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Visuele en eenvoudige software voor marketing automation
Autopilot is software voor marketing automation en het klantentraject die bedrijven helpt leads te verwerven, te ontwikkelen en te laten uitgroeien tot goedbetalende klanten. Probeer dit product gratis uit. Meer informatie over Autopilot
Virtuele klantenservicemedewerkers, aangedreven door machine learning
Met Solvemate kan je klantenserviceafdeling veelvoorkomende verzoeken direct en op schaal oplossen. Meer informatie over Solvemate
Livechat en klantberichten voor bedrijven van elke omvang
Userlike is live chatsoftware voor ondersteuning van websites en mobiele berichten. Help je klanten via een chatvenster op je site of de favoriete berichten-app van je klanten, zoals WhatsApp, Facebook en meer. Meer informatie over Userlike
Live chat & in-app messaging for sales & marketing
Drift is a cloud-based live chat solution for sales and marketing teams which also includes an AI-powered chat bot, in-app messaging & email management tools Meer informatie over Drift
Text messaging for customer service & team collaboration
Zingle is an SMS messaging solution which enables communication between businesses & their customers via text, with multi-channel messaging, automations & more Meer informatie over Zingle
Alles-in-één multi-channel oplossing voor klantberichten
Crisp is een alles-in-één multi-channel klantenplatform voor interactie met klanten via Live Chat, e-mail, messenger, Twitter en SMS en andere tools, zoals drip-campagnes, kennisbank of zelfs chatbots. Meer informatie over Crisp
AI-powered front desk assistant
FrontdeskAI is an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered helpdesk and admin assistant designed for businesses within industries including beauty and wellness, fitness, dental, and more. It offers 24/7 customer support backed up by machine learning, FAQs, and business policies. Meer informatie over FrontdeskAI
Business messaging solution - SMS, FB Messenger, Kik, & Chat
Quiq business messaging connects companies with their customers on the channels they are already using, SMS/Text, Facebook Messenger, Kik, and Chat Meer informatie over Quiq Messaging
AI-powered chat platform for recruiting
Brazen is an all-in-one chat solution for recruiting and HR which offers features such as scheduled chats, AI-powered chatbots, candidate pre-screening, online event planning, and more. The cloud-based tool allows employers to engage with their candidates using a range of chat options. Meer informatie over Brazen
Smith.ai Live Chat is the superior 24/7 chat service
Smith.ai Live Chat is the fast & friendly way to capture, screen & convert website leads. Grow your business with qualified clients! Meer informatie over Smith.ai Live Website Chat
Conversational enablement platform
Verse.io is a conversational enablement platform for businesses to respond to and follow-up with leads generated online. Verse.io's 100% U.S. based concierge team instantly contacts, follows up with, and qualified inbound leads via SMS, email, and phone. Meer informatie over Agentology
Enterprise-Grade SMS Text Messaging Platform with SMS API
TrueDialog is an enterprise-grade SMS texting solution built for big business, made easy for small business. Mass Texting & 2-Way dialog at scale. Extensive features at half the price of competitors. SMS integrations with Salesforce, MS Dynamics, Oracle, Marketo, Hubspot, others. Robust SMS API. Meer informatie over TrueDialog
Virtual assistant for sales & marketing teams
Exceed’s AI-Powered Sales Assistant helps companies find and secure customers faster and efficiently by automatically contacting, engaging, qualifying and following up with leads via natural, two-way conversations. Meer informatie over Exceed.ai
AI-driven conversational search platform
Zoovu is evolving the search paradigm from keyword to intent based assistance. Solving “choice paralysis” through AI conversational search to engage, understand, convert and delight. Meer informatie over SMARTASSISTANT
Artificial intelligence-driven sales assistant
Conversica is powerful AI-based lead engagement and nurturing software that helps sales and marketing organizations to secure more customers by automatically contacting, engaging, qualifying and following up with leads through natural, two-way email or SMS conversations. Meer informatie over Conversica
iAdvize humanises the digital experience at scale
iAdvize is a conversational platform that brings a profitable human touch to the digital experience at scale. Meer informatie over iAdvize
Natural language processing powered chatbot + live chat
TruChat is an AI powered chatbot & live chat platform that lets users build multichannel conversational marketing chatbot solutions easily without any coding, as well as control customer conversations across all major messenger platforms, company mobile app, and websites with a single system Meer informatie over TruChat
The power of Live Engagement
Whisbi is a conversational commerce solution designed for live engagement & sales conversion. It connects brands to their web audience in a seamless and new way and combines the benefits of an open B2C webinar with a chat. Meer informatie over Whisbi
Customer service app for Slack users
Slaask is a customer service app for Slack, bringing all team & customer communication from multiple channels together in one place, for SMBs & large businesses Meer informatie over Slaask
Conversational sales and marketing chatbot for eCommerce
Maisie is a conversational sales and marketing chatbot designed for eCommerce stores. Maisie utilizes Facebook Messenger to send personalized notifications to current and prospective customers to reengage shoppers, increase the audience and subscriber lists, as well as broadcast special offers. Meer informatie over Maisie
A.I. conversational marketing platform with user profiling
Conversational A.I. solution that allows brands to market their product, reach their customers, and provide support through speech recognition capabilities with features such as customer profiling, conversational optimization, inventory management, natural language understanding, and more. Meer informatie over Automat