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Web-based mortgage and loan servicing software
The Mortgage Office is a web based loan servicing software which helps to streamline, manage and automate current loan servicing tasks Meer informatie over The Mortgage Office
Power dialer & outbound sales acceleration software for SMBs
PhoneBurner's Power Dialing platform helps inside sales teams reach 447% more contacts, increase live answers, manage/track leads, and streamline workflows. Meer informatie over PhoneBurner
Geautomatiseerd cloudgebaseerd documentverzamelsysteem voor klanten
FileInvite is een cloudgebaseerde oplossing voor het automatiseren van het proces van het verzamelen van informatie en documenten van zakelijke klanten met meer efficiëntie en beveiliging. Meer informatie over FileInvite
Operations Management
OneSpan Sign is the electronic signature solution behind some of the world's most trusted brands. Regulated industries and top analyst firms recognize OneSpan Sign's solution to balance the highest levels of security and compliance with ease-of-use while automating any process. Meer informatie over OneSpan Sign
Flexible loan servicing software for small lenders
The Loan Office is a loan servicing system designed for small lenders, including mortgage lenders, consumer finance lenders, hard-money lenders & note servicers Meer informatie over The Loan Office
Loan servicing and management solution for lending firms
Margill Loan Manager is a cloud-based loan servicing solution, which assists lenders with servicing loans, lines of credit, mortgages, receivables and leases. Key features include interest computation, custom fields, data export, multi-currency support, customizable reporting and revenue tracking. Meer informatie over Margill Loan Manager
CRM & Lead Management Solution
LeadMaster has been providing affordable white-label web-based Salesforce CRM and Lead Management solutions since 1998. The application features robust marketing automation features for campaign management, lead nurturing and email marketing Meer informatie over LeadMaster
Loan origination platform for mortgage professionals
BNTouch is a cloud-based mortgage CRM designed to help businesses manage lead conversion, partner portals, marketing campaigns, and team collaboration. Users can build personalized landing pages and websites as well as collect client testimonials via custom surveys to boost team performance. Meer informatie over BNTouch
Business rule automation & workflow management software
Decisions is a business optimization software that helps in workflow management, task management, integrations, rules management, user forms and reporting Meer informatie over Decisions
Marketing automation & CRM for the mortgage industry
Mortgage Quest is a cloud-based marketing automation and CRM software for the mortgage industry that enables executives to create and run marketing campaigns Meer informatie over Mortgage Quest
Loan origination for brokers, bankers & institutions
LendingPad is an integrated, web-based loan origination system (LOS) for brokers, lenders, banks, credit unions, and institutions Meer informatie over LendingPad
Loan Servicing software for private money/hard money lenders
The most advanced Loan Servicing Software on the market! Designed from the ground up to increase loan origination and loan servicing efficiencies. We serve private money/hard money lenders, auto, consumer, credit unions, banks, and non profit/city/state governments. Meer informatie over LOAN SERVICING SOFT
Loan origination solution for mortgage lenders
LendingQB is a loan origination solution designed to help organizations streamline processes for mortgage lending. The platform includes a rules-based engine, which enables users to automate various operations including underwriting, product pricing, closing cost generation & more. Meer informatie over LendingQB
Cloud-based CRM, sales & marketing automation software
Shape is a cloud-based CRM, sales, & marketing automation software for businesses in industries such as legal, real estate, mortgage, finance, & education. Shape offers tools to manage & automate online marketing & promotions, capture and service leads from online sources, & more Meer informatie over Shape
Loan origination solution
LoansPQ is a loan origination solution designed to help banks and credit unions manage lending processes for various loan types including both unsecured, secured, and small business loans. Automation functionality enables the streamlining of processes related to loan underwriting and pricing. Meer informatie over LoansPQ
Loan origination & servicing platform
LoanCirrus is a loan management platform that helps lenders manage loan operations from anywhere, offering a range of configurable features for any business Meer informatie over LoanCirrus
Mortgage & loan origination
PerfectLO is a mobile mortgage and loan platform for mortgage brokers, mortgage bankers and banks to help accelerate the digital loan application process Meer informatie over PerfectLO
Loan management software for lenders
Bryt is a loan management system for lending professionals offering tools for loan origination, loan servicing, document creation and storage, trust accounting, payment processing & more. The cloud-based tool caters to a range of different loan types including term, non-revolving, commitment & more. Meer informatie over Bryt
Loan origination and servicing for credit unions and banks
Mortgage+Care is a cloud-based solution, which assists credit unions, banks, and alternative lenders with loan origination and loan servicing. Key features include application management, data import, payment processing, document storage, and cash reporting. Meer informatie over Mortgage+Care
Complete Marketing Automation Software
For medium to large businesses - Totus is a multi-channel marketing automation engine for housing, personalizing, and distributing marketing materials. By working with your marketing teams, your distributed sales force can now customize, print, and send marketing collateral more efficiently through a variety of channels like email, direct mail,... Meer informatie over TOTUS
Platform that enables apps to connect with bank accounts
Plaid is a technology platform which allows users to create connections between applications and bank accounts to authenticate accounts, check balances in real time, verify identities, validate income, pull transaction data, and verify borrower assets Meer informatie over Plaid
Mortgage automation & point of sale platform
Pre-Approve Me is a mobile mortgage automation & point of sale (POS) solution designed to help loan officers & mortgage companies manage loan processing & client communication with a custom DTI calculator, data reporting, in-app messaging, instant pre-approval letters, real-time milestones, and more Meer informatie over Pre-Approve Me
Platform voor creatie en onderhoud van leningen voor kredietverstrekkers en brokers
Lendstream is een cloudgebaseerd platform voor het genereren en onderhouden van leningen dat kleine tot middelgrote krediet- en bemiddelingsbedrijven helpt met customer relationship management en incasso. Belangrijkste functies omvatten het genereren van leads, het matchen van rentetarieven, documentbeheer, leningservices en analyse. Meer informatie over Lendstream
Loan origination & document management for lending companies
AutoCloud is a cloud-based loan management solution, which assists banks and lending companies with managing processes for loan disbursement and customer on-boarding. Key features include document uploads, reminders, accounting, activity dashboard, data collection, and reporting. Meer informatie over AutoCloud
Web-based loan management software
Lacoda is an online loan servicing software solution for lenders and servicers to manage loan portfolios of any size Meer informatie over Lacoda
Digital mortgage platform for loan officers & lending teams
Maxwell is a digital mortgage platform designed to help loan officers & lending teams streamline the loan process from application to closing, as well as enhance borrower satisfaction, using a range of features including notifications & reminders, secure messaging, custom reporting, and more Meer informatie over Maxwell
Automated deal flow management for mortgage brokers
BluMortgage is a CRM built for the specific needs of a modern mortgage broker. BluMortgage provides a deal flow pipeline to manage every step of completing a mortgage with over 20 automations to simplify repetitive tasks. BluMortgage comes with a 5-year email and SMS campaign to ensure renewals. Meer informatie over BluMortgage
Scoring model development tool
Plug&Score is a scoring model development tool for building and managing scorecards as fast and easy as possible. Plug&Score can be used at all stages of the decision-making cycle from loan origination to debt collection, helping customers to grow their business through better lending decisions. Designed for business users and not for... Meer informatie over Plug and Score
Cloud-based default management solution for loan businesses
Tempo is a cloud-based default management solution, which helps loan businesses create customized workflows and track defaults and attorney/vendor communications. The platform enables clients to access account information and view details of defaulted loans via a centralized dashboard. Meer informatie over Tempo