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Cauliflower is een analysetool voor klantfeedback die AI gebruikt om bruikbare inzichten te bieden over klantfeedback voor CX- en productteams, marketeers en consultants. Meer informatie over Cauliflower
Het verstoort traditionele methoden door een gebruiksvriendelijke visuele assistentieoplossing te bieden, zodat organisaties de kosten kunnen verlagen en de klantenservice kunnen verbeteren, wat de CO2-uitstoot vermindert en het welzijn en de naleving van het personeel verbetert. Meer informatie over Fixzy Assist
cnvrg.io is een platform voor gegevenswetenschappen dat bedrijven in verschillende sectoren, waaronder financiën, gezondheidszorg, media, IT, lucht- en ruimtevaart en auto's, van onderzoek tot implementatie helpt bij het bouwen, automatiseren en beheren van de volledige levenscyclus van machine learning. Meer informatie over cnvrg.io
Amplifire is an adaptive eLearning platform that detects and corrects misinformation and knowledge gaps that can lead to errors. Meer informatie over Amplifire
Appen is een door kunstmatige intelligentie ondersteund platform dat is ontworpen om bedrijven in de sectoren informatietechnologie, automobiel, detailhandel, gezondheidszorg en andere sectoren toegang te geven tot trainingsgegevens om toepassingen te implementeren. Met de software kunnen werknemers activiteiten voor natuurlijke taalverwerking,... Meer informatie over Appen
Comet provides a self-hosted and cloud-based meta machine learning platform allowing data scientists and teams to track, compare, explain and optimize experiments and models. Meer informatie over Comet
The Lityx platform, LityxIQ, delivers simplified AI for organizations of any size, offering true decision intelligence at all points of an enterprise in a no-code environment. LityxIQ combines automated machine learning with mathematical optimization in a single platform to automate decision-making. Meer informatie over Lityx
Neural Designer is a user-friendly app for data science and machine learning. It allows you to build AI-powered applications without coding or building block diagrams. Meer informatie over Neural Designer
Size recommendation: helping customers to buy clothing/shoes in the size that fits them best, utilising AI powered technology that matches customers' body/foot shape/dimensions to garment/shoe specifications. Build a competitive advantage with technology which understands differences in every SKU. Meer informatie over Prime AI
Valohai is a private deep learning management platform that helps enterprises to automate their deep learning infrastructure. The platform enables data scientists to manage machine orchestration, pipelines, and version control automation, with data visualization & real-time monitoring. Meer informatie over Valohai
Môveo.AI is a conversational AI platform that enables businesses to design, deploy and manage omnichannel AI virtual assistants Meer informatie over Môveo.AI
Pachyderm is the leader in data versioning and pipelines for MLOps. We help data science teams operationalize the data tasks in their ML lifecycle to iterate on data more quickly & reliably. Pachyderm’s data foundation allows data science teams to automate & scale their machine learning lifecycle. Meer informatie over Pachyderm
With industrytics, you can automatically connect, analyse and visualise all metrics and data about your business and feedback from your stakeholders in an intelligent 360° business dashboard and receive data-driven and AI-powered improvement suggestions for your SME business. Meer informatie over Industrytics
DataRobot is an automated machine learning platform enabling businesses to build and deploy machine learning models and create advanced AI applications with AI and ML experts. The platform captures best practices and safeguards to accelerate and scale new and existing data science capabilities. Meer informatie over DataRobot
AWS provides machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) solutions designed to help businesses analyze data insights, personalize the customer experience, optimize business processes, and more. Meer informatie over Machine Learning on AWS
MLS is a cloud-based learning management system, which helps enterprises provide context-based information to mechanical engineers and train them using a combination of individual practical and targeted self-learning methods. Meer informatie over MLS
Thinkzoom is a learning management software that helps organizations to create groups, build courses, generate user reports, track progress, and more on a centralized platform. It allows trainers to utilize the course authoring tool to record video lessons with voice narrations and screen captures. Meer informatie over HSI LMS
Amazon Rekognition is a video and image analysis solution that utilizes pre-trained and customizable computer vision capabilities to extract data from videos and images. Meer informatie over Amazon Rekognition
Optimize process performances thanks to Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Analytics. Meer informatie over DATAmaestro
OTO is een spraakanalyse-API en AI-aangedreven spraakinformatietechnologie die het klantsentiment door middel van spraaktoon analyseert. Het platform kan worden gebruikt door callcenters, zorgverleners, aanbieders van thuistechnologie en robotica-ontwikkelaars om spraakgegevens te begrijpen en te benutten. Meer informatie over OTO
