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Software voor mobiele formulieren voor inspectie, audits en veiligheidscontroles.
Form.com is een webgebaseerde oplossing voor het automatiseren van formulieren, met ondersteuning voor op maat gemaakte formulieren, formulierimplementatie en het beheer van de gegevens die in de formulieren worden verzameld. Meer informatie over Form.com
Projectmanagement- en leveringssoftware voor industrieën
Dashpivot is een flexibele oplossing voor projectmanagement en -levering waarmee bouw-, olie- en gas-, mijnbouw- en andere industriële bedrijven hun werkzaamheden kunnen verbeteren en projecten kunnen opleveren. Dashpivot organiseert en automatiseert de verplaatsing van sitegegevens en geeft deze vervolgens weer in workflows en analyses. Meer informatie over Dashpivot
Web-based EHS and quality management software
EHS Management is a web-based software for environment, health, and safety that optimizes business performance and enables regulatory compliance for companies Meer informatie over Intelex
Web based EHS management solution for SMBs
EHS Insight is a multi-feature solution for managing incidents, risk, audits and safety at workplaces. Meer informatie over EHS Insight
Browser-based 3D site surveying
Propeller is a web-based analytics & data visualization platform which allows users to measure & map their worksites through 3D site surveys. The software is designed to streamline stockpile measurements, design conformance & road-grade checks, and volumetrics, and enable visual assessment of sites. Meer informatie over Propeller Platform
Cloud-based field operations management platform
Lightship is a cloud-based field operations management platform which connects workers, managers, site sensors, and data in a single interface. The solution provides a real-time overview, rapid communication, customizable data collection forms, spatial data visualization, custom reporting, and more. Meer informatie over Lightship
Cloud-based data management platform for mining industry
Corvus Axiom is a cloud-based platform designed to help businesses within the mining industry automate & analyze data for production systems. It allows users to capture information from multiple sources through integration with business fleet and plant monitoring systems. Meer informatie over Corvus Axiom
Streamline audit & inspection management & ensure compliance
The Enablon Audit & Compliance Management solution offers tools to manage EHS regulations and streamline business processes. Meer informatie over Enablon Audit Management
Mobile safety inspections & compliance (EHS)
Pervidi is a mobile safety inspection management tool for businesses of all sizes to automate all aspects of maintenance, repair, field service, or inspections Meer informatie over Pervidi
Maintenance & safety management for the mining industry
Next Lyst is a cloud-based platform designed for streamlining maintenance and improving safety for the mining industry which aims to replace paper inspections and manual entry with simple-to-use tablet based checklists and a Kanban board. Easily view and prioritize work created by inspections. Meer informatie over Next Lyst
Automated mining software
Mineograph is a web-based mining software covering all aspects of mining operations, including project management, equipment tracking, inventory & purchasing management, tendering, costing, budgets, employees, safety, and more. The mobile-responsive system allows users to view reports from anywhere. Meer informatie over Mineograph
Cloud-based platform for managing land assets
Pandell LandWorks is a land management solution that helps enterprises in oil & gas, mining, renewable energy, and utilities sectors manage land assets. With its DMS runner module, businesses can link multiple documents & agreements with a single master project. Meer informatie over Pandell LandWorks