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CIMS is a cemetery management software designed to help businesses store cemetery maps and records via a unified platform. It enables cemetery managers to maintain cemetery and burial records, handle administrative tasks, and view sold and available cemetery spaces across digital maps. Meer informatie over CIMS
PlotBox is a death care software solution for cemetery site operators, crematoriums and funeral directors that centralizes burial plot, deeds, contracts and records management within the cloud, linking the data to geographical maps and integrating modules including a public portal, CRM and reporting Meer informatie over Plotbox
Chronicle is a web-based cemetery management software that allows cemeteries to create custom plot maps, upload and store burial records. The solution offers tools including a cemetery builder interface, online plot map, advanced record search, document upload, audit trails, and more. Meer informatie over Chronicle
Cemify is a cloud-based cemetery records management software designed to digitize cemetery mapping, work orders, plot owner & burial records, and more. The solution also provides a public gravesite lookup, with cemetery owners given full control over which information is made available publicly. Meer informatie over Cemify
CemeteryFind is een cloudgebaseerde oplossing van Bosscan.com voor het beheer van begraafplaatsplattegronden en -dossiers waarmee begraafplaatsen hun bestaande dossiers kunnen scannen en digitaliseren, alle nieuwe en bestaande dossiers op één locatie kunnen beheren, graven kunnen zoeken, grafverkopen kunnen registreren en aktes kunnen genereren,... Meer informatie over CemeteryFind
Nexus helps companies manage the necessary administrative and financial tasks of running a death care facility. Meer informatie over Nexus
CemSites is a cloud cemetery solution which provides small to medium sized cemeteries with the tools to map graves, as well as manage client records & finances with online grave mapping technology, an accounts receivables finance module, website integration, inventory management, & more Meer informatie over CemSites
byondpro is the comprehensive, end-to-end solution for managing all aspects of your funeral home, cemetery, or crematory business. Meer informatie over byondpro
Ecclesiared is software voor kerkbeheer die is ontworpen om parochies en bisdommen te helpen bij het beheren van accounts, begraafniches, websites, donaties, documenten, ledenregisters, dossiers en meer op een gecentraliseerd platform. Kerkbeheerders kunnen een database met pastorale medewerkers bijhouden. Meer informatie over Ecclesiared
Grave Discover Software is an online cemetery management software that helps cemetery managers monitor spaces, and maintain records & grave images. The mobile-responsive solution enables digitization of data & documents, and allows both cemetery staff and visitors to search for records and burials. Meer informatie over Grave Discover Software

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