Dataloop is an image and video annotation platform designed to help businesses in retail, robotics, media, agriculture, and other industries generate training datasets, manage data workflows, and run production models to accelerate vision AI. Meer informatie over Dataloop
Maple manages mathematical needs and allows calculations to be treated like like the valuable assets they are. Meer informatie over Maple
Scale Document AI is a cloud-based data extraction solution for businesses in the logistics, financial services, and healthcare industries, which provides features such as machine learning model customization, data input and output, automated document annotation, and visual analytics. Meer informatie over Scale Document AI
Scale Rapid is a robotic process automation software designed to help businesses generate production-quality labeled data. Administrators can receive labeled calibration data and feedback to scale production volume on a unified interface. Meer informatie over Scale Rapid
Redhero Group combines technology with marketing, sales and psychology intelligence to create engaging corporate learning experiences that heatmap employee skill, knowledge and performance levels in real time to move it and measure it against ambitious business goals, providing detailed ROI reports Meer informatie over Redhero Group
DATAGYM is een trainingsplatform op basis van machine learning en aangedreven door kunstmatige intelligentie voor datawetenschappers en machine learning-technici. Gebruikers kunnen grote hoeveelheden gegevens en afbeeldingen maken, labelen, annoteren en exporteren om computer vision-modellen en pijplijnen voor trainingsgegevens te ontwikkelen. Meer informatie over DataGym
MVISIA is a deep learning tool designed to help businesses program computer vision and machine learning solutions. The platform helps teams connect with different types of cameras such as IP, USB, and CCTV to automate monitoring of visual processes. Meer informatie over ESOS
Artificial Intelligence Assisted Management (A.I.A.M) solution from raw data to smart operations, to do better with less. The system provides SLA monitoring, skills development, lean management, business process automation, and resources sizing and allocation. Meer informatie over Datapole
amberSearch is an intelligent enterprise search engine combining the knowledge of all data sources within your company Meer informatie over amberSearch
Maple Flow combines a simple, freeform interface and a math engine. Meer informatie over Maple Flow
The Jina Suite includes tools for AI-assisted searches. Jina Search is the central tool that implements searches and is available as an open-source program. The Jina dashboard, Sina Boxe frontend, and a component depot are for developing search workflows. Meer informatie over Jina
Kili is a training data platform designed to help businesses in banking, manufacturing, and healthcare industries streamline the entire training process for artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning models, from connecting with raw data sources to preparing models, processing information, and training. The platform enables organizations to... Meer informatie over Kili
Patent Monitor is a SaaS solution for classifying and filtering large numbers of patents. By using a unique combination of NLP and Machine Learning, Patent Monitor can reduce manual workloads by around 80% and can reproduce your expert's classification behavior. Meer informatie over Patent Monitor
OPUS is a leading no-code AI platform that allows users to model historical & real time data to predict future outcomes and identify opportunities for optimization. Analyse your organisations data, uncovering unforeseen correlations between disparate systems, and root cause analysis. Meer informatie over OPUS
The NovaceneAI Platform provides a web-based interface as well as a flexible API. Algorithms can be applied to the data via the UI or programmatically, enabling business users apply AI with ease, and allows engineers to add inference capabilities quickly into ETL pipelines. Meer informatie over NovaceneAI Platform
Deep Block is a cloud-based deep learning platform that provides a no-code data labeling interface that lets users achieve your MLOps projects in days, with no prior expertise. Meer informatie over Deep Block
LAAMP is a Learning and Assessment Management Platform created to break the mould of traditional Learning Management Systems (LMS) to digitise processes and bring your organisation into a modern age. Meer informatie over LAAMP
chabaDoo is a learning management system (LMS) that helps learners acquire knowledge and skills. Teams can reuse micro-learning objects. These learning objects are breaking complex topics into smaller, manageable chunks, so learners can focus on one concept at a time, making it easier to understand and remember. Meer informatie over chabaDoo
TIMi is a unique platform for the development of analytical and predictive models. It consists of four tools that work together to improve your business including Anatella, Modeler, StarDust, and Kibella. Meer informatie over TIMi

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