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Moxtra is een integreerbare, meerlaagse en cloudgebaseerde samenwerkingstool voor teams met functies voor communicatie, contentbeheer, het delen van bestanden, het plannen van vergaderingen en meer. Meer informatie over Moxo
Cash App is a web-based finance mobile application designed to help businesses send money, design debit cards, and buy stocks and bitcoins. With $cashtag, users can send and receive money using multiple devices. Meer informatie over Cash App
Samsung Pay is a mobile banking software that helps businesses of all sizes add Visa, Mastercard, and American Express cards to process payments. The platform enables administrators to offer cards, coupons, and certificates with barcodes and update loyalty programs. Meer informatie over Samsung Pay
Chime is a mobile banking software designed to help teams and individuals streamline tax returns, unemployment benefits, paycheck deposits, and government stimulus payouts. It lets users track account balances and daily transactions, receive balance notifications and transaction alerts, and send money to friends and family. Meer informatie over Chime
Trovata is een cloudgebaseerd open banking platform dat is ontworpen om bedrijven te helpen bij het beheren, voorspellen, analyseren en automatiseren van kasstromen. Het gecentraliseerde dashboard is vooraf geïntegreerd met banken en stelt gebruikers in staat om saldi, transacties en positionering van contant geld op rekeningen te volgen en te... Meer informatie over Trovata
EBANQ® is a web-based, mobile-ready online banking system for NeoBanks, Electronic Money Institutions (EMIs) and other financial service providers. We can have your fully branded system online in 24 hours! Meer informatie over EBANQ
PayNet offers fully managed and ready to use - Neo Banking and Payment software solutions to enable use cases on: - Payments - Lending - Deposits Meer informatie over PayNet Banking Platform
Canopus EpaySuite is een kant-en-klaar softwareplatform voor bankieren en betalingen voor fintechs, digitale banken, betalingsverwerkers. De oplossingsfunctionaliteit biedt onboarding van klanten en AML (Anti-Money Laundering), digitaal bankieren, SWIFT/SEPA-betalingen, forex, betalingen aan kaarten, kaartuitgifte en acquisitie. Meer informatie over Macrobank
Kapowai Online Banking is a multifunctional remote banking system which allows users to manage accounts, cards, payments, transfers, and more, all in real-time Meer informatie over Kapowai Online Banking
eBanking is een cloudgebaseerde oplossing die is ontworpen om bedrijven te helpen bij het automatiseren van processen voor het uitvoeren van financiële transacties met behulp van mobiel bankieren, financiële rapportage en marketingtools. Met deze oplossing met touchfunctionaliteit kunnen gebruikers factuurbetalingen beheren via mobiele apparaten... Meer informatie over eBanking
Backbase is een cloudgebaseerde oplossing die financiële instellingen helpt bij het stroomlijnen van de processen voor digitaal bankieren, klantervaring, gebruikersbeheer en meer. Het is ontworpen om particuliere banken te helpen bij het vanaf een gecentraliseerd platform beheren van het openen van rekeningen, de introductie van klanten en het... Meer informatie over Backbase
Bankingly is a cloud-based solution designed to help financial institutions automate online banking processes via iOS and Android mobile applications. It lets users manage credit card and loan payments across multiple locations. Meer informatie over Bankingly
Omnibanca is an omnichannel banking platform designed to help cooperatives and neo banks manage campaigns and streamline various administrative processes, such as customer experience, payment processing, document management, and more. Meer informatie over Omnibanca
The Alkami Platform provides financial institutions a complete digital banking solution to securely onboard, engage, & grow retail & business users for banks & credit unions. Clients set the pace of innovation with customized user experiences via our platform & extensive fintech partner ecosystem. Meer informatie over Alkami Platform
Mobile Money is een op de cloud gebaseerde oplossing voor mobiel bankieren die kleine tot middelgrote bedrijven helpt bij het opzetten van services voor geldstortingen, geld-uitbetalingen, online betalingen, betalingen van persoon tot verkoper en meer. Het platform biedt een veilige portemonnee-op-een-telefoon-service via mobiele operators. Meer informatie over Telepin Mobile Money
CAVU is a white label mobile banking solution which allows banking businesses to create and manage custom mobile apps for online banking. Features of CAVU apps include account management, bill transfers, loan management, goal setting and tracking, a branch locator, and payment scheduling. Meer informatie over CAVU
Cyberbank is the next-gen digital and core banking platform from Technisys that redefines the customer experience. Meer informatie over Cyberbank
