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Tijdregistratie met schermopnamen, voor teams op afstand.
Hubstaff is cloudgebaseerde tijdregistratiesoftware met functies zoals schermopnamen, activiteitenbewaking, automatische loonlijst, geavanceerde rapporten, realtime tracking, facturering, planning en GPS, evenals zowel online als offline trackingmogelijkheden. Het kan ook worden geïntegreerd met een reeks tools van derden. Meer informatie over Hubstaff
Fleet tracking intelligence
Accurately measure your fleet's performance, uncover hidden costs and opportunities for improved efficiency with Verizon Connect. Meer informatie over Verizon Connect Reveal
Affordable Asset Tracking & Inventory Management
A cloud-based asset tracking solution that includes patented GPS tracking QR code labels, mobile apps and award winning features. Meer informatie over GoCodes Asset Management
All-in-one fleet operations management platform
Samsara is a fleet operations management platform which helps various industries including transportation, logistics & construction streamline fleet operations with features like GPS fleet tracking, ELD compliance, routing & dispatch, documents, reporting & alerts, & more Meer informatie over Samsara
Web/mobile GPS vehicle management saving customers $9,462
Azuga is a web-based fleet management solution that allows fleet operators to track vehicle status and reward drivers for following safety instructions Meer informatie over Azuga Fleet
Real-Time GPS Fleet Tracking System for Local Service Fleets
ClearPathGPS is a web-based real-time GPS vehicle tracking and fleet management system that helps small to mid-size local fleets streamline their field operations. No contracts. Suspend or cancel any vehicle at anytime. $20/month. 5-star rated customer service and support. Meer informatie over ClearPathGPS
Mobile-friendly vehicle and fleet tracking system
RAM Tracking is a web-based vehicle GPS tracking solution providing access to real-time and historic information about a fleet and its vehicles Meer informatie over RAM Tracking
Fleet & GPS tracking system
Rhino Fleet Tracking is a vehicle fleet tracking service with integrated GPS Google Maps tracking, route management tools, after hours alerts and reporting Meer informatie over Rhino Fleet Tracking
GPS time tracking for employees
Timeero is an employee time and location tracking tool for both mobile and desktop. With the cloud-based Timeero platform, employees can clock in and out of shifts and log hours worked automatically, whilst employers can track billable hours and locations of their workforce and generate timesheets. Meer informatie over Timeero
Real-time GPS vehicle, fleet and asset tracking
Linxup is a GPS tracking and fleet management solution for organizations of all sizes — from one vehicle to thousands — that are looking to improve the efficiency and safety of their fleet, as well as reduce costs and operating expenses. Meer informatie over Linxup GPS Tracking
The modern fleet management & GPS tracking platform.
The KeepTruckin fleet management solution helps fleets of all types track vehicles with real-time GPS, automate operations, simplify compliance, and protect their business with dashcams—all in one place. Meer informatie over KeepTruckin
GPS fleet tracking and automation software
Teletrac Navman DIRECTOR is a GPS vehicle tracking software which helps businesses monitor the position and operations of the vehicles in their fleet. Meer informatie over Teletrac Navman DIRECTOR
Cloud-based dispatch & industrial asset management solution
CRO Software is a cloud-based transportation dispatch solution which helps small to large enterprises manage routing, invoicing, recycling, asset tracking, & industrial waste. The solution provides centralized access to customers, drivers, dispatchers & management via an interactive dashboard. Meer informatie over Cro Software Solutions
Fleet management & telematics for small to large businesses
TomTom Webfleet enables companies to increase productivity by getting the right driver to the right place, at the right time, safely & efficiently. Meer informatie over WEBFLEET
Protecting and connecting over 1 million drivers worldwide.
Lytx is a leading provider of video telematics, safety and productivity solutions for commercial and public sector fleets. The unrivaled Driver Safety Program, DriveCam® Event Recorder, and proprietary machine vision + artificial intelligence technology are proven to help save lives and reduce risk. Meer informatie over Lytx
Business fleet management with GPS vehicle location tracking
Zubie (Business) is a GPS-based tracking system for professional fleet management that uses a plug-and-play cellular device placed in the OBDII port of each car, van or truck to deliver proximity updates on a live map, vehicle health features for tracking maintenance and driver performance feedback Meer informatie over Zubie
Distributie- en leveringsbeheer.
