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Platform met weinig codering om aangepaste bedrijfstoepassingen te bouwen
Zoho Creator is een webgebaseerd platform met weinig codering, waarmee iedereen op maat gemaakte, mobielklare bedrijfstoepassingen kan maken zonder voorafgaande technische kennis. Meer informatie over Zoho Creator
On cloud or On Premise - complete church management software
Servant Keeper is a church management software that will streamline your ministry, available as on-premises or on-cloud deployment. Meer informatie over Servant Keeper
Nonprofit CRM Software
Thousands of nonprofits of every type use DonorPerfect to track and manage unlimited fundraising, donor and donation data in one customizable database. As a nonprofit, nothing is more critical to the success of your mission than managing and growing your relationships with donors, volunteers, foundations, and other constituents. Both the Online... Meer informatie over DonorPerfect
Donor management software and database for nonprofits
Bloomerang is a fundraising software and database to help nonprofits of all sizes to reach, engage and retain donors Meer informatie over Bloomerang
Nonprofit CRM Software with Fundraising & Membership Tools
Thousands of nonprofits use Neon's nonprofit CRM software to manage their fundraising, membership, events, and nonprofit websites. Meer informatie over Neon One
Digital fundraising solution for nonprofits
GiveGab is a digital fundraising solution which helps nonprofit organizations raise money online with a suite of tools for online and event fundraising, supporter engagement, marketing and communication, volunteer management, and more. Users can access GiveGab on tablet and mobile devices. Meer informatie over GiveGab
Live auction event management for nonprofits
Complete online silent auction software for non-profits with live event management, fundraising, and ticketing built-in Meer informatie over Silent Auction Pro
Cloud-based fundraising platform and database for nonprofits
A donor management platform with a robust fundraising toolkit built to help growing nonprofits. Meer informatie over Kindful
Cloud-based donor management & engagement software
Salsa CRM is a donor management and engagement solution, designed to boost donor acquisition and retention for nonprofit organizations of all sizes and types. Meer informatie over Salsa CRM
All-in-one Donor Management Software & Fundraising Platform
Little Green Light’s donor management and fundraising software makes it easier to build capacity for your nonprofit organization. We understand the hard work that goes into donor management, fundraising, and growing a nonprofit, so we offer a full suite of tools at a very affordable price. Meer informatie over Little Green Light
Online event and fundraising management for nonprofits
MobileCause is an event management and fundraising solution for nonprofits that aids users in planning and executing fundraising events, facilitating online giving and text-to-donate, planning peer-to-peer campaigns, and reporting on campaign performance. Meer informatie over MobileCause
Cloud-based donation management solution for churches
easyTithe is a donation management solution designed to help churches of all sizes accept, track, and manage donations. Users can collect online contributions, manage donor information, track payment transactions, manage receipts and refunds, as well as gain insights through customizable reports. Meer informatie over easyTithe
Cloud-based solution to manage church donations
Tithe.ly is a web & mobile based donation platform providing digital giving tools & event management features for ministries & churches of all sizes Meer informatie over Tithe.ly
Non-profit beheersoftware
Keela is cloudgebaseerde software voor non-profitorganisaties waarmee kleine non-profitorganisaties donateurs en contacten kunnen beheren, donatiepagina's op hun website integreren, e-mailmarketing verzenden, projecten beheren en meer. Meer informatie over Keela
Mobile giving & tithing platform for churches & nonprofits
Continue to Give is donation and fundraising software for churches, nonprofits, missionaries and individuals offering mobile & online giving, kiosks, and more. Meer informatie over Continue To Give
An accounting software suite for nonprofits & churches.
Aplos is a powerful cloud-based CRM suite for churches & nonprofits, offering fund accounting, donor & member management, financial reporting, donor & member tracking, online giving, and much more. Meer informatie over Aplos
Mobile giving and donor engagement for churches & nonprofits
Church Giving Platform that enables sms giving and donation management for churches and nonprofits. Meer informatie over Kindrid
Giving and engagement management for churches
Pushpay is a mobile giving and engagement management system designed to help churches manage processes related to donation and fundraising. It allows faith, education and non-profit organizations to increase participation, engage with communities, and streamline financial workflows. Meer informatie over Pushpay
Online fundraising for nonprofits, businesses & individuals
Donately is an online, mobile-optimized fundraising platform designed for nonprofits, organizations & individuals who want to raise money for their chosen cause Meer informatie over Donately
Fundraising auction & event management software
BidPal is a fundraising auction & event management platform with which fundraisers can manage auctions, events, online donations & ticketing Meer informatie over OneCause
A Complete Solution to Manage Your Nonprofit!
