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De experts in de scraping van webgegevens en automatisering
Webgegevens vastleggen, processen automatiseren en opschalen. Vertrouwd door duizenden bedrijven en meer dan 30% van de wereldwijde Fortune 500-bedrijven. Gratis telefonische ondersteuning. Meer informatie over Mozenda
Samenwerkende tekstanalyse voor academici, bedrijven en overheid
DiscoverText is software voor tekstanalyse en datawetenschap die wordt gebruikt om grote hoeveelheden ongestructureerde vrije tekst, publieke reacties, enquêtereacties en andere tekstgegevens te evalueren via een semi-gestructureerde workflow voor het maken van aangepaste tekstclassificaties met machine learning en crowd source-codering. Meer informatie over DiscoverText
Get your team writing as one.
Qordoba is an AI writing assistant for businesses. What makes it powerful is the style guide platform behind it, which enables you to customize writing guidelines to your unique brand and helps everyone at your company write with the same style, terminology, and brand voice. Meer informatie over Qordoba
The pioneer and market leader in Experience Management
Medallia is the market leader in Experience Management - trusted by over a thousand of the world’s leading brands. According to the Forrester Consulting Total Economic Impact™ Study commissioned by Medallia, organizations using Medallia can achieve $35.6M in value and an ROI of 591% over 3 years. Meer informatie over Medallia
Feedback analysis for customer experience
Keatext is a cloud-based text analytics platform for customer experience management, market research, employee engagement, and more, which analyzes customer comments and feedback, including survey responses, reviews, call center transcripts, and emails, to provide actionable insights Meer informatie over Keatext
Labelingsysteem op basis van machine learning
PrediCX van Warwick Analytics is een geautomatiseerde tool voor voorspellende analyse voor tekst die machine learning gebruikt om op tekst gebaseerde gegevens te classificeren en labelen. Meer informatie over PrediCX
Digital experience platform & content management solution
Centralpoint by Oxcyon is a digital experience platform & content management solution for enterprises. The cloud-based tool allows users to control knowledge, data, documents, forms, emails, learning, compliance, & more whilst also providing features for managing employees, clients & partners. Meer informatie over Centralpoint
AI-powered feedback analysis for companies in any industry
Thematic is a cloud-based feedback analysis platform which converts existing CSAT & NPS data into actionable insights through AI-powered thematic analysis. The software can import data from any source and provides users with real-time trend analysis, data visualization, and side-by-side comparisons. Meer informatie over Thematic
Data visualization and analysis solution for business
OpenText Magellan is a cloud-based machine learning & predictive analytics platform, which helps businesses analyze structured and unstructured data captured from multiple sources. Key features include data visualization, natural language processing, concept identification, and sentiment analysis. Meer informatie over OpenText Magellan
Customer feedback analysis & customer experience automation
Advize is a cloud-based customer feedback analysis & experience automation solution which allows users to combine voice of the customer (VoC) feedback from across the customer journey, identify themes & customer sentiments, & combine reach, loyalty & satisfaction scores to prioritize impact drivers Meer informatie over Advize
Web & social listening tool for brand & marketing teams
PaloPro is a social listening solution, which assists marketing, brand, and communication teams with monitoring news, posts, discussions, and videos across the internet and social media channels in real-time. It is primarily designed to help businesses gather and analyze brand-specific references. Meer informatie over PaloPro
Customer Experience Management
Clarabridge is an intelligent customer experience management app for turning customer feedback into analytics. The app uses a text analytics engine to translate all customer interactions coming from multiple sources and put actionable insights into work across your business. Clarabridge offers three core solutions: Clarabridge Social, Clararidge... Meer informatie over Clarabridge
Text analytics and sentiment analysis
Semantria is a text analytics and sentiment analysis app that interprets social media engagement and other customer interactions. The app pulls data from tweets and Facebook posts, as well as survey results, reviews and other business content to identify trends and provide deeper customer insight. Semantria can be used in an Open API format, as... Meer informatie over Semantria
Multi-channel customer relations management platform
Akio.CX is an omnichannel customer relations tool, designed to facilitate web, telephone, email & social media conversations between customers & customer service teams. Meer informatie over Akio
OCR software that extracts data from electronic invoices
Intelligent OCR is an optical character recognition solution for business of all sizes that can scan documents and emails to capture relevant data from document formats such as PDF, XML, EDL, Microsoft Word, TIFF, JPEG, HTLM, and more. Meer informatie over Intelligent OCR