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Noble Justice is software voor rechtbankbeheer waarmee juristen verschillende gerechtelijke administratieprocessen kunnen beheren, waaronder het elektronisch indienen van documenten en reclasseringsbeheer. Beheerders kunnen realtime rapporten genereren om de status van lopende en historische casussen bij te houden. Meer informatie over Noble Justice
GovPilot is een oplossing voor het beheer van e-overheid die is ontworpen om overheidsorganisaties te helpen hun activiteiten te stroomlijnen en te beheren met workflowautomatisering, rapportage en analyse, tools voor doelgroepbetrokkenheid en meer. Met tablet- en smartphone-apps kunnen gebruikers onderweg toegang krijgen tot gegevens en ze... Meer informatie over GovPilot
An online rule-based court deadline calculator with automatic updates when court rules change, email reminders, deadline reports, and synchronization to any calendaring platform. Meer informatie over LawToolBox
eCourt by Journal Technologies is een webgebaseerde oplossing voor casusbeheer voor rechtbanken om casusdossiers te beheren en het proces van de casusvoortgang te versnellen. Meer informatie over eCourt
VobeSoft is a business software solution that configures a cloud database into business solutions without coding. Companies can use a pre-defined template or build custom enterprise applications. Meer informatie over VobeSoft
ExhibitView is a trial presentation software, which helps organize and display every type of demonstrative evidence and allows users to zoom easily for depositions or other virtual proceedings. Meer informatie over ExhibitView
Docket Alarm is a cloud-based docketing platform that enables law firms, attorneys, and legal professionals to manage lawsuits, track deadlines, and analyze case outcomes. Users can build custom litigation analytics and generate reports based on key metrics. Meer informatie over Docket Alarm
eFORCE Software provides solutions for public safety and law enforcement agencies regarding court and jail management and transportation dispatch systems. Key features include case and records management, case notes, warrant tracking, inmate accounting and management, API, and property logs. Meer informatie over eFORCE
Matrix is een webgebaseerde oplossing voor juridisch casemanagement waarmee bedrijven in de juridische sector documenten, belanghebbenden, afspraken en meer kunnen beheren. Gebruikers kunnen rapporten maken, hun gegevens organiseren en inzicht krijgen in dagelijkse workflows, casussen of afspraken vanaf een gepersonaliseerd dashboard. Meer informatie over Matrix
UniCourt provides Legal Data as a Service (LDaaS) via our APIs to AmLaw 50 firms and Fortune 500 businesses for accessing normalized court data for business development and intelligence, analytics, machine learning models, process automation, background checks, investigations, and underwriting. Meer informatie over UniCourt
JWorks CMS is a case management solution for courts, which is customizable to support court-specific priorities and procedures. It provides the ability to design and automate workflow rules, auto-assign tasks, manage keyword searches, and more. Users can easily configure JWorks for any docket or case, creating custom fields and screens according... Meer informatie over JWorks CMS
Voltaire provides trial teams with real time, concise and accurate background information on jurors & witnesses in order to bring a new level of insight. Voltaire helps uncover hidden bias and risk factors using artificial intelligence and predictive analytics on character and behavioral traits. Meer informatie over Voltaire
iJustice is a web-based legal case management platform that helps law enforcement agencies manage law violations and automate business operations. Users can manage payment processes, access information about court documents, and schedule courtrooms, judges, and officers for upcoming hearings. Meer informatie over iJustice
C-track is a web-based court management software designed to help federal, state, or local government agencies capture, track, and process legal cases. The application enables legal professionals to streamline operational workflows, modify rules, and store data in a centralized repository. Meer informatie over C-Track
TrialDirector is a comprehensive software tool that enables users to manage all of your litigation information. It contains tools for managing transcripts and exhibits, making digital video appear seamless when played in court via its integration with Camtasia, and automatically building schedules to help you keep track of what has been accomplishe... Meer informatie over TrialDirector 360

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