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Geautomatiseerde risico- en nalevingsprocessen
LogicGate is webgebaseerde software waarmee bedrijven risico- en nalevingsactiviteiten kunnen automatiseren door hun workflow visueel te ontwerpen. Meer informatie over LogicGate
Network security and managed file transfer solution
Cornerstone MFT is a cloud-based solution, which assists enterprises, financial services and healthcare organizations with managing security and file transfers across servers. Key features include process automation, compliance management, collaboration, and data encryption. Meer informatie over Cornerstone MFT
SaaS-oplossing voor risico's, audits en naleving
StandardFusion is een SaaS-toepassing voor organisaties van elke omvang om hun GRC-programma te beheren en de beste werkwijzen voor risico's, audit en nalevingsbeheer te volgen. Meer informatie over StandardFusion
Geautomatiseerde cryptografische beveiligingscontroles voor toepassingen
Cryptosense Analyzer is controlesoftware voor cryptografiebeveiliging voor het detecteren en herstellen van kwetsbaarheden veroorzaakt door cryptografiefouten in apps of infrastructuren. Meer informatie over Cryptosense Analyzer
Ease the burden of IT auditing
Gain complete visibility and control over IT infrastructure changes and configurations Meer informatie over Netwrix Auditor
Managed File Transfer to secure and automate data exchanges.
GoAnywhere MFT is an affordable enterprise-level solution to secure, manage & automate all of your organization's file transfers through a single interface. Meer informatie over GoAnywhere MFT
Web-based governance, risk, and compliance solution
ZenGRC is a cloud-based agile compliance solution that allows organizations to manage their GRC programs and track progress using a customizable dashboard. Meer informatie over ZenGRC
Cybersecurity and compliance management platform
Apptega is a cloud-based cybersecurity solution that assists IT and compliance teams with managing cybersecurity operations. Key features include framework mapping, compliance management, collaboration, budgeting, vendor management, data synchronization, and predefined templates. Meer informatie over Apptega
Take the complexity out of the agreement process.
We help businesses around the world to finalize their agreements securely, efficiently, and conveniently. Meer informatie over Sertifi
Open source security and licenses compliance
WhiteSource is the leading solution for agile open source security and license compliance management. It integrates with your development environments and DevOps pipeline to detect open source libraries with security or compliance issues in real-time. Meer informatie over WhiteSource Software
Application security platform for businesses
Wallarm is a cloud-based application security suite designed to help organizations automate protection and security testing for websites, microservices, and APIs. Key features include perimeter scanning, traffic metrics, password management, threat detection, and pattern analysis. Meer informatie over Wallarm
Web-Based SIEM & Log Management Solution. Affordable Prices.
EventLog Analyzer is a web-based security information and event management (SIEM) solution, which assists small to large organizations with the monitoring of network devices, servers and applications. Key features include auditing, traffic analysis, threat detection, and compliance management. Meer informatie over EventLog Analyzer
Client-server payment processing with EMV certified gateway
911 Software's CreditLine is payment processing software intended for Point Of Sale (POS) and standalone application deployment, offering a choice of processor Meer informatie over Creditline
Static code analysis tool for web application security
RIPS is a static code analysis solution that helps businesses of all sizes automate and manage security testing in Java & PHP applications, detect risks/threats and implement corrective actions. It enables users to maintain and monitor scores on configurations, security and quality of applications. Meer informatie over RIPS
Platform voor het beheer van tokenization, sleutels en versleuteling
TokenEx is een cloudgebaseerd platform voor het beheer van gegevensbeveiliging, sleutels en versleuteling dat is ontworpen om kleine tot grote bedrijven te helpen met tokenization, nalevingsvoorschriften en cloudopslag om gevoelige gegevens zoals persoonlijk identificeerbare informatie (PII), betalingsgegevens (PCI), persoonlijke... Meer informatie over TokenEx
Data loss prevention and endpoint protection tool
Endpoint Protector is a data loss prevention tool which assists businesses of all sizes with data encryption and file scanning. Key features of the platform include compliance management and reporting, policy management, device control, and sensitive data identification. Meer informatie over Endpoint Protector
Auditing, monitoring and reporting tool for Office 365
O365 Manager Plus is a cloud-based reporting, auditing, monitoring and management solution for Office 365. Designed for businesses of all sizes, it helps users manage Exchange Online, Azure Active Directory, Skype, OneDrive, Microsoft Teams, & other services from a centralized dashboard. Meer informatie over O365 Manager Plus
SIEM solution for small to large organizations
Security Event Manager is a security information and event management (SIEM) solution, which assists small to large organizations with threat detection and response management. Key features include event log forwarding, reporting, file integrity, and device monitoring. Meer informatie over Security Event Manager
Security & compliance solution for installed/hosted systems
Atomic Enterprise OSSEC is a cloud-based security & compliance solution designed to help businesses automate processes for providing security for workloads in on-premise, cloud & hybrid environments. Built on an open-source security framework, users can monitor log events & route them to SIEMs. Meer informatie over Atomic Enterprise OSSEC
Cloud management platform for enterprise IT teams
CloudAware is a cloud management platform designed to help enterprise IT teams deploy and manage applications across Amazon, Azure, and Google Cloud platforms. Key features include data collection, custom fields, filtered views, data encryption, tag management, and analytics. Meer informatie over CloudAware
Cloud-based data management solution
Congruity 360 is a cloud-based risk management solution that helps organizations to manage their data and maintain compliance across processes. It enables users to track document statuses, collaborate with colleagues, and review organizational performance using charts. Meer informatie over Congruity 360
Secure collection, protection & exchange of sensitive data
VGS platform by Very Good Security enables users to securely collect, protect, and exchange sensitive data such as card details, personal finance data, identification documents, vacation rental payments, & credentials, using data redaction and alias value systems which cannot be reverse engineered Meer informatie over VGS Platform