A complete nonprofit solution that can be customized to meet the needs of any nonprofit! Clients use Sumac for: Donor management, fundraising, case management, volunteers, memberships, and more. Sumac integrates with QuickBooks, Simply Accounting, Fundful P2P, MailChimp, and Constant Contact! Meer informatie over Sumac
Member engagement platform for churches
Subsplash is a complete cloud-based solution that allows churches around the world to host, manage, & publish files, using custom-built apps or websites, from one central location. The software aims to help churches to engage their community through content such as podcasts, videos, articles & more. Meer informatie over Subsplash
Beheersoftware voor online inzendingen voor digitale content
Submittable is een beheerplatform voor online inzendingen waarmee bedrijven en instellingen eenvoudig kandidaten kunnen accepteren, beoordelen en beslissingen kunnen nemen vanaf één centrale locatie. Meer informatie over Submittable
Online software voor donateursbeheer en fondsenwerving
Eleo is cloudgebaseerde software voor donateursbeheer waarmee non-profitorganisaties donateurs kunnen volgen, schenkingen invoeren, mailings maken, evenementen beheren, online donatiepagina's integreren en meer. Meer informatie over Eleo
Contact database and donor management tools for fundraisers
DonorSnap provides donor management capabilities within the cloud, spanning contact record-keeping, database querying, payments, reporting and form building Meer informatie over DonorSnap
Fundraising & donor management tools for nonprofits
Razoo is an online fundraising platform for nonprofits which offers customizable donation pages, donor management, custom data collection, page analytics & more Meer informatie over Razoo
Cloud-based Field Service Software
Vonigo is a cloud-based business management platform that helps increase sales and streamline operations of field service organizations. Meer informatie over Vonigo
Increase alumni participation by 3x in one year
Almabase is the world's leading alumni engagement solution that helps schools increase alumni participation by 3x in one year. Schools using almabase don't need any other email marketing, event registration or mentoring softwares. Meer informatie over Almabase
A unified CRM for nonprofits
EveryAction is a unified CRM for nonprofits including tools to manage donation websites, email, fundraising, and advocacy in one simple platform Meer informatie over EveryAction
Web-based fundraising and donation management software
GivingTools is an online giving solution that raises the bar for flexibility, interface, and value. Plans start at just $10/month. Card rates as low as 1.9% + 20¢. 25¢ ACH. Pick the processor you like best...Stripe, CardConnect, Bambora, and even PayPal. Meer informatie over GivingTools
Cloud-based fundraising software for nonprofit organizations
Trail Blazer is a cloud-based fundraising software developed primarily for nonprofit organizations to manage donations and record member information Meer informatie over Trail Blazer Non-Profit Manager
Customer relationship management & fundraising solution
Agilon One Donor CRM is a cloud-based donor relationship management and fundraising solution which assists nonprofits in managing their campaigns and donor relationships. Its key features include donor management, prospect search, email marketing, membership management, and business intelligence. Meer informatie over Agilon One Donor CRM
Cloud-based donor relationship management software
Exceed Beyond is a cloud-based donor relation management solution from Arreva, which includes tools for managing events, campaigns, contacts, volunteers, communications, gifts, memberships, guests, and more. The software can be customized to suit the needs of any type of nonprofit organization. Meer informatie over Exceed Beyond
Fundraising solution for non-profits
Greater Giving Event Software is a cloud-based fundraising solution which helps non-profit organizations plan charity functions & events, & track payments such as monetary donations, sponsorships & more. Key features include event performance evaluation, data import, registration & table management. Meer informatie over Greater Giving Event Software
Fundraising & donor management software
@EASE is a donor and fundraising management solution which allows nonprofit organizations to manage campaigns, relationships, donations, volunteers, and more Meer informatie over @EASE
CRM Software For Nonprofits | GiftWorks Small Nonprofit Charity CRM
GiftWorks Cloud is and intuitive donor and volunteer management service. GiftWorks Cloud helps your organization raise more money and grow your constituents with powerful reporting, a complete set of built-in fundraising tools, a volunteer portal, and unlimited phone and email support. Best of all you’ll never feel the pressure of a price... Meer informatie over GiftWorks
All-in-one, web-based nonprofit management software
Giveffect is a cloud-based nonprofit management system which offers tools for managing donations, fundraising, volunteers, members, events, marketing, and more Meer informatie over Giveffect
Donation management for nonprofit organizations & churches
Givelify is a three-tap mobile giving & donation management platform for churches, nonprofits, fundraisers, and donors to make, process and record donations Meer informatie over Givelify
Highly customizable fundraising platform