Elite EXTRA is een oplossing voor operationeel management die ontworpen is om bedrijven van elke omvang te helpen bij het plannen en stroomlijnen van distributie- en leveringsprocessen. Het platform legt orders in realtime vast, waardoor organisaties de volledige route- en dispatchprocedure kunnen beheren. Meer informatie over Elite EXTRA
Fleet management solution for business with 10-150 vehicles
Carmalink is a no-hassle GPS tracking and driver safety solution for construction and service fleets Meer informatie over CarmaLink
GPS fleet tracking & management for businesses of all sizes
Connect Fleet is a cloud-based, GPS-enabled fleet management solution designed to help businesses of all sizes across a range of industries such as civil construction & heavy machinery, transport, logistics, mining & utilities, government & public sector, equipment hire & service industries. Meer informatie over Connect Fleet
Fleet management solution for trucking businesses
Switchboard is a cloud-based transportation management solution that helps trucking businesses streamline fleet and logistics operations. The platform enables users to maintain service logs with drivers’ working hours and change duty status to on-duty, driving, sleeper berth, or off-duty. Meer informatie over Switchboard
White label GPS tracking & fleet management
Navixy is an all-in-one GPS tracking & fleet management solution with rich functionality, advanced features and custom white labeling for businesses of any size Meer informatie over Navixy
#1 Fleet Management for US Businesses
Automile is a cloud-based fleet management solution that leverages Smartphone tracking features to monitor vehicle location, performance, cost and maintenance Meer informatie over Automile
Cloud-based GPS tracking solution for small to midsize firms
Gentrifi GPS Tracking is a cloud-based solution designed for small to midsize logistic companies. The platform enables businesses to manage vehicle tracking, transportation costs, driver accountability, fuel costs, maintenance, and more via global positioning system (GPS). Meer informatie over Gentrifi GPS Tracking
GPS tracking solutions for fleet owners
PosiTrace is a cloud-based GPS tracking solution, which assists businesses with real-time tracking of their fleet vehicles and equipment. Key features include map views, alerts, route management, satellite network, data processing, location tracking, and reporting. Meer informatie over PosiTrace
Mobile app based survey data collection tool
Harvest Your Data is an online survey data collection tool designed for iPhone, iPad and Android mobile users for creating, sharing and collecting surveys Meer informatie over Harvest Your Data
Fleet management with remote vehicle and asset tracking
Mapon is a complete fleet management solution with tools for remotely monitoring vehicles and assets through real-time GPS tracking Meer informatie over Mapon
Real-time GPS vehicle tracking & reporting
Quartix is a real-time GPS vehicle tracking and reporting solution for fleets and field service providers. It can be used to track trucks, coaches, vans, and cars using any internet connected device, and helps to manage vehicle maintenance, employee behavior, fuel, taxes, and more. Meer informatie over Quartix
Multi-functional fleet management with GPS vehicle tracking
Trakzee is a fleet management and GPS vehicle tracking solution for any type of enterprise vehicle tracking including cars, trucks, bikes, or buses. Users can track their fleet, monitor maintenance requirements, assess driver performance, and more within Trakzee. Meer informatie over Trakzee
GPS Tracking & Fleet Management Software - Vehicle Tracking
Linxio, formerly known as Ready Track, is a GPS fleet tracking & management solution for businesses of all sizes. The cloud-based platform offers modules for fleet and vehicle tracking, asset management, driver safety monitoring, job dispatch management, compliance management, & inspections. Meer informatie over Linxio
Fleet intelligence solution with ELD integration
M2M In Motion is a cloud-based fleet management and intelligence platform that helps small to large businesses in the transportation industry track assets using global positioning system (GPS), electronic logging devices (ELD), onboard videos, and custom reports. Meer informatie over M2M In Motion
Fleet management and GPS tracking solution
Btracking is a cloud-based GPS tracking and fleet management solution, which helps businesses in the transportation industry track & manage fleet vehicles, machinery, & field equipment via a GPS system. Key features include vehicle activity monitoring, maintenance scheduling, & location reporting. Meer informatie over Btracking
Fleet management solution for the transportation industry
Omnitracs is a fleet management solution designed to help transportation businesses manage driver inspections, vehicle navigation, and staff communications. Users can collect data related to fuel taxes, driver behavior, and vehicle inspections to generate reports to ensure regulatory compliance. Meer informatie over Omnitracs
Fleet management with GPS tracking
Veturilo is a fleet and vehicle management platform for businesses with small to medium-sized fleets. Using an onboard diagnostic device, the platform captures and sends real-time data for each fleet vehicle such as trip distance, fuel level, speed, battery level, temperature, engine alerts & more. Meer informatie over Veturilo
Mobile communication & GPS tracking solution
VIA Mobile is a communications platform designed to help logistics businesses track and manage loads via mobile devices. Features include GPS tracking, text messaging, a multi-language interface, document imaging, data synchronization, position reports, and chat. Meer informatie over VIA Mobile
Fleet management & GPS tracking software
simTRAC, from simPRO, is a GPS fleet management and real-time vehicle tracking solution for fleet managers to monitor and communicate with field employees Meer informatie over simTRAC
GPS-enabled fleet management tool for small to large firms
MiX Now is a SaaS fleet management platform designed for small to large businesses allowing asset managers to track the exact location of vehicles and drivers through GPS. The plug-and-play interface of the software enables users to manage overtime, behavior, maintenance, fuel consumption and more. Meer informatie over MiX Now
GPS telematics tracking solution for fleet managers
Momentum IoT is a cloud-based GPS telematics tracking solution designed to help businesses automate processes for live vehicle tracking to provide location visibility. Users can locate trucks from multiple devices using pins to map trip deviations from trips and track the distance from job sites. Meer informatie over Momentum IoT
Cloud-based platform for streamlining dispatch operations
SimpliRoute is a cloud-based fleet management solution that helps delivery businesses track & manage dispatching operations using GPS. It lets users import destination addresses into the platform and calculate optimal routes for drivers, which can be accessed through native iOS & Android apps. Meer informatie over SimpliRoute
Smartrak is a comprehensive fleet management platform.
Smartrak is a fleet management platform that offers mobility and car sharing solutions designed for organizations in government, education, or healthcare industries. Key features include customized portfolios, motor pool management, data analytics, key management, and asset productivity tracking. Meer informatie over Smartrak
GPS-enabled fleet tracking solution
Driveroo FleetAbout is a cloud-based solution that helps fleet businesses in the transport industry track vehicles across multiple locations. The GPS asset tracking functionality enables supervisors to view the location of multiple or individual drivers on a single map. Meer informatie over Driveroo FleetAbout