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Online software voor afsprakenplanning
Acuity is online software voor afsprakenplanning waarmee klanten online afspraken kunnen plannen, aangepaste formulieren kunnen invullen en kunnen betalen met een creditcard, 24/7. Meer informatie over Acuity Scheduling
e-Government management solution
GovPilot is an e-government management solution designed to help government organizations streamline and manage their operations with workflow automation, reporting and analytics, constituent engagement tools, and more. Tablet and smartphone apps allow users to access and manage data on-the-go. Meer informatie over GovPilot
Records management & mapping for cemeteries
CemeteryFind is a cloud-based cemetery mapping & records management solution from Bosscan.com which allows cemeteries to scan and digitize their existing records, manage all new & existing records in a single location, search burials, record lot sales and generate deeds, edit cemetery maps, and more Meer informatie over CemeteryFind
Webgebaseerde software voor gemeentelijk beheer
MuniLogic is een webgebaseerde oplossing voor gemeentelijk beheer die gemeenten en lokale overheden in staat stelt om zakelijke workflows en activa te beheren. Meer informatie over MuniLogic
Asset management software for government bodies
MaintStar Enterprise Asset Management is a cloud-based software that helps public works bodies manage assets via budgeting, project planning, service request routing, and more. It allows municipality employees to schedule preventive maintenance for facilities, equipment, and vehicles. Meer informatie over MaintStar Enterprise Asset Management
Infrastructure and asset management for communities
Beehive is a community asset and infrastructure management solution designed for public sector works such as wastewater treatment, code compliance, streetlight management, snow removal, and sidewalk projects. The cloud-based application enables users to manage inventory, attachments & maintenance. Meer informatie over Beehive
Operations and public infrastructure asset management system
Cartegraph OMS is a cloud-based asset management solution designed to help local governments & municipalities manage public assets such as water pipes, road signs, parks, pavements, and more. Key features include historical data analysis, workflow management, and reporting. Meer informatie over Cartegraph OMS
Document and mail management tool for local governments
illico is a multichannel document and process management software that provides local governments with tools to facilitate collaboration among residents and improve citizen relationships. Administrators can sort incoming mails based on queries and assign them to specific employees for resolution. Meer informatie over illico
Your Council services at your finger tips
Allow your citizens to report it, request it, pay for it or ask for it. Meer informatie over My Council Services
Municipal management software suite
TownSuite Municipal Software is a cloud-based municipal information management solution designed to meet the needs of municipal governments and provide a single source for all municipal information. The platform offers tools for managing land, assets, service requests, eBills and payments, and more. Meer informatie over TownSuite Municipal
Online platform for community development & land management
Citizenserve is a cloud-based land management solution for the management of any kind of permitting, licensing, code enforcement, planning & zoning, and request tracking. Key features include permit processing, license issuance, request tracking, inspections, customer portal, and customized reports. Meer informatie over Citizenserve
Agenda- en vergaderbeheeroplossing voor lokale overheden.
iCompass is een cloudgebaseerde oplossing voor agenda- en vergaderbeheer die is ontworpen om lokale overheden te helpen doelen te beheren en te bereiken, en operationele efficiëntie, transparantie en verbeterde betrokkenheid bij het publiek te implementeren. De oplossing is bedoeld om handmatige taken te elimineren en kosten te optimaliseren voor... Meer informatie over iCompass