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Cloud based cash flow management, forecasting & analysis
ABM Cashflow is a cloud-based cash flow management system for corporate treasury which enables the management of cash flow, payments, budget planning, forecasting, analysis, liquidity management, and more. ABM Cashflow can be used as a standalone solution or integrated with accounting and ERP apps. Meer informatie over ABM Cashflow
Softwareoplossing voor financieel beheer voor het MKB
CAPIX is een cloudgebaseerde softwareoplossing voor financieel en beleggingsbeheer die het MKB in staat stelt om de bedrijfsfinanciën en investeringsactiviteiten effectief en efficiënt te beheren. Meer informatie over CAPIX
Financial crime risk management
We are focused on the financial industry, transforming how banks, credit unions and thrifts serve their tech savvy customers. Choose Fiserv as your partner to gain vital, innovative technology expertise in information management products, services, and practices. Our Financial Crime Risk Management solutions reside on a common platform featuring... Meer informatie over Fiserv
Fully integrated cash & risk management solution
GTreasury is an integrated cash and risk management solution for treasury departments within large and medium-sized companies which helps to streamline processes while providing visibility into cash, liquidity, payments & financial risk. Key tools help with accounting, banking, financial, and more. Meer informatie over GTreasury
Integrated Receivables Solution for AR Departments
Integrated Receivables is an AR operations solution that combines all receivable and payment modules into a unified business process. Meer informatie over Integrated Receivables
Treasury management for enterprises, CFOs, and treasurers
Kyriba is a treasury management platform that assists finance professionals with risk management, payment processing, cash flow, and liquidity management. Key features include forecasting, transaction monitoring, investment accounting, bank relationship management, netting, and fee analysis. Meer informatie over Kyriba
Open banking platform for streamlining cash flows
Trovata is a cloud-based open banking platform designed to help businesses manage, forecast, analyze, & automate cash flows. Pre-integrated with banks, the centralized dashboard lets users track balances, transactions, & positioning of cash across accounts & tag by regions, division, or entity. Meer informatie over Trovata