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Een digitaal systeem voor wachtrijbeheer dat de bezoekerservaring verbetert en realtime gegevensinzichten biedt. Meer informatie over Qminder
Waitwhile is a waitlist app & queue management system, built to eliminate wait times. Trusted by 10k+ businesses incl. IKEA & Lululemon. Meer informatie over Waitwhile
TablesReady is a web-based waitlist management solution for businesses of all sizes with features including a digital waitlist, a notification system, POS integration, customer accounts, traffic analytics, and more. The system is mobile friendly and can be accessed through any web browser. Meer informatie over TablesReady
Drive more customers to your business and never miss an opportunity with FlexBooker, the beautifully simple and powerful way to manage wait lists, while also allowing prior bookings. Track how many people are in your store, give automated wait time estimates, and alert them when it's their turn. Meer informatie over FlexBooker
Chronometriq is een cloudgebaseerd pakket voor afsprakenbeheer dat is ontworpen om medische faciliteiten te helpen bij het beheren van boekingen voor patiëntafspraken met behulp van selfservice incheckkiosken, herinneringen en wachttijdmeldingen. Gebruikers kunnen afspraken aanpassen aan de patiëntvereisten en beschikbaarheid van de arts. Meer informatie over Pomelo Health
Beheer wachtlijsten en reserveringen, geef klanten een tafel en behoud meer binnenlopende klanten. Meer informatie over Carbonara
Thousands of businesses and organizations across North America use iVision Mobile's text messaging software to engage their contacts with relevant mobile marketing and communications. Meer informatie over iVision Mobile
CAKE Guest Manager is a cloud-based restaurant management system designed to help businesses of all sizes manage waitlists, reservations, tables, guest seating, point of sale (POS) integration, and more. The platform enables users to send text messages with booking details, progress and promotions. Meer informatie over CAKE Guest Manager
WaitWell solves waiting room frustrations simply. Customers can make an appointment or join a virtual walk-up queue using their mobile device (QR code or SMS text) or by clicking a link on the organization's website or using an optional kiosk. Staff view all tickets from a simple queue screen. Meer informatie over WaitWell
SevenRooms is a web-based direct reservations, guest experience, marketing automation, and operations management solution for restaurants, hotels, nightclubs, sports clubs, and other membership organizations. Businesses can manage guest experience with a native iOS app and multiple POS integrations. Meer informatie over SevenRooms
Provide a safe, secure and seamless transition to a hybrid care model with Virtual Waiting Rooms. Meer informatie over Cliniconex
DaycareWaitlist is a cloud-based solution which helps childcare centers automate processes for organizing official data, including contact details, family members, guardians and additional notes. It also lets users send emails to clients to keep them updated with the latest changes in waiting lists. Meer informatie over DaycareWaitlist
Remote waitlist reduces crowds in waiting areas, lobby, bar. Wisely's SmartQuote algorithm is proven to be 80% accurate (average hosts are less than 25% accurate). Two-way texting helps you keep in touch with guests. Meer informatie over Wisely
Qudini is the market-leading Retail Choreography platform helping international retailers and banks to enhance the customer experience, increase store team productivity and drive profitability. Meer informatie over Qudini Suite
Ombori Grid is a SaaS platform built on Azure IoT that includes a selection of ready-made customizable IoT, Digital Signage and Mobile apps. Also includes developer tools to create your own IoT apps or Screen apps using React, Node.js, Python, C#, or other web-based technologies. Meer informatie over Ombori Grid
SignInSafe is a visitor management software designed to help visitors utilize QR codes to sign in to restaurants and other locations. The platform enables managers to gain insights into the date and time of each sign-in via self-assessment reports. Meer informatie over SignInSafe
QTix (QueueTix) is a mobile-based application for restaurants, hospitals, retail stores, banks and theme parks to manage operations, waitlists, queues, and customer bookings. Managers can track live progress of customers waiting in the queue and inform them about their turns via push alerts or SMS. Meer informatie over QueueTix
Q Waits Business is a cloud-based waitlisting software that helps businesses leverage artificial intelligence (AI) technology to manage virtual queues. Supervisors can embed check-in URLs across business websites or enable customers to receive check-in prompts through SMS. Meer informatie over Q Waits Business
DocClocker is the complete solution that enables providers to manage their patients' time in the waiting room. Meer informatie over DocClocker
VirtualQ is a cloud-based contactless digital waitlist platform designed to minimize customer exposure to real-world wait lines when visiting retail stores or restaurants. Customers can scan the business's QR code to join the virtual queue and receive automatic updates and alerts for their turn. Meer informatie over VirtualQ
Kiddo provides is a web-based waitlist software designed for child care centers. Key features include online parent applications, waitlist management, online tour booking, payment processing, and automated communications. Meer informatie over Kiddo
A complete queue management solution to meet just your demands. Appointment management, Mobile Ticket, and many more optional features allow you to adjust the solution to your Customer Journey Management needs. Meer informatie over Qmatic
Still working with physical tokens? Upgrade your customer service with Digital Tokens. This solution helps your customers to generate tokens any services of your business from anywhere. In then keeps your customers informed on the position in queue and travel time if the customer is still in route. Meer informatie over Digital Token
Digital Wait List is a waitlist and digital signage software that helps restaurant businesses check-in guests via a contactless system, optimizing the overall customer experience. It enables staff members to automatically calculate and inform customers regarding expected waiting times. Meer informatie over Digital Wait List
Easy way to book an appointment or virtual queue for a table or in an establishment with a waiting line. Meer informatie over 2cool 2q
Met Queue-it kan je team de instroom van verkeer naar je website beheren. Het fungeert als een beveiligingscontrolepunt waarmee je misbruik en slechte bots kunt blokkeren. Meer informatie over Queue-it Virtual Waiting Room
e-Flow Queue Management software is an application in the cloud to digitize the management of queues of people waiting to be served. The system operates with a digital screen where it displays automatic notifications to let customers know the progress of the queue and indicates the corresponding service window. Meer informatie over e-Flow Queue Management
Blismo is a waitlist management solution that enables organizations to manage walk-ins and appointments. The platform enables users to send automated messages for no-shows and send walk-in messages for the next appointment. The application also sends alerts to customers, informing them about their number in the queue and the time to their... Meer informatie over Blismo
OfficeFLO Sign Up & Notify is a cloud-based, HIPPA compliant waitlist management and notification software. Meer informatie over OfficeFLO Sign Up & Notify
Petal is a care coordination platform that helps healthcare managers gain a holistic view of a care setting, which in-turn greatly improves quality and access of care. The platform extends the ability to make informed decisions by connecting systems, aggregating data and enabling users to draw specific insights through advanced analytics. Meer informatie over Care Coordination

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