GivingFuel is a fundraising solution that increases the ease, speed and efficiency of giving within churches or organizations that have regular gatherings Meer informatie over GivingFuel
CRM & donor management for nonprofits
Virtuous CRM is a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM), donor management, and email marketing solution designed to help nonprofit organizations build lasting personal relationships with their donors & increase giving, with tools for donation tracking, predictive analytics, and more Meer informatie over Virtuous
Fundraising tools for everyone
Anedot is a cloud-based platform designed to help churches, political campaigns, ministries, and non-profit organizations of all sizes manage and streamline processes related to fundraising. It allows users to create & manage multiple campaigns and accept donations from various sources. Meer informatie over Anedot
Class Management software and Online Registration+
ProClass is an online dashboard-based solution for class and events organizers, with features spanning registration, membership management, scheduling and more Meer informatie over ProClass
Fundraising websites & donor management
Funraise is a nonprofit fundraising platform that enables organizations to build a fundraising website as well as manage donations and campaigns Meer informatie over Funraise
Online data management solutions for nonprofit organizations
NewOrg provides cloud-based data management solutions for non-profit organizations, supporting volunteer scheduling, fundraising, donation management and more Meer informatie over NewOrg
Fundraising and relationship management for nonprofits.
Blackbaud Fundraising is a fundraising management solution designed to help organizations streamline their fundraising operations & reach new supporters, as well as retain existing donors all from a single platform with communication tools, dashboards, & workflows Meer informatie over Blackbaud Fundraising
Web based church membership management software
Church MemberLink is an online church membership management system that helps to manage groups, events, donations, offerings and outreach activities Meer informatie over Church MemberLink
Cloud-based CRM solution for small to large charities
Beacon is a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) solution, which helps organizations of all sizes manage donations, payments, charity events, campaigns, & more. It comes with a membership manager, which enables users to handle signups, renewals, & monthly or annual subscription prices. Meer informatie over Beacon
Oplossing voor cloudcontactcenter-software
contactSPACE is een softwareoplossing voor cloudcontactcenters die tools biedt voor multi-channel communicatie, het maken van campagnes, prestatiemonitoring en meer. Meer informatie over contactSPACE
Fundraising and donation management for organisations
CharityEngine is a cloud-based donor journey management solution, which assist nonprofit organizations with managing donors and fundraising campaigns. Key features include forms management, engagement tracking, email marketing, campaign analysis, survey management, and reporting. Meer informatie over CharityEngine
Online donation platform for campaigns
Revv is a fundraising platform with a powerful fundraising page builder & donor management features including one-click donations, marketing automation, & more Meer informatie over Revv
Fundraising and donor management solution
Aegis CRM is a fundraising and donor management solution designed to help non-profit organizations plan, execute & manage donation campaigns across multiple channels. The platform comes with an interactive dashboard, which enables managers to view campaign performance, revenue & member information. Meer informatie over Aegis CRM
Web based and hosted church management software
Elexio is a church management software (CHMS) for modern churches to streamline daily activities through a web based or on premise solution Meer informatie over Elexio
Online donation management for small and medium non-profits
Online Donor Management system for startups, small and medium sized non-profits. DataIdeal is priced for the small non-profit and even includes a free version. Not only does DataIdeal do donor tracking and receipting, it can help your organization do mailers, track expenses, store documents, track grants, e-mail donors, and more. Meer informatie over DataIdeal
Church management and communication solution
Two Mites is a church management solution designed to help organizations manage donations, memberships, funds, communication, and more. The solution allows businesses to create custom landing pages with personalized layouts, themes, content, images, and web address. Meer informatie over Two Mites
Online donor and fundraising campaign management solutions
Denari is an online donor and fundraising management solution for non-profit organizations, offering entry-level package eDenari and the more advanced Denari2 Meer informatie over Denari Software
EHR software for the management of long-term care facilities
iCareManager, or iCM, is a cloud-based Electronic Health Record (EHR) software solution for deployment by long-term care providers and assisted living facilities, providing 23 feature modules across care / activity tracking, eMAR, assessment monitoring, care planning, medication management and more Meer informatie over iCareManager
Church donation management software
MyGIVINGSOLUTIONS is an affordable online donation and donor management software designed for Churches and other Nonprofits. Meer informatie over MyGIVINGSOLUTIONS.com