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Web collaboration and meeting management software
Klaxoon is a meeting management and team collaboration software designed to help businesses handle employee engagement, feedback collection, and brainstorming processes on a centralized platform. Managers can create slide decks and share screens with team members. Meer informatie over Klaxoon
Projectmanagement eenvoudig gemaakt
monday.com is een veelzijdige tool voor projectbeheer en samenwerking waarmee je alles kunt beheren. Bouw structuren, werk samen met je team en krijg de dingen gedaan. Meer informatie over monday.com
Online whiteboard voor visuele samenwerking in realtime binnen teams.
Het eenvoudigste samenwerkingsplatform voor visuele samenwerking op afstand, agile management, brainstormen, prototyping/wireframing enz. Meer informatie over Miro
Platform voor ontwerp tot ontwikkeling van prototypes voor web en mobiele apps
InVision is een platform voor het proces van ontwerp tot ontwikkeling waarmee ontwerp- en ontwikkelteams uitgebreide, interactieve web- en mobiele prototypes kunnen creëren, projecten beheren, in realtime samenwerken en feedback verzamelen om projecten vooruit te helpen. Zet ideeën om in schermontwerpen met vectorgebaseerd tekenen en flexibele... Meer informatie over InVision
Digital workspace and collaboration management solution
MURAL is collaboration platform that helps businesses plan, design, brainstorm & analyze ideas, and create custom workflows to streamline decision-making across teams. Users can store documents and files in a centralized AES-256 encrypted repository and securely share data with team members. Meer informatie over MURAL
Visual boards solution for organizing ideas and projects
Milanote is a cloud-based collaboration software designed to help creative teams manage storyboarding, creative writing and briefs, mind-mapping, note-taking, and brainstorming. It lets users create private boards and share projects with team members to collect feedback and ensure service quality. Meer informatie over Milanote
Visual collaboration whiteboard tool
AWW App is an online whiteboard for real-time visual collaboration, planning and brainstorming, designed for businesses or classrooms Meer informatie over AWW app
Virtual workspace that facilitates team collaboration
Bluescape is a collaboration software designed to help remote teams share digital assets with internal stakeholders, partners, and vendors. Businesses in the media and entertainment industries can use the platform to gain real-time visibility into tasks, schedules, budget, and ancillary data. Meer informatie over Bluescape
Everything You Need To Plan A Website
Slickplan is a planning suite for creating websites. It supports building website sitemaps, crafting user flow diagrams, planning content, creating projects, sharing and real-time collaboration: add multiple users to your account, chat live, comment, grant access and assign an approval process. Meer informatie over Slickplan
Collaboration software for managing ideas, teams & projects
Stormboard helps capture and organize ideas, prioritize tasks, plan projects, and manage meetings using a digital workspace. Users can share ideas, sticky notes, and real-time whiteboards with teams, group similar ideas, and identify patterns to streamline workflows across projects. Meer informatie over Stormboard
Create interactive displays & applications for any screen
Intuiface is an interactive displays and applications platform for creating, deploying, measuring, and managing interactive digital experiences. Users can create highly functional multi-touch applications such as multi-touch applications for any screen and any audience, without coding. Meer informatie over Intuiface
Digital whiteboard to capture and discuss ideas
Jamboard is a collaboration management software, which helps businesses create and manage virtual workspaces to capture and discuss ideas. The platform enables users to directly import images, documents, spreadsheets, slides, and more to a digital canvas from the web or local drives. Meer informatie over Jamboard
Je virtuele samenwerkingsomgeving
Conceptboard is een virtuele samenwerkingsomgeving die samenwerking tussen teams over verschillende locaties of tijdzones ondersteunt. Het platform biedt oneindige online whiteboards voor een breed scala aan gebruiksdoelen zoals productontwikkeling, brainstorming, projectmanagement en vergaderingen. Meer informatie over Conceptboard
Freeform digital canvas for sharing ideas and content
Microsoft Whiteboard is a cloud-based whiteboard software designed to help teams draw shapes, create tables, edit content, and comment at the same time on a digital canvas. The pen-based interface lets users add images, post sticky notes, type, draw, and move content across the canvas. Meer informatie over Microsoft Whiteboard
Whiteboard and collaboration software
Limnu is a whiteboard and collaboration software that helps teams of all sizes share and discuss ideas and workflows remotely. It comes with a built-in instant messaging and video conferencing tool, which allows team members to establish quick communication. Meer informatie over Limnu
Virtual whiteboard solution for businesses of all sizes
Sketchboard is a virtual whiteboard software that enables businesses of all sizes to visualize, share ideas, and collaborate with remote teams in real-time. Software development teams can utilize the platform to send or receive feedback on ideas, post comments, and share private whiteboards. Meer informatie over Sketchboard
Whiteboard software for annotating on projected images
IPEVO Annotator is a whiteboard software designed to help educators annotate and draw on images projected onto the screen using advanced tools, such as ruler, scissors, magnifying lens, and protractor. Users can add or delete boards, import images, and export whiteboards into JPEG or PDF formats. Meer informatie over IPEVO Annotator
Whiteboard software for schools and universities
OpenBoard is a whiteboard software that helps schools and universities develop interactive content by using text, images, videos, and animations. It provides an application library, which allows educators to access and organize collaboration tools such as calculator, notes, ruler, compass, and more. Meer informatie over OpenBoard
Cloud-based whiteboard solution for businesses
witeboard is a cloud-based whiteboard platform that enables businesses to manage tasks and collaborate with team members across multiple locations. It lets users brainstorm and visualize ideas using various drawing or editing tools such as pencil, eraser, and more. Meer informatie over witeboard
Online whiteboard for brainstorming ideas
WhiteboardFox is a cloud-based whiteboarding solution that enables businesses to collaborate, visualize, and brainstorm ideas on a virtual whiteboard in real-time. Team members can use the platform to create and share whiteboards with colleagues via unique URLs and track changes across devices. Meer informatie over WhiteboardFox
Virtual whiteboard solution for team collaboration
Lucidspark is a web-based whiteboard tool, designed to help teams collaborate on projects and share ideas. The collaborative platform provides users with an adaptable space to share ideas, create plans, collaborate on projects, organize tasks, and evaluate ideas. Meer informatie over Lucidspark
Online whiteboard and collaboration tool for remote teams
Hoylu is an online whiteboard & collaboration tool designed to help educational institutions and enterprises in the engineering and construction sectors plan meetings, manage projects, coordinate activities with teams, and more. Administrators can configure access permissions for shared workplaces. Meer informatie over Hoylu