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Appgate is een leverancier van beveiligde toegang die oplossingen levert die complexe bedreigingen voorkomt en operationele kosten verlaagt, waardoor het leven van de mensen die erop vertrouwen wordt beschermd. Meer informatie over Appgate SDP
ClearVPN is a cloud-based software designed to help businesses manage virtual private networks (VPN) to securely connect with public networks, browse the internet, and access blocked applications or websites via a unified portal. The platform offers personalized shortcuts based on location, application activities, and network status, enabling... Meer informatie over ClearVPN
Cisco AnyConnect is VPN-software (Virtual Private Network) die is ontworpen om personeel op afstand veilige ondernemingsbrede netwerktoegang te bieden op meerdere locaties en apparaten. Beheerders kunnen het platform gebruiken om details over netwerkgebruik te identificeren. Meer informatie over Cisco AnyConnect
TunnelBear is a virtual private network (VPN) system that helps businesses generate encrypted tunnels for routing corporate data and maintaining confidentiality. The software protects organizations by converting browsing history into an unreadable format so hackers cannot access it. Meer informatie over TunnelBear
ExpressVPN is virtual private network-software die kleine bedrijven en individuen helpt toegang te krijgen tot gecensureerde of geblokkeerde websites, video's en toepassingen via een AES-256-versleutelde server. Met de VPN split tunneling-functionaliteit kunnen gebruikers beperkt en specifiek apparaatverkeer via VPN routeren. Meer informatie over ExpressVPN
FortiClient is software voor eindpuntbeveiliging die bedrijven helpt bij het identificeren van kwaadaardige aanvallen op meerdere vectoren, waaronder internet, USB en e-mail. Met de softwaremodule voor voorraadbeheer kunnen managers alle op een eindpunt geïnstalleerde software volgen en verouderde toepassingen verwijderen. Meer informatie over FortiClient
Windscribe VPN protects your online privacy, block ads and trackers and helps manage your productivity at the tap of a button. Windscribe VPN gives you up to 10GB/month free! Protect your online privacy, block ads and trackers and manage your productivity at the tap of a button. Meer informatie over Windscribe
Pure VPN, en PureVPN voor bedrijven, is een VPN (virtual private network) voor alle platformen waaronder Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS en Android dat 256-bit beveiligde, anonieme en P2P-geactiveerde toegang biedt tot onbeperkt surfen op het internet met functies zoals IP-adresmaskering, split-tunneling en meer. Meer informatie over PureVPN
HMA is a VPN software, which helps businesses securely browse the web, access blocked websites, and encrypt online traffic. A smart kill switch lets users restrict access to the internet when VPN disconnects and configure automatic launch for the entire network or specific applications. Meer informatie over HMA
IPVanish is a virtual private network (VPN) software designed to help individuals and businesses of all sizes secure internet connections and protect private data from online theft and unauthorized access. The platform enables organizations to encrypt internet traffic and networks and establish anonymous IP addresses to safely access websites and... Meer informatie over IPVanish
Hotspot Shield is a private VPN that provides secure and private internet access by encrypting personal browsing information. Securely browse and stream videos, games, shows, sports, and movies anywhere in HD quality. Meer informatie over Hotspot Shield VPN
GoodAccess is een VPN (Virtual Private Network) dat is ontworpen om externe teams te helpen toegang te krijgen tot kritieke informatie en bedrijfssystemen in een veilig netwerk. IT-beheerders kunnen een bedieningspaneel gebruiken om toegang te krijgen tot een virtuele gateway, specifieke IP-adressen op de witte lijst te zetten en toepassingen te... Meer informatie over GoodAccess
Norton Secure VPN is a virtual private network that helps businesses of all sizes encrypt the internet connection on public networks to protect personal data including passwords, bank account details, and credit card information. Meer informatie over Norton WiFi Privacy VPN
Pritunl is a VPN software that helps businesses of all sizes create cloud virtual private networks across various datacenters and share the access with remote users. The solution integrates with Amazon Web Services API, which enables teams to configure VPC and automate IP routing table management. Meer informatie over Pritunl
TorGuard VPN enables enterprises to keep their online identities protected with its fast and reliable online security. TorGuard Proxy secures IP addresses by completely disguising them from getting accessed by third parties and encrypts all the traffic passing through the browser. Meer informatie over TorGuard VPN Service
GOOSE VPN is a Virtual Private Network service built to protect its users and keep them safe on the internet by creating a secure tunnel between their device and everything they do online. GOOSE VPN ensures the privacy of the internet-user and works on any device. Meer informatie over GOOSE VPN
Perimeter 81 is een cloudgebaseerde netwerkbeveiligingsoplossing die kleine tot grote organisaties helpt met de implementatie van speciale en gedeelde gateways. Belangrijkste functies zijn verkeersversleuteling, detectie van bedreigingen, gebruikersbeheer en split tunneling. Meer informatie over Perimeter 81
UTunnel lets you set up and easily manage your Business VPN server quickly and easily with no technical expertise required. While giving you complete control over your VPN, it provides an additional layer of protection for your business network and enables secure remote access for your employees. Meer informatie over Utunnel
Speedify is VPN software that helps businesses encrypt web traffic to ensure online privacy. It allows staff members to securely utilize multiple internet connections at the same time across macOS, Windows, iOS, and Android devices. Meer informatie over Speedify for Teams
Pangeo is een VPN proxy-oplossing die is ontworpen om kleine tot grote bedrijven te helpen bij het beheren en routeren van al het webverkeer via het proxy-netwerk, waardoor ze bedrijfseigen scripts kunnen bekijken, bewaken, analyseren en uitvoeren om inhoud of advertenties te beveiligen die worden weergegeven per door de gebruiker opgegeven... Meer informatie over Pangeo
pfSense Plus is a cloud-based software designed to help businesses prevent cyberattacks and secure networking processes using a firewall, VPN, and other tools. Supervisors can conduct stateful packet inspections (SPI), define time-based rules, and block web traffic from specific regions using GeoIP filtering technology. Meer informatie over pfSense Plus
CloudLAN is a secure virtual office for a distributed teams. It helps your remote teams work faster and collaborate easier without any network barriers. Meer informatie over Simply5 CloudLAN
Protect your data on up to 10 devices. Connect to the PrivadoVPN network and instantly get the benefit of end-to-end, 256-bit AES encryption. Mask your IP address to hide your online identity and bypass region censorship. Meer informatie over PrivadoVPN
VPN manager for Wi-Fi routers that allows you to easily protect network devices. Meer informatie over ShieldMe
Shimo is a virtual private network (VPN) software for Mac devices, which enables organizations to access the internet using a secure environment and hide confidential information from data theft and unauthorized access. The application supports multiple VPN protocols including SSH, OpenVPN, SSL, AnyConnect, IPSec, and PPTP. Meer informatie over Shimo
Fusion Connect SD-WAN and VPN Services was built on industry-leading platforms that are designed to maximize security for employees and key networks assets. The system's VPN allows employees to log onto a secure network remotely to access files, document, and applications that are only accessible through the corporate network. The remote access... Meer informatie over Fusion Connect SD-WAN and VPN Services
McAfee Mobile Security is a VPN software that helps individuals and businesses detect viruses, backup contacts, block advertisements, and more from within a unified platform. The anti-theft functionality allows personnel to automatically lock the device and take a snapshot of the person trying to unlock the device after multiple failed attempts. Meer informatie over McAfee Mobile Security

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