Products & Suppliers, Kits, Accounting, B2B Portal. Integrates to Xero & eCommerce. 1 to 100 users, multiple branches. No setup costs e.g. 3 users $365/M 5 users $490/M 10 users $580/M includes support & hosting. Full data migration Meer informatie over Peach Software
Use the Helcim app to transform your workstation, tablet or smartphone into a fast and convenient point-of-sale that automatically tracks your inventory, transaction history, sales trends, and customer information. And of course, better payments are built-in. Meer informatie over Helcim
ThriftCart is a point-of-sale system designed to help thrift stores manage donations, inventory, timesheets and other administrative operations. It includes a donation pickup scheduling module, which allows administrators to share pickup, receipts, reminders, and thank you letters with donors. Meer informatie over ThriftCart
Inzant Sales is a mobile sales platform designed for wholesalers & manufacturers, including our mobile sales app, eCommerce website & full integration with your other core business systems. Inzant Sales helps save time, reduce costs and increases sales, enabling your business to grow. Meer informatie over Inzant Sales
Customize your point of sale window design to best match your store’s needs, ensuring that only important functions are positioned at associates’ fingertips. Meer informatie over RunIt RealTime Cloud
FoodZaps mobile POS for Android allows users to manage inventory, staff, menus, orders and billing from anywhere, including comprehensive reports & analytics. Meer informatie over FoodZaps
Tillpoint is the multi-award-winning POS & Business Management System for retail, hospitality and restaurants. The platform contains a range of over 25 specialised apps which allow you to run all areas of your business from a complete, centralised, all-in-one solution. Meer informatie over tillpoint
Cashier Live is a web-based point of sale software which enables users to manage everything from conducting transactions to managing inventory, with POS, payment & inventory management tools, plus reporting capabilities Meer informatie over Cashier Live
Powerful Bar POS System, Cloud / iPad Based using the latest technology. Advanced bar tab features and built in drink recipes with automated inventory controls. Meer informatie over Rezku POS
For nearly 40 years, BestRx has remained a family business committed to providing independent pharmacies with the tools needed to operate more efficiently and profitably. Meer informatie over BestRx
Squirrel in a Box+ contains everything you need to set up your restaurant. Receive the box with hardware & a customizable POS system within a few clicks. Meer informatie over Squirrel POS
Poster POS is een cloudgebaseerde point of sale-toepassing voor cafés, winkels en restaurants om menu's, bestellingen en benodigdheden snel en efficiënt te beheren. Meer informatie over Poster POS
RepairQ is a retail management software built for repair shops servicing any product. Meer informatie over RepairQ
Busy Accounting Software is easy-to-use yet powerful business software designed for businesses of various segments and sizes. Meer informatie over Busy Accounting Software
Clubspeed is a venue management software designed to help family entertainment centers, escape rooms, golf simulators, and water and trampoline parks. Clubspeed will help to streamline operations, enhance the guest experience, and grow revenue. Meer informatie over Clubspeed
Appetize is een cloudgebaseerd Point of Sale-platform dat het bestel- en betalingsproces transformeert en tegelijkertijd robuuste beheertools biedt. Appetize maakt eetzaaltransacties intuïtiever door middel van vaste, zelfbedienings- en handheld-vormfactoren, en daarnaast biedt het robuuste keuken- en backofficetools. Meer informatie over Appetize
Microworks Prism POS is a point of sale solution designed to help restaurants streamline and automate inventory control, gift cards, loyalty programs, and delivery management operations on a unified dashboard. The application provides dining and table service module, which allows professionals to prepare custom table layouts for facilities and... Meer informatie over Microworks Prism POS
iVend POS-software omvat capaciteiten voor voorraadbeheer, promotionele acties, e-commerce en klantloyaliteit, beschikbaar voor terminals en mobiele apparaten. Meer informatie over iVend Retail
The world's first cloud-based POS software, Retail Express powers 1000s of single, multi-store (1 – 100+) and enterprise retailers across AU & NZ. Retail Express integrates deeper, giving you more functionality & omnichannel capabilities out-of-the-box, without the fancy price tag of ERP solutions. Meer informatie over Retail Express
BuKu is a super app that can take care of all your accounting and business management needs. It's an operating system for micro and small business's. BuKu is as much useful for new age gig workers, influencers as it is for retailers, traders, distributors, manufacturers, service providers. Meer informatie over Buku
SmartSwipe is a mobile POS system which enables retail & restaurant businesses to accept credit card payments, capture signatures & send email receipts securely Meer informatie over SmartSwipe
Orderry is een cloudgebaseerde oplossing voor servicebeheer voor reparatiebedrijven, en beschikt over een groot aantal automatiserings- en productiviteitsverhogende tools. Beheer bestellingen, klanten, tickets en inventaris om je bedrijfsresultaten te verbeteren, of het nu gaat om een werkplaats voor algemene reparaties of volledig onderhoud of... Meer informatie over Orderry
Zoovu is the only AI conversational search platform that solves "if they can't find, they can't buy it" for businesses. Meer informatie over Zoovu
Nobly is an electronic point of sale (EPOS) system for businesses within the hospitality industry to track sales, process payments, manage inventory, and more Meer informatie over Nobly
enVista's Unified Commerce Platform is an omnichannel eCommerce management solution designed to help online retailers optimize customer engagement, brand loyalty and sales Meer informatie over Unified Commerce Platform
Ovvi is a point of sale software designed to help eateries, liquor, grocery or convenience stores, and businesses in the retail industry manage tickets, table layouts, refunds, online ordering, inventory, employees, and more on a centralized platform. Meer informatie over OVVI POS
Consolidate all your online delivery orders onto a single device. Get real-time analytics, menu management, reporting, and more. Meer informatie over Cuboh
ShopTill-e is a cloud-based all-in-one ePOS & eCommerce software intended for multichannel retail. Meer informatie over ShopTill-e

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