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Security Solutions for your DevOps Process
Kiuwan is a cloud-based application security solution which combines automatic code scanning with automated management of open source components. The platform supports a range of technologies and integrates with a variety of tools such as build systems, bug tracking and code repositories. Meer informatie over Kiuwan
Kwetsbaarheidsscanner die inbreuken op beveiliging en gegevens voorkomt
Intruder is een cloudgebaseerde kwetsbaarheidsscanner die digitale middelen scant, bedreigingen identificeert en rapporten genereert. Het is ontworpen voor kleine tot middelgrote bedrijven en helpt gebruikers met geautomatiseerde beoordelingen, foutopsporing, patchbeheer, netwerkbeveiliging, gegevensversleuteling en hybride penetratietesten. Meer informatie over Intruder
Threat-centric vulnerability management
Skybox Vulnerability Control enables threat-centric vulnerability prioritization and scanless vulnerability assessments to address security challenges within large, complex networks. Get visibility of your attack surface to analyze, prioritize and remediate your riskiest vulnerabilities fast. Meer informatie over Skybox Vulnerability Control
Geïntegreerd beheer van kwetsbaarheden en netwerkbeveiliging
Acunetix is een oplossing voor cybersecurity die automatische technologie voor het testen van de webbeveiliging biedt voor het scannen en controleren van complexe, geverifieerde, HTML5- en JavaScript-intensieve websites om kwetsbaarheden zoals XSS, SQL-injectie en meer te detecteren. Meer informatie over Acunetix
Veiligheidsscanning en Vulnerability Management
Netsparker Security Scanner identificeert automatisch XSS, SQL Injection en andere kwetsbaarheden in websites, webapplicaties en webservices. Meer informatie over Netsparker Security Scanner
Vulnerability management software
Centraleyezer is a vulnerability tracking solution which provides centralized dashboards and reporting, automated follow-ups, and escalation processes for tracking and managing vulnerabilities. The system is designed to facilitate collaboration between security analysts, managers, and asset owners. Meer informatie over Centraleyezer
Platformoverschrijdend patchbeheer voor ondernemingen van elke omvang
Met Patch Manager Plus kunnen gebruikers patches voor Windows, Mac, Linux en meer dan 550 toepassingen van derden automatiseren en een complete geautomatiseerde patchimplementatie aanbieden. Meer informatie over ManageEngine Patch Manager Plus
Geautomatiseerde cryptografische beveiligingscontroles voor toepassingen
Cryptosense Analyzer is controlesoftware voor cryptografiebeveiliging voor het detecteren en herstellen van kwetsbaarheden veroorzaakt door cryptografiefouten in apps of infrastructuren. Meer informatie over Cryptosense Analyzer
Vulnerability assessment solution for security practitioners
Nessus is a cloud-based vulnerability assessment solution designed to help security practitioners identity and resolve vulnerabilities to protect organizations against various security risks. It comes with pre-defined templates which can be customized by users to scan for critical vulnerabilities. Meer informatie over Nessus
Cloud-based platform for patch management
Automox is a cloud-based cyber hygiene and patch management solution that helps enterprises streamline endpoint protection and minimize cyber threats across all devices. The centralized platform provides users with an overview of devices requiring patch approvals, system updates, or troubleshooting. Meer informatie over Automox
All Your Apps. Instantly Available.
Rubrik brings instant application availability to hybrid cloud enterprises for recovery, search, cloud, & development. See what Rubrik can do for you! Meer informatie over Rubrik
Softwareoplossingen voor bedrijfsveiligheid
De bedrijfsveiligheidsoplossingen van Resolver omvatten incidentbeheer en rapportage, onderzoek en casemanagement, command center en ESRM. Meer informatie over Resolver
Cloud-based certificate lifecycle management automation
Keyhub is a cloud-based certificate lifecycle management automation platform which discovers, organizes, and tracks all enterprise SSL/TLS certificates. Features include public & private certificates management, real-time automatic discovery, expiration date tracking, issue identification, and more. Meer informatie over Keyhub
Open source security and licenses compliance
WhiteSource is the leading solution for agile open source security and license compliance management. It integrates with your development environments and DevOps pipeline to detect open source libraries with security or compliance issues in real-time. Meer informatie over WhiteSource Software
Data and device protection for businesses of all sizes
DriveStrike is a cloud-based data and device protection solution which helps businesses of all sizes with data security and compliance. Key features include incident management, policy management, automated device recognition, real time monitoring, and remote locking. Meer informatie over DriveStrike
Application security platform for businesses
Wallarm is a cloud-based application security suite designed to help organizations automate protection and security testing for websites, microservices, and APIs. Key features include perimeter scanning, traffic metrics, password management, threat detection, and pattern analysis. Meer informatie over Wallarm
Network security & access management solution
Fyde is a cloud-based network security solution designed to assist enterprises with providing partners and contractors privileged access to corporate resources and applications. Key features include policy management, application segmentation, threat detection, and identity management. Meer informatie over Fyde
Prioritize your scan data
Kenna is an essential platform for anyone who performs vulnerability scans. It correlates active Internet breach data, exploit data, and industry-leading threat feeds with internal scan data, enabling security professionals to pinpoint "what to fix first" within their specific environment, across all of their groups of assets. Meer informatie over Kenna
Instant Visibility, Continuous Protection
CloudPassage® Halo® is the world’s leading security and compliance automation platform that provides instant visibility and continuous protection for servers. Meer informatie over CloudPassage Halo
Cyber security solution for protecting websites and web apps
SECURITY, the online Web Vulnerability Scanner allows you to detect vulnerabilities and scan security vulnerabilities of your Websites and Apps. Daily and without technical expertise, launch your Black box or Grey box automated Security Audits to secure your websites. Meer informatie over HTTPCS Security
Static code analysis tool for web application security
RIPS is a static code analysis solution that helps businesses of all sizes automate and manage security testing in Java & PHP applications, detect risks/threats and implement corrective actions. It enables users to maintain and monitor scores on configurations, security and quality of applications. Meer informatie over RIPS
Automate Security Testing from Threat Found to Ticket Closed
Probely helps security & software engineers find vulnerabilities, instructions on how-to-fix them and automate security testing with ease. Meer informatie over Probely
Vulnerability management & risk prioritization platform
ThreadFix is a vulnerability management solution designed to help businesses consolidate test results and prioritize risk decisions. Software development and server operation teams can export vulnerability data into defect tracking and ticketing systems to resolve discovered vulnerabilities. Meer informatie over ThreadFix