BankWorld Mobile is a cloud-based solution designed to help businesses manage financial transactions using mobile devices with the aim of increasing customer satisfaction. It lets users send and receive text messages to pay utility bills, generate mini statements, display account balances, and more. Meer informatie over BankWorld Mobile
Q2 is a cloud-based mobile banking platform, which assists banks and credit unions with customer experience management and compliance. Key features include payment processing, process automation, data mapping, transaction monitoring, data security, fraud mitigation, and analytics. Meer informatie over Q2 Platform
MyBank is a cloud-based mobile banking platform, which assists banks and financial institutions with payment processing and transaction monitoring. It enables customers to view account information, locate nearby branches, and receive notifications and alerts sent by banks. Meer informatie over MyBank
Kuber Video Banking is a cloud-based solution designed to help financial institutions manage mobile banking processes by connecting customers with bank executives. It lets clients interact with bankers using mobile devices across multiple locations to streamline customer onboarding & engagement. Meer informatie over Kuber
ndgit is a banking solution designed to help businesses in the finance sector streamline the online processing of various financial services in a centralized dashboard. It envisions itself as an intermediary between banks, insurance companies, and customers. Meer informatie over ndgit
Alviere Hive is a banking software that offers FDIC-insured banking services to customers and processes payments via credit cards, ACH transactions, and more. Supervisors can create customizable branded cards and streamline cross-border transactions in multiple currencies. Meer informatie over Alviere Hive
OmniPLUS - An all-in-one mobile and online banking platform covering all the banks products and services accessible to customers in the mobile channel anytime anywhere 24/7. Accelerate your digital transformation and deliver a seamless and optimised customer experience across any device and channel. Meer informatie over OmniPLUS+
Banco Original is a digital banking institution, which offers a broad portfolio of services and products for individuals and companies. To eliminate bureaucracy, the institution allows all its services to be managed by computer, cell phone, or tablet. Meer informatie over Banco Original
Neon is a fintech institution with financial services that are completely digital, including opening and operating current accounts with no maintenance fees, applying for credit and debit cards, virtual cards for online shopping in Brazil and abroad, instant money transfers, and more. Meer informatie over Neon
Oracle Banking Digital Experience is an online banking systems solution designed to help businesses manage finances, bulk payments, investments, virtual accounts, liquidities, and more from within a unified platform. Meer informatie over Oracle Banking Digital Experience
Kofax Mobile Bill Pay is a tool for fast-tracking the payment of bills by decoding the data present on paper documents. The software also offers the possibility of streamlining the management of a large number of beneficiaries. The program can also process data from checks. Meer informatie over Kofax Mobile Bill Pay
CapitalDigital is an online banking platform designed to help organizations manage retail, corporate and private banking services, maintain digital wallets, and streamline customer onboarding, real-time support, and market segmentation, among other processes from within a unified platform. Teams can gain insights into utilized features through... Meer informatie over CapitalDigital
CFG is a suite of software tools for financial institutions that allows clients to access their services remotely. It comes with an AI chatbot capable of over carrying out 500 banking tasks, customizable interfaces, a mobile-first design, transactional caps, and various user or client restrictions. Meer informatie over CFG
Whether you're running a small business, or want to get your own money in order, Money by QuickBooks helps users manage accounts and finances. Money gives businesses a real business bank account and debit card so users can manage their money anywhere. Meer informatie over Money
FinCell is white label mobile banking app. FinCell helps financial institutions go mobile in weeks rather than months starting with our rich out of box functionality. Meer informatie over FinCell
FRONTeO e-banking is a platform for web & mobile banking. It was specifically created for corporate banks and retail. Meer informatie over FRONTeO e-banking
Citizen enables instant cardless payments between businesses and their customers. We use open banking for direct, secure access to all retail banks, ensuring an easy and smooth account-to-account transfer of funds that's 36x faster than cards (and more cost-effective too!). Meer informatie over Citizen PayBlox

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