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Software voor voedingsanalyse, maaltijdplanning en CRM
Nutrium stelt zorgprofessionals in staat om patiënten het juiste voedingsadvies te geven en betere resultaten en tevredenheid voor hen te bereiken via een mobiele app voor klanten. Meer informatie over Nutrium
CRM and meal planning system for nutritionists & dietitians
NutriAdmin is a client relationship management (CRM) solution for nutritionists, dietitians and therapists, with features spanning Electronic Medical Record management, meal planning, shopping list creation, nutritional analysis, questionnaires, online payment, appointment scheduling, and reporting Meer informatie over NutriAdmin
Nutrition analysis solution for dieticians and practitioners
DietMaster Pro is a cloud-based nutrition analysis solution, which helps dietitians, health centers, medical practitioners and food service businesses to plan meals and generate nutritional reports. Key features include dietary analysis, goal tracking, client data management, and messaging. Meer informatie over DietMaster Pro
Making food information more accessible when it matters most
Nutritics are a provider of cloud-based nutritional and dietary analysis solutions for healthcare, sports, caterers, manufacturers and education, with product features across meal planning, recipe analysis, diet and activity logging, reporting, plus a free mobile app for iOS and Android devices. Meer informatie over Nutritics
Nutrition analysis and recipe costing tool
a la calc is a cloud-based nutritional analysis and label generation solution which allows users to create UK and EU-compliant food labels for their products. The platform offers UK and US nutrient databases, real-time nutritional analysis, RDA and GDA calculations, cost breakdowns, and more. Meer informatie over a la calc
Online nutrition analysis & label generation solution
LabelCalc is a nutrition analysis solution designed for US-based food manufacturers to create FDA-approved labels for their product packaging. The web-based platform offers more than 18,000 pre-analyzed ingredients in a USDA ingredients database, label downloads, serving size calculations, and more. Meer informatie over LabelCalc
Nutritional Tech
MenuSano is an online nutrition analysis software designed to help restaurants, hospitality, and food services to calculate & analyze the nutritional value of their food. The platform includes 200,000 ingredients in the built-in USDA & Canadian Nutrient File and UK databases. Meer informatie over MenuSano
Nutrition analysis & food label software
Nutraid is food label software that allows manufacturers to calculate nutritional values & generate compliant nutrition labels for their products. The platform offers a range of features including recipe management, water loss calculation, and agile product development for small & medium businesses. Meer informatie over Nutraid