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Beheersysteem voor beleggingsportefeuilles
HedgeGuard biedt beheersoftware voor beleggingsportefeuilles met tools voor orders, risico en naleving en capaciteiten voor positiebehoud en rapportage. Meer informatie over HedgeGuard
Solutions for On-line businesses
Dolibarr is a business software suite to manage your activity (contacts, invoices, orders, products, stocks, agenda, emailings, and more...). It's an opensource and free software designed for companies, foundations and freelances. Available as a Cloud solution on On premise. Meer informatie over Dolibarr
Web-based investment and portfolio management system
Perfona is a cloud-based portfolio management system intended for deployment by hedge funds, RIAs, asset managers, and private equity firms, comprising key modules including portfolio accounting, investor management, order management, data warehousing, workflow automation and customizable reporting Meer informatie over Perfona
Investment management solution for financial organizations
ETNA Digital Advisor helps fund managers, registered investment advisors (RIA), and financial institutions of all sizes manage investments. The platform is a white-label solution, which enables organizations to personalize the interface with a custom logo, colors, themes, and languages. Meer informatie over ETNA Digital Advisor