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Kwaliteitsbeheer voor grote ondernemingen
MasterControl is een elektronisch systeem voor kwaliteitsborging (eQMS) dat voldoet aan de FDA-voorschriften en ISO-kwaliteitsnormen. Meer informatie over MasterControl
Software voor het beheer van milieu, gezondheid en veiligheid (MGV)
De uitgebreide software voor MGV-beheer van VelocityEHS omvat risicoanalyse, incidentbeheer, correctieve actie, nalevingsbeheer, ergonomie en nog veel meer. Meer informatie over VelocityEHS
De softwareoplossing voor arbeidsveiligheid, milieubeheer en duurzaamheid.
Quentic is uw oplossing voor arbeidsveiligheid, milieubeheer en duurzaamheid. De web gebaseerde software is vakkundig, kent uw taken en verenigt alle functies die u nodig heeft in één pakket. Meer informatie over Quentic Netherlands B.V.
Cloudgebaseerd auditbeheerplatform
audits.io is een cloudgebaseerd auditbeheerplatform voor organisaties van elke omvang, ontworpen om het auditproces te stroomlijnen en de resultaten visueel weer te geven. Meer informatie over audits.io
Project management & delivery software for industries
Dashpivot is a flexible project management and delivery solution which enables construction, oil & gas, mining and other industrial companies to improve how they do work and deliver projects. Dashpivot organizes and automates the movement of site data and then displays it in workflows and analytics. Meer informatie over Dashpivot
Next generation QMS software for compliance and automation.
Intellect provides next generation QMS software for compliance and digital transformation. Meet FDA compliance and ISO standards while also enhancing business productivity. Meer informatie over Intellect
Quality, work, and safety management software
DevonWay is a Quality, Work, & Safety management software tailored to exact requirements to achieve compliance, continuous improvement & safe work environments Meer informatie over DevonWay
Enterprise quality management software system
IQS Enterprise Quality Management Software: audits, supplier quality, nonconformance, corrective actions, inspections, document control and employee training. Meer informatie over IQS Enterprise Quality Management Software
Web-based EHS and quality management software
EHS Management is a web-based software for environment, health, and safety that optimizes business performance and enables regulatory compliance for companies Meer informatie over Intelex
Software voor mobiele formulieren voor inspectie, audits en veiligheidscontroles.
Form.com is een webgebaseerde oplossing voor het automatiseren van formulieren, met ondersteuning voor op maat gemaakte formulieren, formulierimplementatie en het beheer van de gegevens die in de formulieren worden verzameld. Meer informatie over Form.com
Your adaptable & easy to use quality management solution
The most adaptable & easy to use quality management software. The QT9 QMS is a highly modular web-based system designed for biomedical, pharmaceutical, medical device, aerospace and general manufacturing companies. Automate ISO 9001, ISO 13485 with FDA 21 CFR Part 11 electronic signature compliance. Meer informatie over QT9 Quality Management
Your Tool for Inspecting & Improving Quality
RizePoint’s quality management software helps you proactively manage your quality and supplier programs. We’ve been working with companies across the globe for over 20 years to help them collect and analyze data to create meaningful reports, spots trends, and improve processes with the ultimate goal Meer informatie over RizePoint
Quality and compliance management solution for businesses
ZenQMS is a cloud-based solution that assists businesses with quality management, employee training, and regulatory compliance. Key features include document management, change control, issue tracking, auditing, data export, notifications, and reporting. Meer informatie over ZenQMS
Web based EHS management solution for SMBs
EHS Insight is a multi-feature solution for managing incidents, risk, audits and safety at workplaces. Meer informatie over EHS Insight
Quality management (EQMS) for highly regulated industries
TrackWise quality management provides a centralized system for managing, tracking, and reporting issues and actions while reducing risk and managing compliance Meer informatie over TrackWise
Competency-based online safety training
SafetySkills is a competency-based online safety training and learning management solution designed for use across a range of industries including food services, hospitality, construction, pharmaceuticals & laboratory, oil & gas safety, general industry, defense & homeland security, and more. Meer informatie over SafetySkills
Web-based safety management software
Industry Safe is a web-based safety management software that enables enterprises to comply with regulations and track incidents, corrective actions, and more. Meer informatie over IndustrySafe
Safety management system with predictive analytics & AI
SafetyNet employs artificial intelligence & predictive analytics to keep workplaces ahead of disaster by recording data from on-site observations & inspections Meer informatie over SafetyNet
Modular, mobile, online EHS management software
BasicSafe supports workplaces with managing compliance documentation and safety training, identify and track incidents, schedule audits, store permits and more Meer informatie over BasicSafe
Automated management of corrective and preventative action
CAPA Manager is a cloud-based solution for managing corrective and preventative actions, promising automated issue assignment, tracking and reporting features Meer informatie over CAPA Manager
Flexible. Interconnected. Comprehensive.
AdaptiveGRC is different because it has been designed and built as one, unified and integrated governance, risk management and compliance product suite. The software has a common and easy-to-use application interface and data framework throughout, allowing it to be very agile. Meer informatie over Adaptive GRC
Quality, compliance, safety, and risk management
Q-Pulse is a quality, safety, and risk management system offering tools for audit management, document control incident management, corrective actions, and more Meer informatie over Q-Pulse
InfinityQS Frost & Sullivan's Product Leadership Award
Anything less than best practices in your Quality Intelligence solution just won’t do any more. InfinityQS Enact® is the winner of Frost & Sullivan's North American SPC Product Leadership Award. Use real-time statistical process control to give insight into process performance & product quality. Meer informatie over InfinityQS - Enact
Safety management software
iReportSource is a cloud-based safety management software which provides companies with a comprehensive digital workflow to enable paperless operation. The platform offers tools for incident & injury reporting, audit tracking, safety training & qualifications tracking, OSHA compliance, and more. Meer informatie over iReportSource
Cloud-based workflow management solution for Compliance.
Process Manager is a cloud-based workflow management solution for compliance. Equipped with data integrity features required for FDA compliance, the software helps manufacturers optimize workflow efficiency on the production floor, while enhancing real-time operational visibility for managers. Meer informatie over Process Manager
Regulatory compliance & quality management software system
AssurX is a quality management & regulatory compliance platform for highly regulated industries, including energy & utilities, life sciences, manufacturing, food & beverage, and high tech manufacturers. The solution offers tools for managing audits, complaints, documents, risks, training, and more. Meer informatie over AssurX